FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Do We Really Need Facial Masks?

Happy Friday everyone! I'm off to the grooming salon with Denver in a bit. He's really furry now and I'm afraid he might get a heat stroke due to the intense weather and all that layers of hair. Before I sign off, I'm leaving you with our much- awaited Fan Mail Fridays. Our question is from Stephanie:

Hello Ms.Martha,  
I am one of your silent readers. I love your blog and you inspire me so much on how to take care of our skin. I even encourage my mom to read your blogs. :) 

However , I have one question that really baffles me. Do we really need face mask, how it differ from facial scrub? I researched about it and found out they almost do the same then ended up more confused. I believe you can enlighten me about this po. :)

Thank you so much Ms. Martha and we readers, we love you. :) 


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Hi Stephanie!

Thank you so much for being a reader! And I love you (and all my readers) too! :D

As for the question "What's the difference between a Face Mask and Facial Scrub", they're totally different products, although I could understand why others tend to confuse both as some Facial Masks contain peeling agents, hence they can do what Facial Scrubs can do. Facial Masks are for skin nourishment, while Facial Scrubs are for skin exfoliation-You scrub your skin first and then apply the mask right after so as to replenish the lost moisture and minerals from your skin.

I think the question should be, "What's the difference between a Face Mask and a serum/moisturizer?" because in my opinion, the former has the closest effects to the latter products. Now since I brought this up, I'd have to say that both products do the same things: Nourish, hydrate, and fortify your skin. The thin line that separates the two is that using Facial Mask gives you a more relaxing experience than just using plain serum/moisturizer.

Now on to your more pressing concern: Do we really need Face Masks? Yes and No. Yes if you have problematic skin, if you want a little boost in your skin care routine, and depending on the mask, and No if you want an uncomplicated routine as masks may take time and effort to use. If your answer is no, just make sure that you're using the right skin care products to help keep your skin in its tip-top shape. It's all depending on your preference, really.

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There are three popular types of Facial Mask in the market:


These masks are a little painful to remove, so they are best used on a small area of the face only, especially those with blackheads and whiteheads. Best for people with enlarged pores on the nose area due to blackheads and whiteheads. As for me, I like using Nose Strips on this area.


These masks are very easy to use, and they help give your skin a surge of moisture. To me, this type of mask is just saturated with ingredients that you can find in regular skin care products, but the good thing about it is it doubles as a serum/moisturizer already: After a few minutes, just remove the mask and massage the remaining product into your skin until it gets absorbed-no rinsing needed. It's best for those with dry skin and those who want an uncomplicated, all-in-one product.


If I would recommend a type of mask, this would be it. I've always had a stronger preference for Clay Masks because apart from skin care ingredients, the base, which is Clay, is known to rid skin of impurities effectively, and has tons of minerals and skin- tightening ability to boot. Best for people with oily or acne- prone skin, and those with sagging skin.

That's it! Hope you liked this post, Stephanie! If you guys have any valuable information to add to this post, please feel free to do so by writing them on the comment section below.

Have an awesome Friday, everyone! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You gotta try Mario Badescu Whitening Mask, its awesome! ^_^



    April BDJ BOX Beauty Haul/Unboxing Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21IR9jXf2S0

  2. Timely post! I love clay masks too. Although I have this habit of over using it a bit - like sometimes every other day (other than the normal 2-3 times a week). Makes me feel relaxed kasi...and I notice that my skin feels refreshed after...but I think I have to follow instructions...lol

  3. Thanks for this comprehensive post about masks Ms M! I prefer hydrating mounted masks. If I'm not mistaken, Shiseido White Lucent mask belongs to this category.

  4. Where can we buy the products you posted Ms. M? :)

  5. Hi Ms. Martha. Thanks for clearing it up to us. hihi. hm. what clay mask would you recommend for oily acne prone skin? i havent tried any but i want to but dunno where to start. hihi thanks!

  6. very very very timely! im about to put queen helene mint julep mask now! i love that it seems like the more affordable version of proactiv mask. ive noticed parang same lang halos ingredients (kaolin, bentonite, sulfur) which dry up zits. i also love the cooling effect. ive heeded your advice miss m from your old post yun gamit mo yun brown mask (aztec ba yon or basta brown) to apply moisturizer after. medyo nagclear up naman yun skin ko. and for those of you wondering, from healthy options to mura lang heheheh.

    btw mis m, how do we use ba yun compressed paper masks? like i got the sample from shiseido non nagworkshop ka, ive put a lot of product in the bowl then nagexpand siya. kaya lang parang sayang. Am I doing it right?

  7. Thanks for this post. I am thinking to include mask in my regimen but I dont know what type of mask is suited for my skin. Now, its more clear. As ever, I learned something again from you Ms. Martha. Thank you so much =) more power to your blog

  8. Iya: Thanks for the reco! Will check that out. :)

    Elif: Hi there and welcome to tbj! :D Glad you've learned something from this post. :D Have a great week ahead!

    Eloise: Weee! Glad you're loving Queen Helene. The best talaga yan. :) Clay masks are a lil' drying, so it's best to moisturize after. I'm using pure Aztec Clay. Looks promising, but I'll try it out for a few more rounds. :)

    The ones from Shiseido? Ah, yes. You're meant to use it with any of Shiseido's emulsions. First is you soak the mask in water for it to expand, drench your skin with the emulsion, and put the compressed mask on top of your skin to help prevent the emulsion from evaporating before it gets absorbed into your skin. (make sure you squeeze out excess water from the mask) :)

    Mikee: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Black Charcoal is from Saizen, Jericho Mask is from Jericho Dead Sea stalls (not familiar with their locations so you can check them out on FB) :) while Purederm is available in Watson's, although it's about to be phased out already, if I'm not mistaken. Korean stores such as Etude House carry sheet masks too. :)

    Liz C: Welcome! :D You can try Queen Helene mask from healthy options-there are two variants but you can choose any of the two. There's also st. ives' mud clay mask. :D

    Kris: Correct! :D

    Redshoetraveller: Haha! I guess if your skin is THAT oily, 2-3 times should be good, but allow intervals in between each session. :)

  9. I love peel off masks especially whenever I see white and black heads sticking out hehe!!
    I also brought my dogs to the parlor coz both of them are really old and needs to naked :) eheheh

  10. Thanks for this post Ms. M very informative...i also use facial mask but not sure if im using the right one..hahaha!i just rely on what the products says it offers..:)

  11. When I read it at first, I thought that it was all the same, their differences maybe significant to each other but same are for skin removing dead skins.hence, I usually facial scrubbing.:)

  12. Ohms: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Jec: Thanks for reading too! :)

    Leilani: While I like nose strips, specifically the Watson's brand of nose strips-really removes whiteheads like a pro! :D


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