Review: Chloè Eau De Parfum

Here's a review on Chloè Eau De Parfum.

Price: Around P5,000.00+
Bought From: Hong Kong
Other Locations: Locally, it is available in Duty Free Philippines


If I were a boy...I think I could understand...LOL!

Okay seriously now, If I were a boy, I'd like my girlfriend to wear this scent all the time, or I'd take a second look when I smell this on a girl. (Based on my explanation, obviously, I can't be a boy-I'm just too damn girly) It's just the touchstone of feminine fragrance to me: Delicate, soft, airy, sophisticated, sweet, charming, alluring, beautiful. I just like the way this perfume summarizes the entirety of femininity, from the physical to the metaphorical. It definitely tops my list as the best feminine fragrance. (Next is Elie Saab Le Parfum)

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Chloe EDP was launched in 2008 as a modern counterpart of its 1975 version. Top notes have Peony, Litchi, Freesia, Heart notes have Magnolia, Rose, Lily Of The Valley, and Base notes have Amber and Cedar. It starts off a lil' strong then it mellows down quickly. It's a very warm, soft, powdery perfume that's predominantly Rose- scented, but as the fragrance lingers some more on my skin, it starts producing kicks of a strong yet inoffensive peppery- type of aroma and it made the entire fragrance composition quite unique. The surprising peppery note, in a way, also interprets Femininity as power. Loves it! :D

Staying power is very good: I normally spray it on once during wear and it lasts all day up until the next day on me, but when the weather is quite hot, I have to retouch at least once. Also, this perfume is something you can use during summer and the rainy season.

Overall, it's a pretty bouquet of flowers, one of the reasons why this fragrance is so dear to me as I love anything and everything floral.

Chloè EDT

Price: Around P4,000.00+
Bought From: San Diego, California
Other Locations: Locally, it is available in Duty Free Philippines

You know you love a product so much when you buy back-ups! So, evidently, I am crazy about this fragrance because I bought a back- up a month after getting the EDP, but this time, I got the EDT version for daytime wear. The EDP, however, is best for night time use, although a light spritz will make it work for daytime. The dry down of Chloè's EDT and EDP versions are very much alike, except that the former is a lil' fresher and a teeny bit citrusy since the top notes are comprised of Mandarin Oranges and Watermelon. 

I love both versions and I'll repurchase!


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have to agree, EDP is so feminine!! Super love this scent. :-)

  2. hi ms martha! how many ml for the 4k Edt? thanks on advance!

  3. Ooh, interesting! Plus the bottle is so ganda din. If the scent will catch the attention of the men, the bottle will catch the attention of the ladies naman. Hahaha! :)


  4. MarsiedMartian: Hi there and welcome back! :D 30ml for the 4k. :)

    Gellie: True! I have some girl friends who really love this scent as much as I do. :)

    Rizza: Ditto! :D


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