LOTD: P.S. Don't keep me waiting

Thank God it's Thursday, because it only means that the weekend is here! :) Just want to share the outfit I wore to my awesome Shiseido Makeup Workshop with my lovely TBJ readers. I'll blog about that soon! :)

DRESS: Details


P.S. I like how multitasking a denim polo is. I should be getting more soon, and in different washes!

NECKLACE: SM Accessories

OTHER ACCESSORIES: Mercato Centrale; Forever 21

SUNGLASSES: Juicy Couture

SHOES: Ferretti

BAG: Prada

That's all! By the way, one reader asked me via my FB fan page if I'm starting to foray into fashion blogging as she has noticed that I've been posting a lot about my outfits lately. No, I am not transitioning into Fashion blogging-It is because I'm not normally dressed to the nines so whenever I am, I document them as my remembrance haha! My outfit photos also remind me if I have been wearing the same article of clothing all the time, and if I have to exert more effort in my workouts. :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. denims shirts are really versatile *must exercise to fit in that denim shirt that I saw online*

  2. I really love your outfit that day! I never thought it also looks great to pair denim jacket with a black dress as I always see them paired with jeans or shorts. :)

  3. Wow the outfit is so chic! You look so fab Ms. M. I really love max dresses. Sometimes i buy max skirts and use it as a dress. The spiky necklace and bracelet takes the whole outfit to a new dimension. It gave a little twist. I must agree with the polo, I do have one too and I sometimes use them as a blazer and tie the bottom like this.

    I'm really thankful you're posting OOTD's Ms. M. It motivates me to go to the gym and be fit. Thanks for this, beautiful! ♥

    PS: Will be waiting for your post about your Shiseido Makeup Workshop last Sunday :)

  4. i couldnt help but stare at your denim polo last saturday, it spelled laid back but still put together, i also loved the bold lips!

  5. Your title for this post is very catching Ms M! Lol! Denim tops seem to be the rave right now, I'm seeing a lot of beauty gurus wearing one. You wore it with class, giving it a feminine allure. I normally associate denim with laid-back and very casual occasions but here you definitely showed that it can be worn to a formal setting.

  6. i love the denim polo! you look so pretty but you look sad on the first photo....

  7. love the necklace martha so unique.:)

  8. I love the denim polo Ms. M. And yes I agree that it looks nice to also pair it with dress. :)

  9. Arya: Same! I wanna become leaner too! :D

    Purple: Thank you! :D

    Issa: Oh I wasn't really sad. I was trying to sport a high fashion look in the first photo haha!

    May: Gracias! :D

    Eloise: Cotton On, my dear. :)

    Kris: Thank you! :) That's what I love about the classic denim polo: It's so versatile! :)

    Desire: Sweet! Thank you dear! :D Yes, I'm just waiting for the photos from Shiseido. Once I have it already, I'll blog about it! :D

    Gen Zel: Thank you! :D And thanks for coming to the workshop! :D

  10. I love how you mixed the denim jacket with a midi dress and funky accessories but still look well put together! hawtness! :)

  11. I so like the dress Martha. It flatters your curves :)

  12. Awww medyo blurred yung pic pero I like the denim polo! Class!


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