Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme EDP: A Clean Feminine Glow

A week or two ago, I attended a mini get-together with Rustan's and a handful of beauty bloggers to celebrate the launch of Lacoste's brand new fragrance for women.

It was almost sunset when I arrived at the venue. We were at the topmost floor and as I waited for the program to start, I watched the orange rays of sunlight filter the room, highlighting and giving more meaning to the star of the show, Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme.

Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme unites two of the important elements in the universe of Lacoste: The classic pique shirt which is captured by the diamond pattern on the cap, and the tennis ball- shaped bottle, a tribute to the sport that gave birth to this renowned T-Shirt brand. The 50ml and 100ml bottles are adorned with a bronze Lacoste charm, signaling the brand's new venture into the world of fashion accessories.

The fragrance is inspired by the feeling of wearing a clean white shirt on a sunny day: So crisp, so clean, so simple yet so elegant. It is for the lady with a no- nonsense style, and who emanates natural sophistication, wholesome sexiness, spontaneity, and happiness-You always want be around her, and you can't help but admire her sunny charm.

Lacoste taps the angelic Amy Adams as the image model of this new fragrance. Great choice!

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme official commercial

We were also introduced to Lacoste's best- selling fragrance line for men, which are also inspired by the brand's T-Shirts. My favorites are Relaxed and Pure!

With my beauty blogger friends and Team Rustan's.

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Pour Femme EDP is available in 30ml (P3,000.00), 50ml (P4,250.00), and 90ml (P5,650.00) sizes. To know more about this new fragrance, please visit RUSTAN'S on Facebook.

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  1. can't wait to grab one of this,tnx martha for the post. ;)

  2. Ive nwver been a lacoste fan. Pero ill try and get a whiff of this one. I like how you described it kasi honestly i find it hard to imagine kung anong amoy pag un mga notes notes ang nasa description. In short this one amoy malinis at susyal haahaha! No commitments pero ill check this oit

  3. Purple Clandestine: Thanks! :D

    Eloise: I like Lacoste's men's line better, but this one, I like so far. :) Glad you liked my post!


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