Review: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in RD711 (Pink Sands)

Here's a review on Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in RD711

Price: Around P1,000.00+
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Other Locations: Available in all Shiseido boutiques and counters in all leading department stores


For a morena, it's hard to find an everyday pinky eyeshadow set that won't make my eyes look swollen or irritated, striking, or would end up too light and sheer. So when I've tried this eyeshadow palette from Shiseido, I knew it was the one so I did not let it go-not even to my pleading, puppy- eyed mother! LOL! :D


The Luminizing Satin Eye Color trio collection is inspired by the global travels of Dick Page, Artistic Director for Shiseido Makeup. Hmmm...this trio, Pink Sands, must be inspired by the beautiful sand dunes of the Middle East, perhaps? I'm just guessing here lol! :D

Anyhoo, let's now go to the packaging. Sleek, minimalistic, and sophisticated--it's like a mini version of my Shiseido Powder Foundation case. What I like most about Shiseido's palettes is they're almost scratch- proof, and I get to maintain the pretty, glossy finish with minimal effort. :)


Click READ MORE if you're a morena and you're looking for the perfect pinky eyeshadow palette!

I like the fact that it has two types of applicators for variety, as most eyeshadow palettes only contain either one of the two. The brush applicator is soft, albeit a little flimsy, while the sponge applicator feels thick: it's not the type that will crumble as you use it. 

I don't really use these brushes with the eyeshadows as they're just meant for emergency use, at least to me. Whenever I can, I still use my regular eyeshadow brushes.


Here are the swatches. Unfortunately, the colors are not labeled, and that's one caveat I have noticed with eyeshadow palettes of Japanese brands. I'll just describe the colors to everyone. :)

1. Highlighter- A pink champagne shade with a frosted finish. What I love about this color is it goes on semi- matte, with a hint of dewiness--it just highlights my brow bones naturally.

2. Lid Color- A midtone pink shade with a muted frost finish. AH! THE PERFECT PINK EYESHADOW FOR MORENAS! (Whoops! Got carried away with the caps lock usage right in there! :D) Midtone pinks such as this one is always the safest bet for Morenas. Not only that, it's the easiest kind of pink to wear too. Going back to the eyeshadow, It just compliments my skin tone beautifully, and doesn't make my eyes appear reddish. It looks fresh, pretty, and light on me--just the way I like it! :D

3. Crease Color- A taupe/gray shade with slight silver shimmer. For a crease color, it's a little too light, but looks great if blended with the pink shade.

Pigmentation is medium yet buildable. This palette is so easy to use because the texture of the eyeshadows are blendable, buttery, and smooth. Also, the combination of the colors are well- chosen that you're less likely to commit a mistake, and you don't have to go wondering how to work them separately or as a whole, (which is the case with other eyeshadow palettes) in case you're an eyeshadow newbie. It is perhaps my most favorite palette from this collection!

Here's a sample look I've created:

Lid wash- Pink
Lower lid- Taupe/Gray
Brow bone- Pink Champagne

 Staying power is okay: If used on its own, it fades considerably at the end of the day, but stays put if used with a good eye primer. This particular eyeshadow palette is perfect for daytime, office wear, college, and for those days when you are simply not in the mood or don't have time to work eyeshadows: You can just pile 'em on top of each other or use them individually and they'll still look beautiful no matter what. Needless to say, it's quick to use, although I can't say the same thing with the other color combinations. This palette is also a nice break from all the neutral colors that you'd usually wear to school or work.

 If you find Pink Sands too sheer for your liking, this eyeshadow line still has a lot of colors, so drop by a Shiseido counter and check it out!

I'd also like to invite everyone to vote for me as SHISEIDO'S BLOG AMBASSADOR IN HERE, and win lotsa cool prizes just by voting! :D


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. tsk so pricey with the small amount of grams..hihi what is the brand of your liquid eyeliner?

  2. This is off-topic, I remember you mentioning in one of your posts that you use a lumix camera. what model do you use, I can't seem to get sharp photos with mine.

  3. pretty colors I'm afraid to use such colors though

  4. tumpak!!! ilove the effect na hindi sila shiny finish parang bordering on matte, since im a newbie saeyeshadows, id like to start muna s mga browns. pero ksi nagtry ako dati ng ganon parangsinuntok lang un effect saken. love this pink palete. shiseido had a sale last month sa sm makati, not sure if this is a part of that. and youre right, it would ve been better kung darker yun crease color para smokey effect

  5. Eloise: Since you have fair skin, opt for pastel pinks as midtone and fuchsia shades can make your eyes look swollen. :)

    Arya: It just takes a whole lotta practice! :D

    Rae: Hi Rae! I use Lumix's LX3. :) I use the Program setting most of the time, and AF for focus. For product shots, I use the macro focus :)

    Ohms: Works fine for me because I don't get to finish big eyeshadow pans, really. It's K-Palette's liquid liner. :)

  6. Thanks for answering, glad you always reply to comments.

    I use an LX5, I'm able to take good photos of products, I can't get good eye shots though. Will try your suggestion.

    Again, thanks.


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