Majolica Majorca's 10th Anniversary: Secret Blink (First Story)

Two weeks ago, Cathy David of Majolica Majorca treated us to a lovely and super fun dinner date at Wildflour, The Fort, for she had a couple of exciting things from the brand to share with us and of course, our readers. This year marks Majolica Majorca's 10th anniversary, and it's going to be a momentous year for they shall release four special Chapters. (MM's term for collections) Starting off with Secret Blink.

A whisper can be heard.
Listen to your heart's desire.
Once you step into a forbidden place, you are not sure to go back again...and that's fine.
A secret that nobody knows about except me.
It's bold and it knows no bounds.
An unforgettable immersion

- Secret Blink

Click READ MORE and see this enchanting collection!

This year is inspired by Music, and the next three Chapters will also come with their own versions of The Little Humming Book: (P995.00)

The Little Humming Book is a mini makeup palette that comes with a mini musical score that you can actually play on the piano! (That is, if you know how to play the piano)

The first Humming Book is comprised of sweet colors with a touch of deep, dark mystery:

Eye Cream Base: Moonless Night
Eyeshadow 1: Flower Dust
Eyeshadow 2: Green Shower
Lip Gloss: Tulip Bed

Majolica's been known for their cute, story book approach to all of their Chapters, and this first humming book will be continued in the next three Chapters so keep an eye on them! :)


- Cult favorite Lash Expander Frame Plus has gotten leaner and longer! This all- new reincarnation of the well- loved Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara has longer hair fibers (at 4mm) as compared to its former version. It also features a new and improved comb wand with smaller teeth on one side to let you reach smaller lashes.


- A clear mascara base that invisibly plumps lashes and heals it at the same time. Formulated with Arginin to repair brittle lash strands, and Glycerin and Rose Extract to strengthen and condition them.


- Comes in a new, luxurious Rose Gold color.

So far, my favorite among the three is The Little Humming Book because it's the cutest palette I've ever owned! I'll be using them first before I give my respective reviews, so please keep on checking my blog!

Please visit MAJOLICA MAJORCA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the Secret Blink collection.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I can't play the piano but I can clearly see sweet music in the packagings, lovely!
    Happy 10th Anniversary Majolica Majorca

  2. Oh wow they will have a new collection. They are so cute! Thanks for always giving up to date products...! I love checking out your blog. I just can't last a day without checking it. I read and re-read even the old posts! Hehe. Obsessed. :)

  3. same with yours Ms. M!i wanted the Little HUmming Book and the case remaker.

  4. I want the the humming book. Pink and green duo will always be my favorite. :D

  5. hahaha ang catchy naman ng packaging. id love to get my hands on that cute compact case, very princessy ang dating. i always confuse majolica with etude house ehehehe

  6. majo major always has the best packaging~ I'm inlove with the pinky case, I want one so very badly, definitely a must-have ~ well everything majo is a must have~!!!

  7. Jane: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Team Majo Major will be very delighted to know that you love the brand so much. :)

    Eloise: Lol. I guess they both have this princess-y appeal. :)

    Kandis: I'm telling you, the eyeshadows are looove! :D

    Ohms: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Iza: Awww...sweet! Thank you! :D

    Arya: :D I can play the piano and tried playing this little humming book. :)


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