BYS' Spring/Summer Trends and Makeup Collection

BYS, a relatively new player in the local beauty industry kicks off the summer season with a wild explosion of colors through their Spring/Summer makeup collection. They've been here since last year, and I only got a chance to check them out just recently, so I'm sure most of your are already familiar with this brand. To those who are completely new to it, here's a short and sweet introduction:

BYS, which stands for Be YourSelf, is perhaps Australia's largest drugstore makeup chain. They have over a thousand beauty products for the complexion, eyes, cheeks, lips, brows, body, nails, (which is what the brand is truly known for) as well as makeup tools. BYS believes that looking good does not have to be expensive and most of all, it means that you have to be yourself, hence the sheer variety of makeups to choose from-it's impossible to not find something that won't compliment your style! They also have a mineral makeup collection called Minerals Naturale, which I think is the most affordable international mineral makeup line I've ever encountered. BYS is also a proud cruelty- free company.

The Spring/Summer makeup trends presentation was held at Seda Hotel, The Fort High Street, BGC. Before the actual presentation, we were all given a chance to test BYS' classic makeups, and the ones from the new collection.

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BYS is seeing a rainbow- filled summer with their ultra colorful eyeliners! Hmmm...Neon orange eyeliner? WHY NOT! :D

A random complexion products. I like the matte foundation, concealer, and powder foundation, ha! :)

First thing that came to mind when I saw this palette: STABILO EYES! LOL! This is such a pretty and happy palette, and it truly is a collector's item. :)

Alright! As I've stated, the brand has over 1000+ products and it was downright impossible for me to document everything, so just drop by a BYS makeup counter  near you for their entire range. Let's now go to the Spring/Summer trends, as told by BYS:


- BYS will definitely set the trend with statement eyes such as this. They have also suggested to pair it with well- contoured cheeks and a complementing modest lip color for a look that is catchy yet wearable and chic. I've thought of wearing hot pink eyeliner before, but I shrugged the idea 'cuz I thought nah, it's tacky and besides, it might look off on my skin tone. Well, this gorgeous morena model and her fab eyes just changed my mind! :D


- Over-the-top sparkles on your peepers, if paired with a clean, rosy complexion and a light lip shade is just like a party at the beach: wild and fun! The trick here is just to find the right glittered eyeshadow that will suit your skin tone!


- This has always been a classic makeup statement, but BYS dares everyone to go for neon and electro shades instead of the universally- flattering ones.

The last makeup look is called Skintastic. Ack! Forgive me, I wasn't able to take a photo of the model because I was so engrossed in my plate of chicken satay. LOL! Anyway, as the name implies, Skintastic is just the staple clean, flawless, and bronzed complexion. In short, the Beach Goddess look. It's not so new, but I guess it should always be present every summer!

So far, what look/s are you loving now? I'm thinking of being adventurous by trying the overly glittery and neon eyes!

Chriselle of Cosmetic Fixation.

Tara of Chronicles of Vanity.

The Siamese Cat of this vain blog. LOL!

With my fellow loves, Angela of Lush Angel and Jheng of I Am Brigitte!

I got a few samples and I will let you guys know about my thoughts on them soon!

For more information about the brand, please visit BYS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. yay! so dito ka pala nagpunta nong suot mo ang ever famous adn gorgeous red jeggings and animal print top! miss m what lip shade were you wearing doon? terno pa ang stabilo eyeshadow sa nails mo ha

    i loving the neon eyeliner/shadow? may green ba

  2. The "siamese cat" caption. Hehe. That lipstick looks good on you.

    XX, IamJenniya

  3. My favorite trend is orange makeup. I know tangerine is so last year but I love how fresh it looks.

  4. wow i love neon. but i cant go out of my box and try the neon lips and eyes.but heavy metal is wow :))
    ive seen bys in sm north but i want to hear your thoughts of their products first :)

  5. Can;t wait for the reviews. I thought BYS is made in the Philippines. Lol

  6. yay!ang ganda ng mga neon eyeshadow, and the red lipstick on you perfectly match the red jeans/pants.

  7. Eloise: Yup! This is the event. :) The lipstick was Ruby Woo by MAC :)

    Ohms: Thanks! :)

    Kandis: Hi Martin and welcome to TBJ! :D Just reviewed the first one from my BYS loot. It's now up. :D

    Jenny: Reviewed one already! :D

    Jenniya: Was terribly missing my cat during the event 'cuz I haven't been playing with him lately due to my busy sched, hence the caption. Thank you! :D

    Maita: Hello and welcome to tbj! Thanks for your thoughts! Not only does it look fresh, it also compliments Asian skin tone! :D


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