Review: DKNY PureDKNY A Drop of Rose EDP

Here's a review on DKNY PureDKNY A Drop Of Rose EDP

Price: P3,500.00
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Have you ever been on a vacation wherein you'd always wake up to the scent of dewy, fresh- cut flowers lingering in the air? This scene always comes to mind whenever I use this fragrance (in this case, fresh- cut roses are lingering in the air): It's so fresh, so pure, and it just makes you feel so pretty!

PureDKNY is a line of quintessential fragrances designed to capture the purity of nature. Currently, this line has Vanilla, Verbena, and this, Rose, which contains extracts from the famous Damascena Rose of Turkey. Read all about the info HERE.

A Drop of Rose contains Turkish Rose with a lil' bit of support from Black Currant, Cedar, Verbena, and Vanilla. If we're going to take the PURE concept seriously, obviously, this ain't exactly pure because obviously, it contains other notes. I think it's referring to the overall aroma of the fragrance-the other notes were needed to bring forward and increase the longevity of its main ingredient, Turkish Rose. Well, this is just me so you can take this statement with a grain of salt. :D

This perfume is dominantly Rose, with a hint of freshness at the top notes and a tinge of warmth at the base notes. More often than not, Rose- scented perfumes are referred to as "granny scents", but the watery, semi- citrusy character of this fragrance gave it that youthful charm-it's a rose perfume that young ladies wouldn't mind wearing. It's an easy, uncomplicated daytime floral fragrance with medium sillage and very good staying power. I really like this fragrance, not to mention the bottle is quite slim and lightweight-definitely a must- have rose perfume!


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. DKNY is such a A-list, I remember my colleague, gave a half bottled of this just to experience/tried the perfume, at first I was hesitant to take it, but when I try this one, I started to love its pure fresh na amoy.And ayoko talagang ubusin pa, coz its pricey nga.

  2. This smells nice. Tried it last month ata.

  3. i know it was hard to blog a perfume, im not good in describing scents because i have rhinitis =( so i salute you for making me imagine its scent!


  4. Rhain: welcome! :)

    rizza: :)

    Ohms: DKNY does make good scents. I actually like the Be Delicious series. :)


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