DEAR READERS: The challenging part of your everyday makeup routine?

Ladies, do you have that challenging or dreaded part in your regular makeup routine? That particular task that makes you go "Here we go again" because almost always, you can't seem to get it right or you can't do it quickly?

Mine's eyeliner application. If you've noticed in the photos, I have uneven eyelids: The right one tends to look deeper most of the time because I like sleeping on my right cheek, while the left lid is my eyes' normal shape. This is such an everyday challenge for me because I really have to stare at my eyes and do some measurements to figure out how I can don an even eyeliner look, and this takes roughly around 5 minutes to do-10 minutes if I'm not in the mood to apply makeup. :p And I'd always have to make corrections!

So, what's yours? :)

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  1. the most challenging part of my makeup is definitely my habitual use of too much foundation and eyebrow application. i tend to overapply my liquid foundation which are usually on the medium to heavy coverage types. i dont have a lot to hide, just super tiny blemishes and slightly dark undereyes but still it has become a habit to me to pile on tons of foundation.

    so everyday, i deal with the challenge of not putting too much foundation as it really is a pain to blend afterwards and also, the foundation looked like a mask on top of my face. not even facial mists can help me with that kind of situation.

    i also consider it a challenge to shape my eyebrows because i want them to look like twins. symmetrical eyebrows are the best. my problem usually is that when i do my brows, my left eyebrow looks perfect while my right eyebrow looks crap, and that is why i allot about 10 minutes just to erase/modify my eyebrow application. such time consuming activities and the hassle it brings kills it for me.

  2. Me too! I have uneven eyelids and it's a pain to have even eyeliner in a go.. so most of the time i just have to line my lines, staying close to the lashline as possible and im out the door! ;)

  3. Wehehehhe me three eyeliner. In fairness di naman kasi ako sanay mag eyeliner talaga. Pero i make it a point na i enjoy d makeup application process and it doesnt become a chore. Otherwise whats the point of putting on mKeup diba heheheh. Kung kaya nag eeyeliner lang ako kung feel ko

  4. Eyeliners are definitely my waterloo, no matter what type it is! I've tried liquid, cream, and pen type eyeliners and it seems as if there's no better or EASIER way to apply it! I spend more time working on my eyes than anywhere else that's why I skip them when I'm in a hurry. Oh well... Practice is still key here I suppose!

  5. Same here uneven lids and hooded eyes.. My solution is like majorie line near the lids hahaha! If im in a hurry i don't put makeup on anymore =(
    Another problem that i have solved are my brows i used to take forever. I practiced over and over and came up with a soltion.. I used pencil liners to outline my brows lightly then fill it in with poweder. I have already accepted my brows are not twins since the people in benefit even had a hard time doing my brows.... So i just accepted it and kept it well groomed =) ...
    My whole makeup routine takes a looooonggggg time since i nevee retouch it. So if i have to go out asap, the no makeup routine is my go-to look (sooo lame =(. ))

  6. I'm having a hard time lining my eyes too. Plus putting on some false eye lashes.

  7. Same here. The hardest part in lining my eyes is making the flick on my left eye MATCH (hind ko mapantay) with my right eye! It's easy doing the simple liner but doing the cat eye consumes my time. Same as with my brows. The arch on my right brow is higher than the left. so making it pantay is such a pain.

  8. If I'm still using eyeliners, I would say putting eyeliners. I'm just too impatient so I stopped using them. Haha! But now, mine would be doing my brows. I'm always doing it the way I want it to be on the right, but my left's too stubborn. Lol

  9. BROWS!! I have sparse brows and I really have difficulty in shaping them. I spend most of my time perfecting my brows.

    For the eye liner, I am using a PEN LINER so it becomes easier for me and even when I makeup other people. I find it difficult when I use a PENCIL Liner. :)

  10. Almost the only eyemakeup I wear other than mascara is eyeliner. On special days i use black cake liner which takes me from 10 to 30 mins. but on lazy days i use ud 24/7 pencil in uzi, it's gray and i dont have to worry about making it perfectly even, but it still takes me abt 5 to 10 mins.

  11. mine would be eyeliner appilication too! i don't know, maybe because I have unsteady hands. :)

  12. Eyeliner...I don't know what happens but sometimes, it makes me look like a drug addict. Haha!

  13. Most challenging is evening out my eyes. I have very tiny lid space ( hooded eye shape) but my right eye is completely hooded, so pretty much one has some bit of lid showing and the other doesn't and it just happens to be that Cateye and Winged eye are my very favorite looks.

    Also eyebrows. Generally one side of my face is more downwards than the other which also makes the case of the upper mentioned eyelid. My right eyebrow is lower than my left as well as it has a scar going over it which makes hair not grow on it + the very ends of my eyebrows doesn't grow too.

    And of course, I am fair with warm skin undertones and currently there is no foundation out there that matches my skin as the very lightest are for cool undertones.

    Overall a lot of work to do. :( Maybe I should just get some tan. D:

  14. Before it was eyeliner application but then I decided to skip it altogether :)) Now it's curling my lashes. I always pinch my skin!

  15. Katrina: Hi and welcome to my blog! :D Thanks for sharing! Me too! I tend to overapply foundation just because I have a lot and I'm trying to use up a significant amount whenever I can. :)

    Missy: Hi and welcome to my blog! :D Used to encounter that problem too. Here's my technique: I place the middle part of my lashes on the rubber bed, press the handle slightly to grip my lashes, then I slightly tilt the curler upwards to prevent pinching then proceed with curling. Hope this works for you. :)

    Arisu: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Thanks for sharing. As for the foundation, you might wanna try out Bobbi Brown. All of her face bases are yellow toned. :)

    Issa: Try leaning your arms on a flat surface to control the shake. :)

    Aviva: Oh...Is it because they smudge on you? If yes, use an eye primer beforehand. Or use a soft black or gray shade for a not-so-bold look. :)

    Nana: Thanks for sharing, dear! :D Agree, pencil liners are the best things to use when you're in a hurry. :)

    Aimee: Hi and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing. :) As for me, I really spend time on my brows because I always want it to be perfect-I'm obsessed with it haha!

    Rizza: Experiencing the same problem with my brows too: The left one is thicker than the right one so I spend a lot of time on brow mapping. :)

    Keeza: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Haha, same problem too. :p That's why I seldom the cat eye nowadays because I'm quite busy!

    Anne: Thanks for sharing. :D I have a tip on how to apply false eyelashes. Please check it out on the HOW TO section. :)

    Katherine Carreon: Thanks for sharing your experience and your personal brow lining tip! :) Appreciate it! :D

    Jemimah: Couldn't agree more. Practice really makes everything perfect! :D

    Eloise: Haha. Looks like eye lining is the hardest part after all! I'm actually missing doing my cat eye lines, but they take a lot of effort to do. :/

    Majorie: We're doing the same trick! :) Eye lining is meant to darken your lash lines for a little, so it makes sense to do just that. :D

  16. Wow, thanks for the tip, and the warm welcome! :) Will try that tomorrow :)


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