Unboxing: BDJ Box Fun, Fresh, and Fierce Box (May 2013 Edition)

When was the last time I owned a BDJ box? Hmmm..I think it was 7 months ago, their very first box. Even though this is just my second BDJ box, I've been following the site every month since its inception just to check the monthly boxes and I can say that it has improved so well: from the packaging to the contents-oh, the contents! I know this is a lil' late already as the May box is sold out and heck, June is just around the corner, but let this unboxing make you look forward to their beauty box for the incoming month!

The theme for May is all about being Fun, Fresh and Fierce, hence the pretty and fab ladies at the BDJ headquarters have curated a box filled with beauty essentials-from skin care to makeup and to fragrance-to help you become well, FUN FRESH AND FIERCE! :)

Click READ MORE and let's unbox this thing!

Wow, such a loaded box and take note, Maybelline has provided full- sized samples!

I just found out now that they had a price increase. From P480.00, it's now P580.00. I wouldn't mind paying for this amount as long as the box I get every month is the same as this or at least somewhat close to it. 

There are three major participating brands in this month's box: Garnier, L'oreal, and Maybelline. Let's check out the products in detail:

You get an almost complete skin lightening and pimple fighting set from Garnier: There's a facial scrub, day cream, night cream, spot treatment, and a sheet of facial mask. Total value of the products is around P608.00-This set alone, obviously, is more than P580.00 already!

After cleansing your face with Garnier's products, it's time to put your best face forward with an almost complete makeup arsenal from Maybelline. Total value of this set is P1,536.00.

To complete your look, you would be needing a very good fragrance. Take it from Madame Chanel: "A woman who does not wear perfume has no future."

This box includes 3 vials of Ralph Lauren's Big Pony fragrances for women, and 1 vial of YSL Opium. Basically, you get a day to night fragrance selection in this box!

And last but not the least, vouchers! Nowadays, it seems like a beauty sampling box is not complete without vouchers! Anyhoo, what we have here are four vouchers that guarantee you a P1,000.00 discount on RL's Big Pony fragrances for women. Total value of the vouchers is P4,000.00.

One more thing: They also threw in a couple of feel- good stickers in the box that you can stick on anything that you always use or on any place you frequently visit to remind you that you are indeed, beautiful. :) I really love this concept because I'm reminded of one of my favorite romantic movies, Chasing Liberty starring Mandy Moore. (To those who've seen this movie, remember 6 Million Dollar Man?)

Two words for this box: Worth it. It is because the selections are varied despite the fact that all of them are very similar in nature (if you know what I mean), everything compliments each other (in short, you get a full make-up kit), and the box just lives up to its Fun-Fierce-Fresh theme. I can't wait to see the June box (Yay! Birthday month!) and I fervently hope that it's as impressive as this!

Please visit BDJ BOX on Facebook for inquiries and purchases.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Awwww loaded kung loaded. Hmmmmm sign up kya ko for june?

    I wonder mz m would you really use those products e ang dami dami m n products in your arsenal? Hihii

  2. I love the May BDJ Box! I think it's so worth it.The BDJ Team even gave me a special gift with a handwritten note which I think is so sweet. :) I so look forward to the June box.

  3. I'm a frequent subscriber of BDJ boxes and I share your observation: BDJ team is getting and better every month! 😊

  4. i loved my first bdj box too! i was so sad not to get the shiseido box but getting this box made me feel a lil better. already excited for my july box!

  5. I love my May BDJ box! I got all RL fragrance samples, though. I love that they gave discount vouchers. Might be getting the RL Big Pony#2.

  6. Maybe I should get one of these boxes for my birthday!!! ;))

  7. Wow very useful ang lahat ng items! Talagang more than sulit for the price of the box! :)

  8. wow, its super overload huh, I didnt sign up for this month and I indulge with these.sana magagandang products yun for June.:)

  9. when i saw unboxing of BDJ boxes for May.. najelly ako sa dami ng laman compared sa glamourbox may box wherein first time ko nsgsubscribe.. when i tried to subscribe for june sold out na available boxes nila is for july na =( hays.. sayang bday gift ko sna sa sarili ko hehehehe

  10. Rhain: Awww..Then grab one na dear! It's never too late for a gift. :)

    Ohms: Hope so too. I'll check out their site. :)

    Majorie: You should! Just sign up early though-their boxes sell like pancakes!

    Prudence: Nice choice! I love RL Pony #1. :)

    Arra: Yup! :)

    Detsy: Hello! Awesome! Congrats for getting one. Hope you enjoy your July box. :)

    Andrea: Nice! :)

    Eloise: You can check out the contents of their June box to know if it's for you. :) I give away some of my products to my friends and family members. :)

    Hazel: Hello and welcome to tbj! :) I hope BDJ gets to maintain the quality of their box in the next few months. :)


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