Review: Liv Co Body Scrub Enriched with Stem Cell

Here's a review on Liv Co. Body Scrub Enriched With Stem Cell

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 Lately, I've been staying at home all day not only because my work is flexible and primarily home- based, but I find it rather economical as well. After working, I spend the rest of my day lounging around the house and walking my dogs around the village and come night time, I pamper myself by indulging in a lengthy bath: I use the bath tub, body, face, and foot scrubs, and hair and face masks.

Of all my body scrubs, the one from Liv Co. is what I've been using a lot lately--I simply like the way it performs and works on my skin!


Liv Co. said that this body scrub is enriched with Stem Cell extracts from Apples. Stem Cell technology is quite the IN thing in the anti-aging industry nowadays, but a lot are still wondering what the heck it is for. I only know a little about it too, but I'll still gladly share what I know about it anyway:

There are two types of Stem Cells: Animal and Plant- derived. The Stem Cells from animals, particularly lamb, are the most used type of Stem Cells in aesthetic treatments--(e.g. Stem Cell therapies) It's quite costly and limited to clinical use only. On the other hand, Stem Cells from plants, particularly Apple, is the more accessible kind of Stem Cell for it is widely used in most skin care products. It's also more affordable than the former, but not quite, if you know what I mean. Scientists have found out that Animal and Plant Stem Cells have the power to mimic human Stem Cells that diminish as the body ages.

Stem Cells are very important because they're vital to the overall cell regeneration of the body. We all have two kinds of Stem Cells in our body, and they're found in our DNA chains: Embryonic Stem Cells and Adult Stem Cells. Embryonic Stem Cells are more adaptable, and they have the ability to reproduce and differentiate themselves so the body could utilize them as it pleases, ergo they can thrive for a long, long time, while Adult Stem Cells stop reproducing at some point. Adult Stem Cells are essential to the maintenance and repair of the skin and when they deplete, aging happens and the skin becomes more vulnerable to diseases.

Interesting scientific breakthrough, isn't it? Click READ MORE now and see the rest of this review.


The scrub has a yummy, energizing fruity scent. Texture is quite gritty, and the overall base is semi- creamy--I could even categorize it as a sugar scrub.


It's quite concentrated, hence economical. I only need a tiny amount to cover each part of my body, yet I still feel that it thoroughly sloughs my skin. I even use it as a foot scrub! I've been using it for more than three weeks now, and what I like about it is it doesn't make my skin dry despite its grittiness. In fact, I've noticed that my skin felt more quenched especially on the arms area: The skin on my arms tend to get rough and dry once it detects that it has no lotion on, but when I've started using this scrub, I didn't need too much lotion anymore--I even skip it sometimes! :D But I can't credit this wonderful observation to its Stem Cell extracts because I feel that it does not contain too much of it in the product to make a considerable difference on my skin. I guess the overall formulation of this product is just very good!

It's a very good and affordable basic sugary scrub that gives you some extra tough love. Most sugar scrubs are pricey, and this one is currently the cheapest I've encountered. I just wish it came in a bigger tub and better packaging. And since Liv Co. said that their products are meant to match every lifestyle, I think their packaging should live up to that claim as I find it too uniform and generic. Well, that's just me criticizing--it's a good product and I recommend that you try it. :)


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  1. stem cell in a scrub? interesting, stem cell is a hot topic and some doctors said that it's not effective if it's from the cell of the human but the scrub looks good and it has apples. love apple scent in scrubs!

  2. hi, sorry to have been gone a long time as i just got back from vacation! written like a scientist miss m! the texture reminds me of snoe awesome poresome scrub i wonder how much stem cell a tub has considering that its only 250 pesos. nice to have product pero im not lemming for it

  3. ooh ther's stem cell?looks interesting, i wonder if there's also a stem cell in your snoe body scrubs.?

  4. Arya: thanks for sharing. :)

    Ohms: They have, but it's in their face scrub. :)

    Eloise: Not a problem, dear. Thank you for being an avid fan. :) Regarding the stem cell content, very minute, I guess. :D


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