Bobbi Brown's New Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow Stick+Katie Holmes' Debut

I've been sweating like hell, especially during daytime which means summer is officially here, and it's time to bring out those long- lasting makeups. If you've read my review on Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Cream eyeshadow, you'll realize that I really love that product because it's a busy gal's best friend and it stays put on my oily lids and in this frakkin' hot kind of weather! I'm happy to know that Bobbi Brown has finally decided to release travel- friendly, stick versions of this wonderful product!

Coincidentally, this collection also marks Katie Holmes' debut as Bobbi Brown's brand ambassadress, promoting the new Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow Stick Collection. I can't stop staring at Katie's ethereal face! Even if she has aged for a little, she still looks very beautiful! Talk about aging gracefully!

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These babies have the same formulation as the first- ever Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow variant: It is made with a unique blend of oils, waxes, and film formers that can last up to 8 hours of wear.


Golden Pink
Sand Dune
Iced Blue
Violet Plum

I got one in a shade called Vanilla. I'll review it for you guys soon! In the meantime, I gotta work out! Please visit BOBBI BROWN PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this new line.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Katie Holmes is undeniably beautiful! I must agree that she's aging gracefully and gorgeously! It's nice to know that bb don't just get young models to feature their products but the older ones as well; telling that the undisputed bobbi brown is for all ages. This new long wear cream eyeshadow stick from them is really travel-friendly. You don't have to bring the entire palette with the fear that it might break/shatter. Will be waiting for your review, Ms M! Have a great day ♥

  2. Oh my this is very interesting! All of a sudden I felt I was living in a cave lol! I didn't know there were such marvels as cream eyeshadow sticks! Thanks Ms M for initiating me hihi! I know of cheek tint sticks and concealer sticks but this one is a totally new discovery. I want to try it already! I also have oily lids and I rarely put eyeshadows so I think this is a good investment. Hope you can review this to test how long-wearing it is under this hot season.

  3. how convenient and mess free! :) this is the eye shadow that you used in your in a hurry make up tutorial, right? :D

  4. I love Katie since dawson's creek! hahaha! Yes and she's aging gracefully...and I want to get my hands on these little babies but of course after your review Ms. M.. :)

  5. Katie looks really beautiful in that picture. aged a little but still reminds me of her character as Joey in Dawson's Creek

  6. kudos to katie for having a life after tom cruise! i also agree with you ms m she looks good in the photo, hindi naging trigger happy sa photoshop ang gumawa!!!! pls compare this to revlon's eyeshadow sticks

  7. ohh wow this looks cool,will wait for the review regarding this one. so egzoited. :)

  8. Purple: Noted! :D

    May: Super! :D

    Eloise: I don't have Revlon's eyeshadow sticks but if I get my hands on one, I'll do a review!

    Arya: True! She was so nene that time but now, she looks all grown up!

    Detsy: Ah no, I used BYS' eyeshadow palette for that. :)

    Kris: Wow! Glad you learned something from this post. :) I already have a review of Bobbi's long-wear cream eyeshadow so please check it out. :)

    Desire: Thank you for your thoughts, as always. Have a great weekend! :D

  9. Thanks Ms M for directing me to your review of Bobbi's long-wear cream eyeshadow. I didn't realize right away that the eyeshadow in the pot is the same as in the stick, form lang talaga ang difference. I prefer the stick form because aside from being more portable, it seems more hygienic to me. In any case, I would still love to have any Bobbi Brown product in any form. :)

  10. Oh wow I can't believe may celebrity endorser na ang bobbie brown! She is the first celebrity face of cosmetics bobbi brown right?


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