Makeover at Make Up Factory

A few weeks back, I had attended this big party for one of my mentors and I didn't have the time to do my makeup as I had to go to a couple of meetings right before the party. Good thing I remembered that I had a makeover GC from Make Up Factory, and good thing that all of my meetings were held at The Fort High Street! 

In case you didn't know, Make Up Factory does professional make up services right in their The Fort High Street store-it's just that they don't announce it explicitly, unless you inquire.

My MUA for the day was Joana, who was trained at Maquillage Professionel. I documented the whole experience for you to see how they glam up people, the Make Up Factory way. Click READ MORE and see the blow-by-blow! :)

I was wearing powder foundation prior to this. I thought they don't have any makeup cleansers in the store, ('cuz I didn't see any) but they have! My face here was being cleansed by a cooling tropical- scented cleansing milk.

I told Joana that I wanted to sport Beauty Queen makeup: Dramatic eyes, dramatic eyes, dramatic eyes. Did I say dramatic eyes? I told her that I wanted green, brown, and gold for my eyes to match my outfit for the night.

FOUNDATION- I brought my own foundation and loose powder as I didn't have any shade match from Make Up Factory's selections. Besides, for special occasions, I go for the base makeups that I trust. If you have sensitive skin or you're just like me, who trusts a particular foundation and powder to make you look dazzling and flawless, bring your own-they won't mind! :)

CONCEALER: Joana has used Make Up Factory's Camouflage Cream on my under eyes....

SPOT CONCEALING: ...and she used the same product on my post-acne marks as well.

POWDER: She used my loose powder first to set my foundation, and followed it up with Make Up Factory's Mineral Powder to give my skin a luminous glow. She has also used their Compact Foundation on my under eyes to give it a smoother appearance. Their in- house powders are very light, and it didn't feel as if I had two extra layers of powder on my face.

CONTOUR AND BLUSH: I emphasized that I wanted a well- contoured face, and Joana delivered! :) For the blush, she has used a light coral shade on me.

BROWS: I like the way she does brows! Joana's very skilled with it, and I like the fact that she didn't try giving my brows a new shape by shaving them. I hope other make up artists would take a cue from her haha. :D

PRIMER: My lids were then primed with Make Up Factory's Sensitive eyeshadow base, which sorta' reminds me of ArtDeco's Eyeshadow Base, but in liquid form.

EYESHADOW: She used a combination of the baked eyeshadows, quad palettes, and finished it off with a sparkling eyeshadow to highlight my eyes.

EYELINER: She did some tightlining with a very soft eyeliner pencil and finished it off with liquid eyeliner, all from Make Up Factory. Afterwards, she applied mascara then false eyelashes. Yes folks, they have false eyelashes-just ask the MUA for them! :)

NOSE CONTOURING: I don't really do nose contouring, not even on special occasions, but it was very much appreciated. :D

Finally, my lips were coated with a light pink satin lipstick and topped with Make Up Factory's Shimmer Lipgloss.

The Look

I'm quite happy with Joana's work. She gave me dramatic eyes but without the drag look: It was striking, but still remained soft to perfectly accentuate my feminine features. She also knew what she was doing, and there was no moment wherein she was clueless or lost in the process. In short, I am very happy with my makeup!

The makeover costs P2,500.00 and it's for makeup only, and you must book an appointment. Quite pricey considering that in regular salons, this amount could afford you makeup+hair grooming already. Hope they'd consider bringing down the price. 

If you'll be at The Fort High Street all day and you have an important party/event to go to, but you're looking like crap and have no time and tools to do your own makeup, you now know where to go.

Please visit MAKE UP FACTORY PHILIPPINES on Facebook to inquire about this service.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You look so fresh in the before pic! I really love your skin :)

  2. Make up factory? Is it the Make Up Forever before? I had my up done their last year. :) And I love it! :)

  3. P2,500 is so expensive T____T But I think they charge that much because of where their makeup artists were trained?

  4. lovely! it's like something you'd post as an FOTD, Ms. M. :)

  5. 2,500php?it is pricey..considering you brought your own foundation and loose powder :( nevertheless, you look gorge ms. martha! :)

  6. I've just heard of this make up factory thing on bloggers that i follow. and i even saw sir mio and miss mickey on their pics so i'm wondering if the MUFE is out and make up factory took place?

  7. wow! pang beauty queen nga! but i like the before pic too! you have very nice skin tone, love it! :)

  8. i love the eyemakeup =) sexy and very elegant looking =)

  9. Gorgeous! I really love how Make Up Factory's MUAs do makeup! :)

  10. BrownOso: Geez, thanks! :D

    Mariell Francisco: Yes, this is the one that replaced MUFE. It's also distributed by Brio One, the same company that brought MUFE here. :)

    Krissy: Thanks! :) Joana is good with eye makeup! :)

    Rhain: Same here! :) Didn't want to remove it even if the party has finished already! :)

    Issa: Thanks, Issa. :)

    Harmony: Yep! I've been meaning to recreate it here, actually. :)

    CJ: Yeah, hope they bring down the price!

    Aviva: I guess!

    Bets: Yep! MUFE'S gone now. Make Up Factory replaced it. :)


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