February Favorites

OMG! I almost forgot to blog about my favorite beauty products for February! Anyway, here they are! :D

I’m quite amazed with the overall quality of this lipstick despite its affordability. Its color is not at all cheap, and I also like the way it flatters both fair and dark skin tones.

It has SPF 15 and is moisturizing enough to keep my puckers smooth all day. I like this particular color because it practically goes well with any blush and any outfit!


One great find from Estee Lauder, and another great addition to my growing Fuchsia lipstick collection. It’s one of my unique and recognizable fuchsia shades because of its violet undertone-most of fuchsia lipsticks are either purely fuchsia or blue-based. I also dub this color as the “Sophisticated Fuchsia”.

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MAC 217

They weren’t kidding when they said that it’s one of MAC’s best brushes. It just blends eye shadows easily, and into a seamless gradient!

The only brightening product that has brightened my marks instantaneously!


I have been skipping moisturizers for daytime use lately, and this product helps hydrate my skin surface. I've been using it religiously for more than 2 months already, and I'm quite happy with its effect: My skin looks REALLY healthy and it has this innate sparkle.


It's thicker than Shu Uemura's cleansing oils, and I like how it would literally melt makeup upon skin contact. It's very economical to use as well because a dollop goes a long way.


This baby acts really quick on zits, and it produces significant results, especially on cystic pimples. I love this because it has no Benzoyl Peroxide!


Every summer, my scalp would usually be extra oily so I tend to skip washing my hair often, but thanks to this product, I can finally take a REAL bath (that includes a hair wash) because it takes away excess grease, and it feels ultra light on my locks!

I like anything minty, especially during summertime so this cooling sunblock really does it for me. I like its formulation because it's non- greasy and it absorbs quickly, making it great even for daily use.

There goes my favorite beauty finds for February! How about you? What are the products you loved using last month? :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. nice items ms. martha!
    for february, im glad that i found mir & ryvi papaya soap (just started using the tomato soap), lovely me:ex bb cream and the reese's flavored lip balm my sister gave me. :D

  2. hahah this is so timely, I was about to ask you about it :) Well anyways, this list includes big-time products! I think BYS lang ang medyo can-afford ko jan. I just noticed na you haven't include any EDT, but its okay :) I'm really lemming on Laneige because im curious on how it works. The way you describe it according to your experience - My skin looks REALLY healthy and it has this innate sparkle DANG! I need this in life. How much does Laneige cost you, MS M? Thanks for posting! love love love ♥

  3. Those lippies are gorgeous! I want to get my hands on Avon's recent line because my Mom also likes it. I'm going to the beach in about 2 months and I'll make sure that I bring Nivea's sunblock 50 (the one you reviewed during Nivea's Palawan event) and their cooling mist.

  4. BYS lippies are good!!!! i think theyre even more wearable than my mac russian red hehehe, kya lang un smell nia ksi ay kakaiba. on the bright side, if you buy 1k worth of items, may free accessory ka

    ill check out that fuchsia lipstick

  5. big products (and expensive too) but well, tried the Shiseido and it really really works. I'll buy skincare products now base on quality and not the quantity!

  6. Good morning Martha! I actually bought the Nivea Sunblock for my Sumilon Trip this weekend. I hope it can do wonders to protect my skin. :) Lovelots! :)

  7. I can't wait get my hands on the new Avon lipstick line. My Mom is now getting a teeny wee bit pushy because she loves Avon as well lol! I'll also buy the Nivea Sunblock that you used during the Palawan event and the cooling mist for my beach trip in May.

  8. From your favorite list for the month of feb,the Shiseido white lucent intensive spot tratment and the laneige water sleeping pack ex interest me the most.

  9. Sooo nice items Ms. M...I'm still saving up for that Shiseido, I can say that it really work wonders! I also skipped moisturizer so I am gonna try Laneige. Summer is here so I gotta have that nivea sunblock asap.. :) But one of my favorite for February would be Clarin's one-step exfoliating, my face felt dirt-free & soft after using this one.

  10. Detsy: Thanks for sharing your faves! :D

    Monica: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Great choices! I highly recommend both. :)

    Arya: Cool! That's why I'd always tell my readers to invest in skin care products .:)

    Eloise: Yes, I saw that freebie too. Was about to take advantage of it but I realized, I have tons of makeups to last me for eternity lol! :D

    Tine: Good morning dear! :D Wow! Let me know how it works on you. :)

    Desire: I've been staying at home most of the time last month and I haven't been wearing any perfume, so nada haha. :D Laneige, if I'm not mistaken, is around 1k+, but the tub is huge and it will last you for a good 5 months. :)

    Kris: It's good! :) Cheap lipstick with good quality--what more can you ask for? :) Lemme know how you like/hate Nivea's new sunblock. :)

  11. Ahh nivea nakakita na naman ako ng nivea! I loooove all nivea products! I haven't tried their cooling mist yet kasi mukhang pang lalake..Hmmm
    Yung Kiehl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment reminds me of Eskinol Pimple spot treatment :)

  12. i want that nivea sun protect & refresh and only to find out OOS ulit sya sa Sampleroom!!! tss..

    i always read your blog ms martha.. everyday ata (sat and sun lang ata hindi ako nakakaopen ng internet) minsan natatanngapyung comment ko minsan hindi.. lalo pagnageerror ang browser ko =( need to clear cache and cookies =)


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