FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Finding the right makeup based on your activities

Happy Friday folks! Before I go to my own night out to cap off the week, I'll leave you with this cool Fan Mail Fridays query from Alma. She asks:

Hi Ms. Martha!
You have reviewed so many makeups and this got me wondering, how do I find the right makeup for my activities? To give you an idea, I'm a college student. I want to wear makeup but with the sheer number of choices out there, it's easy to get lost and use the ones that won't compliment my activities at all! Hope you could help me. Thank you and keep on blogging!

Hi Alma!

This is a very good question! Before, I used to buy each and every single makeup not only because I like collecting them, but I also thought that they will be useful to me. That's the thing-I only thought they will be useful to me, without considering the environment I'm always in as well as my daily activities so I ended up buying a lot of useless makeup.

A lot say that the first step in finding the right makeups is knowing your skin type, but I just realized that it comes second. The very first step for me is knowing your environment and activities. Why? Because most people, once they find out what their respective skin type is, would usually end up not considering what makeup would suit their lifestyle, hence they end up buying makeups that don't compliment what they do at all.

 Click READ MORE to know some of my suggestions.

THE PERSON: Highschool students, stay-at-home moms
THE LOOK: Fuss- free and simple makeup aka Everyday Makeup
- Since makeup is not really the priority in school and when you're at home, always keep it light and easy. For high school students, a simple touch of powder, clear mascara and lip balm will do, while stay-at-home or working-from-home moms will fare off with powder foundation, a touch of mascara, well- groomed arches, and a lip and cheek tint. Some people might ask why the heck would you put makeup on if you just stay at home all day, but I say: Prevention is always better than cure. You don't know when you'll leave the house for emergency or urgent stuff, so make sure you're quite ready. Oh, don't forget to wear skin care products with SPF too to shield your skin from artificial UV rays. :)


Base: Light to medium coverage pressed powders and powder foundations
Cheeks: Cheek stains, sheer powder blushes
Lips: Lip balms, lip tints, lipstick
Eyes: Clear or tinted mascara
Brows: Brow mascara, brow pencil

THE PERSON: College students
THE LOOK: Natural makeup
- The best thing about college is, this is the time when you can finally wear makeup! It's also your training ground before you get to real life aka Work, so it's best to explore the endless possibilities of looking good and professional during this period. Natural makeup doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear a minimal amount of makeup-it's just referring to the technique, on how you work a number of makeup products on your skin naturally. College students will benefit from foundation, tinted moisturizers, powder foundations, brow products, mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks, and contouring powder. (if you wish to contour) Since college life requires you to jump from one building to another, make sure you're wearing long- staying makeups-you'll also need a helping hand from primers and sunblocks.


Base: Primer, sunblock, light to medium coverage foundations in matte or long- wearing formulations, powder foundation, pressed powder, (for retouching) oil- blotting sheets, all- natural makeup setting sprays, tinted moisturizer
Cheeks: Powder blush, contouring powders (optional)
Eyes: Concealer
Brows: Brow powders, Brow mascaras
Lips: Lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss

THE PERSON: The Corporate Gal
THE LOOK: Neutral makeup
- There's a difference between Natural and Neutral makeup, and most of the time, people end up interchanging the two. Now you know what Natural makeup is, Neutral makeup is a notch above the former because this is where you will use other makeups such as highlighters and eyeshadows, but the overall look is still simple, earthy, and wearable. 

In the corporate world, looking good is always a plus so this is the place where other enhancers such as eyeshadows will come handy. Invest in long- wearing foundations that will last your 9-5, and neutral eyeshadow colors such as bronze and brown for dark- skinned ladies, and champagne and midtone browns for fair- skinned ones--they're very easy to wear, and they are classic colors that will make you look great without being over-the-top. But always remember to use eyeshadows in moderation and make sure it's apt for the environment. The corporate setting is a professional place, and this means you can't just go eyeshadow happy and wear rainbow colors to work. Also, since you'll be staying most of the time inside air- conditioned places, keep a hydrating mist in your desk or drawer and moisturize before putting makeup on.


Base: Primers, Sunblock, hydrating and long- wearing foundations with medium to full coverage, concealers, powder foundation, pressed powders
Eyes: Concealer, eyeshadow primer, mascara
Brows: Brow pencils, brow powders, brow mascaras
Cheeks: Lip and cheek tints, (for super busy days) powder blush, contouring powder, highlighter on the cheeks (optional)
Lips: Lipstick

THE PERSON: The Partyphile, Night Eventologist, or the basic night person
THE LOOK: Basic Night Makeup
- Night makeup doesn't always mean dramatic. The point here is to just enhance whether your eyes or lips so you'll still standout even in the dark. (and in pictures!) For the eyes, choose deeper colors. It doesn't always have to be black or gray-just choose a deeper version of your favorite eyeshadow. (e.g. dark brown, dark green, deep purple, etc.) You can also afford to be playful with the finishes (e.g. frost, metallic, glittery, etc.) Highlighters will also be your best friend come night time. Make sure you're wearing long- wearing products too so you'll look fab and pretty for the rest of the night. Finally, don't forget the golden rule: Highlight one feature only so you won't end up looking like a drag!


Base: Long- wearing or waterproof foundations with medium or full coverage, (For dry skin, try cream foundation for a more moisturizing effect) blotting powders, oil- blotting sheets, primer
Eyes: eyeshadow primer, deeper eyeshadow colors, eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes
Lips: Lipstick
Cheeks: Powder blush, contouring powder, highlighter
Brows: Brow powder, brow gels, clear mascara (to keep your eyebrows in place)

That's all! Hope you found this helpful, Alma. And I hope the same goes to my readers as well! Have an awesome weekend! :)

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  1. This is very helpful Ms.Martha. I have to agree with you that the activities and environment are really indicators on the type of makeup you should use. Thanks for this!

  2. Wow this is a very helpful post! You gorge in all photos! love it! :)

  3. very informative ms martha :-) think om goin for the neutral make up..sana bumagay sakin :-) happy tgif!

  4. you can actually be a freelance make up artist love all the photos especially un naka animal print cover up ka, so vavavoom. this post could easily be your modeling portfoio. nainspire ako talga sa red jeggings mo there ha, i might pick up one for myself!

    my advice lang siguro is use your common sense din diba. for example youre commuting to and from work sa bus , fx or jeep, choose fuss free makeups!

  5. Again, for a corporate gal like me, this was very helpful! Thanks for this! :D

  6. this is very informative martha! i love it!

  7. ohh, i just recently read this, it was very helpful at me, I like the corporate gal since that's me now, but above all, you looks so pretty and informative in this post.:)

  8. Bien: Thank you, dear! :D

    Ohms: Glad you liked the corporate look! :)

    Iza: welcome dear! Glad you liked it :)

    Jenny and Genzel: Thanks! :)

    Eloise: Thanks for sharing your tip. :) And regarding the red jeggings, you should because it's so comfy! I'm thinking of grabbing a few more pairs because it's a great alternative to jeans!

    Marsied: I'm sure it will because the neutral look is a cornerstone look for women. :)


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