The Evolution of False Eyelashes

A couple of days ago, my dear friend, Sophie of Beautynomics and I have talked about the importance of wearing false eyelashes, and why a lot of people think it’s an unnecessary makeup tool. Well, we didn’t mean that you should wear it to work or to school, but rather to very special events that require you to look a little more fab. I, for one, used to shrug the idea of wearing false eyelashes to such events, but when I’ve convinced myself to wear it during my cousin’s wedding, I was converted in a snap: It really makes you look gorg in photos, and it truly is the easiest way to glam up your overall look even with minimal eyeshadow on. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and I say, false eyelashes are the pretty curtains that make your windows all the more interesting!

As a former falsies non- believer, I could understand why most girls would pass up on false eyelashes: 1. They take time to wear 2. They’re heavy 3. They’re unhygienic 4. It’s a waste of money because it's only good for one use.

‘Tis true, ‘tis true, but certain advancements in beauty have spawned a couple of false eyelash types that will answer these needs--We now have more ways to wear and enjoy false eyelashes. These two new kinds of falsies that I will talk about are the Antibacterial falsies and Pre- Glued falsies.

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All Belle is a brand of false eyelashes from Taiwan. What makes it special is the Antibacterial falsies and false eyelashes glue that have undergone sterilizing by means of Gamma radiation technology (Hulk? Is that you? LOL!) to ensure that the falsies don't attract and nurture bacteria so you can re-use them over and over again. The falsies are made from Oxy-Fibre, a very light type of synthetic hair strands. All Belle's falsies come in various thickness and styles, by the way. I just got this style because it's so Angelina Jolie, and I don't have this yet in my makeup stash!

To those who don't enjoy the traditional process of wearing false eyelashes, here's a quicker and easier way: Pre-Glued eyelashes. Seowoo, a Korean brand of false eyelashes, has made quite a demand for themselves when they released these self- adhesive falsies. As well all know, girls in neighboring Asian countries looove wearing falsies to the extent that they've made it an essential part of their daily looks, and this is what made Seowoo the perfect choice: The brand offers falsies in various thickness and styles that you just grab, fit snuggly and press onto your lids then you're good to go.

Don't you just love the beauty industry? It's ever- changing, ever- expanding, and slowly but steadily improving to cater not only to our beauty needs, but our lifestyle as well! Boy, I can even sense that there will soon be DIY false eyelash extension kits in the market! :D

So where can you find these innovative false eyelash brands? Where else? From the online store of the false eyelashes queen, Sophie. All Belle is already available, but Seowoo is still in transit. You can check them out at BEAUTY AND MINERALS on Facebook.

What do you think of these new types of falsies? Yay or nay? Let me know which of the two you'd like to try, and do express your thoughts in the comment box below! :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I actually re-use my falsies maybe 2-3 times at least! :)

    That's why I don't put mascara on them (as others do to make them look even more natural and for them to 'blend' with your real lashes) so that they last even longer.

  2. Nice post! This looks is gorgeous!
    Lets follow each other?
    Love followers and I follow back!

  3. this is nice and very helpful lalo na sa mga chinita like me,I've used it when I joined some pageant. It adds more gorg look indeed.

  4. Haven't tried it safe to use even when one is wearing contact lenses?

  5. I haven't tried falsies...but I really wanna try one in an upcoming it safe to use even when one is wearing contact lenses?

  6. ahihihi i rememberdati na halos for 6 months i was wwearing eyelash extension, ohhh i was so addicted to luscious lashes. kaya lang nakalbo ang lashes ko because of that, ive since used a medication to lengthen it (lumigan) ok naman although syempre iba pa rin ang falsies.

    im not a fan of falsies kay]si they make my eyes appear smaller, or baka di lang ako marunong maglagay

  7. Ari: Hi there! Thanks for sharing. Same here-I like re-using falsies so All Belle suits my needs. :)

    Eloise: Yes, that's the problem with lash extensions: They may cause lash fall. :(

    Redshoetraveller: Hi there! I believe yes, but make sure the glue won't enter your eyes. Apply thinly on the false eyelashes line, and never on your lids! :)

    Ohms: True that! :D

    I love everything about it: Thank you :)


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