Review: Max Factor Facefinity 3-in-1 Foundation in Bronze 80

Here's a review on Max Factor Facefinity 3-In-1 All Day Flawless Foundation in Bronze 80

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I'd like to believe that I am the perfect definition of a Gemini woman: I can be too quiet and too loud, too lady-like and too rough, too focused and too confused, and too lazy and too industrious. When it comes to makeup, would you believe I have my ultra lazy days too even if I'm deeply passionate about it? I can get so lazy to do my regular makeup routine that I end up not leaving the house at all to spare myself from the task at hand. LOL! Here's one crazy story: One time, I had to go to an important event and my lazy moment had hit me. I can't miss the event, but I didn't want to go through the beautifying process so what did I do? I mixed my primer, foundation, moisturizer, sunblock, and liquid concealer in a bowl and applied the concoction on my face. The result? Stupid coverage haha! The morale of the story is: No escape. Beauty takes effort!

If Max Factor's Facefinity 3-in-1 foundation was already available that time, I could've prevented product wastage and ended up not wasting time as well. Well, like what I said, I always have my lazy days so this one will be put to good use when those moments come.


This latest foundation by Max Factor is a combination of primer, foundation, and concealer, three of the most important complexion products, and uses a 3- tier approach: 1.) Prime 2.) Conceal 3.) Unify.

Max Factor explained that the main ingredients of this product are designed to work synergistically: First, the primer creates an invisible film to prepare the skin for concealer and foundation. Second, the concealing pigments are being activated and start concealing marks. Finally, the foundation coats the first two products and evens out the skin tone at the same time.

The juice is contained in a vintage style bottle with a pump. The pump, by the way, has this brilliant close-open option so fear not when you lose or break the main plastic cap!

Sorry, the ingredients can't be found on the bottle BUT-I've found its ingredients list over at Please check it out HERE.

On-the-go ladies, girls who are searching for a true long- wearing foundation below P1,000.00, and chicas who want a light- texture full coverage foundation, please click READ MORE.

Bronze 80 is a medium beige shade with a mix of pink and olive undertones. If I'm not mistaken, it's the second to the last darkest shade, but it fares a little light on my skin tone-maybe it is because of the SPF 20 content or the undertone mix. It has a tendency to impart a white cast too. Texture is very fluid, Consistency is somewhat watery with a hint of creaminess to it, allowing you to build coverage effectively sans the thickness. It is fragrance- free, coverage is light to medium, and finish is semi-matte.


With ArtDeco Camouflage Cream+Benefit Fake Up Concealer

If you don't have dark circles and facial marks, you can skip concealer and just use this one as it can brighten the under eyes and conceal light discolorations on its own.

Two layers of Max Factor Facefinity 3-in-1 Foundation

I always use around 2 layers for a PRO- looking finish. Apply one layer only if you want sheerer coverage. It only takes a minute for this foundation to settle on the skin, but its flexible consistency still allows you to buff and blend it even if it has settled already. The thing I like about it is despite the fact that it's full coverage, it doesn't sit unnaturally on top of the skin, and it gives me a dewy look. Its finish somewhat reminds me of Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Even Finish Foundation.

WORK IT: Best applied using a stippling brush to minimize the white cast effect. No special hand technique needed because its consistency is very user- friendly!

Another interesting fact is, I was told by Bobby Carlos, Chief MUA for Max Factor Philippines, that this foundation does not oxidize even on acidic skin. I don't have acidic skin so I can't vouch for that. If you have this skin type, just test this product on the counter to know if the statement is indeed true. Don't forget to inform me and the other readers on your findings! :)

Set with a shade- matching face powder

So, the primer-concealer-foundation combination of this product is no joke: It can cover facial marks fairly well, does a little concealing effect on the under eyes, and wear time is noteworthy: I'd normally oil up with any liquid foundation in about 3 hours, but my face stayed matte for around 3.5 or 4 hours with this product! That's such an impressive characteristic for a very affordable foundation! It doesn't cake, streak, and fade, and I've also noticed that it has the ability to maintain a fresh look. I wore this a lot last April because it has two of my most important needs in a summer foundation: Decent coverage, light texture and feel. I really like the overall performance of this foundation, but it's just sad that I don't have any shade match from the line--If I had a shade match, I'd deem it as my best drugstore foundation find for the year. Dear Max Factor, please make more yellow- toned shades for this product!

This product will definitely suit oily and combination- skinned gals-can work for those with dry- skin too!


Please visit MAX FACTOR PHILIPPINES for more information about this product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the pink undertone can really turn up ashy on ladies with deep warm complexions. i wish Max Factor would come up with yellow tones as well

  2. Wow ill keep this in mind. Ive veered away from liquid foubdation kasi oily skin ako. Pero ill keep this is in mind the next time i buy a foundation at im always running late for work din kasi.

    Btw miss m its amazing how you do your posts i enjoy reading them. Hahaha love the gemini introduction

  3. It's nice to know it actually feels great on the skin (light texture and feel) and it does indeed give a fresh look. Maybe it's the lighting but you did mention that it didn't have one in your shade--this gave a slightly orangey hue. but it's very subtle and it could have been just from the lighting. But still looks nice! Thanks!

  4. Hahaha! You did that, Ms. M? Epic! Haha! Anyway, this is interesting. Never tried Max Factor, except for their lipgloss, but I wanna give this a try.

  5. Wait wait wait im definitely buying this 5 out of 5 pala ang staying power!

  6. awww, too sad that their foundations usually has pink undertones... but the covergae is really great! :)

  7. Karl: Hi Karl! Yup, that's true. Even encountered a pink toned foundation that literally turned gray on me!

    Issa: Yup! There's still hope in reformulation! :D

    Eloise: Thanks dear! Glad you're loving my blabber haha! Yes! This thing wears like a champ!

    Rizza: LOL! Thanks. :D Let me know how you find it. :)

    Flynster: Because I have set it with a shade matching powder that's why it looked a little decent. Nevertheless, I'm loving the finish and staying power!

  8. Hi Ms. M! I'm so happy ive found this post. I'm using facefinity's bronze 08 and im really amazed with it. however parang dark sya for me. I wonder if u can suggest anyway para magfit sya sa skin tone ko? Is it ok kaya if i mix it with other lighter shade?

  9. Maki: Hi there! Glad you loved it! :) I'm using Bronze too, but I find it too light for me. You can go one shade lighter in your next purchase, use a lighter setting powder to neutralize the dark tone on your skin, or mix with another shade- matching or light liquid foundation of yours to dilute the color. :)


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