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Here's a review on Egyptian Magic Cream

Price: P195.00
Bought From: SM Department Store Watson's, SM Mall Of Asia
Other Locations: Available in all Watson's stores


I have always loved History ever since and I try to update myself on it every now and then by reading academic journals and watching documentaries online, and immersing myself in Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel. One particular thing that got me interested is how recent anthropological and historical studies are challenging what we know about the glorious history of Egypt today. Some studies were quite old, technically, but if compared to what we were told, it is still VERY new. Indeed, much has yet to be learned about the entire history of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) as the real descendants start putting the pieces together and making their stories known. I just wanted to say this because I take delight (obviously) in the way the world surprises us and tells us something about ourselves every single day.

I'm still a noob on this aspect of Egyptian culture so don't y'all worry, it ends here-this is not an anthropology class after all. The measly information that I could gather was, long before Cleopatra's birth and reign, the early Kemetians were as equally fascinated at the art of beauty and wellness as well.


Apparently, the Kemetian folklore reveals a miraculous cream that could heal just about any skin condition. This great skin secret was used by sages, mystics, and even royalties themselves to maintain beautiful skin. This thousand year old cream was revived and is now being sold as Egyptian Magic Cream and is reportedly a favorite of A-list celebrities such as Madonna and Kate Hudson.


The ingredients are not so much of a secret, but it is no secret that they're some of the most effective in the world. Egyptian Magic Cream is being distributed by Yumeimi- Sei in the Philippines.

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The original EMC, the one that's being sold internationally comes in big tubs and cost at no less than $80. The one we have locally comes in this tiny pot (for trial purposes) and a bigger jar, which I think is around 30 or 50ml. I got the smallest just to know what the sorcery is all about.

The jar doesn't come with a spatula, however, so be sure to buy a separate one to keep the entire thing fresh since I believe this cream does not contain any preservatives.

It's just like petroleum jelly, but it has a looser, more watery texture-it's very spreadable and a little goes a long way. It has no fragrance and taste. It's actually an all- around cream for the skin that's meant to remedy chafed skin, chapped lips, minor bruises, cuts, wounds, and any minor epidermal condition. It's just like a cheaper version of Lucas Papaw and Rosebud Salve, but with more natural ingredients.


Here are the ways I've used Egyptian Magic Cream:

1. As an Acne Treatment- I've read reviews online saying that this cream also has the ability to minimize acne lesions. I tried it on my tiny zits and face bumps one night, and they were magically gone the next day-methinks Propolis, a known antibacterial agent did all the magic on me. However, on bigger zits, this is not effective at all.

2. As a Lip Balm- this is more effective as a lip balm as it provides all- day comfortable moisturization.  I've used it for 2 weeks straight (up until this day) and my dry lips have drastically improved: Even without a lip balm during daytime, my lip still remain smooth. Beeswax, an effective humectant, could've done the marvelous work in here. Works very well on Cold Sores too.

3. As A Skin Balm- I've used it on dry, itchy patches on skin and it does the job. It's also effective for those who are sensitive to copper and fancy accessories: I get rashes on my nape all the time whenever I sweat while my fancy necklaces are on, and they could get pretty nasty and hell itchy. A layer of this cream soothes the nape and prevents rashes from getting worse.

Other uses for Egyptian Magic Cream, according to some sources:

1. Facial Moisturizer- For colder regions and dry skin, it might be okay. But since I have oily skin and I live in a tropical country, I didn't dare try it.
2. For Diaper Rashes
3. Sunburned Skin
4. Minor Cuts- Something as minor as paper cuts, that is. I applied it on a tiny cut on my leg which was caused by my Beagle while we were playing. It gets rid of the itch and pain, and caused the cut to heal quickly. For bigger and deeper wounds, I can't really advise you to use it on them.
5. Scars- Others said that this is not really effective on lightening up scars. While others have experienced slight lightening, it took them a very long time and a couple of jars to see it.

Overall, it's just a regular all- natural cream that's quite effective enough to consider-not really wowed by this though. It could be a gentler alternative to some skin treatments such as acne spot treatments, petroleum jelly, and antibacterial creams.


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This may be a nice alternative to petroleum jelly. Great review :)

  2. nice find ms. Martha. i am in the process of finding a product that will manage my acne. with the price of this one and nice review from you and online. i think i will try this one out. thanks for sharing. :)

  3. i think this is just another cream that's been exaggerated when it comes to its claims..marami ng ganyan di naman talaga effective..i know because marami na ako na'try na cream.hee..nice review ms. m! :) and yes, i'm interested din on ancient egypt history lalo na ky cleopatra..if only we could discover her true secret to beauty.. :D

  4. Me thinks it's just a petroleum jelly that is more expensive. I wanna try this for my acne though.

  5. Yay! Thanks for reviewing this :) Now I want to try it!

  6. i've seen this before but I wasn't convinced by the packaging. lol. great review, though! :D

  7. The name would push you into trying this. Hahaha! Egyptian Magic Cream... Come on! :P

  8. BrownOso and Rizza: And a more natural one too. :)

    Harmony: Thanks! :)

    Gellie: True! :)

    Ari: Welcome.

    CJ: I guess it's effective, but bottomline, it should match your skin's chemistry. Still boils down to that. :)

    Desty: Welcome! :)

  9. the texture looks like the lucas papaw =) ms m it was fast and effective, i tried it on my baby's cheek (insect bite) and after few minutes its gone =) now, i would always carry it on with me.. =) seeing it has many uses

    thanks for including it on my loot =) hugs!

  10. I thought the product would live up to the name. It's like a petroleum jelly :))

  11. this cream helped in the faster healing of my scars and wounds on my legs. you have to really rub the product in the palms of your hands until it turns into a thick oil before applying/massaging on the skin and it's nothing like a petroleum jelly that just sits on top of the skin

    1. Agree! I think the down to earth, non fancy packaging has given away the real value of this product.

  12. I don't recommend this cream to people who have an oily face.

  13. I don't recommend this cream to people who have an oily face.

  14. well as for me it really worked like magic I really have alot of spots on my face it now my face is super glowing..

  15. I have an oily face, and recently because im putting so much on my face because of my pimples, it became much worse. And came across with this product at first I was hesitant baka kasi di naman sya promising like it is. Pero 1st day palang. Actually before I applied this one I pricked some of my pimples and black heads pero sorry pero nakaktuwa. First I rub it as it was instructed by many. And yay! Hahaha. It works. Yung namumula and open pores ko medyo okay na agad. No joke. πŸ˜› Akala ko kasi oil based sya so paggising ko magoil up ako pero. Meron parin oil pero hindi sya heavy. Nasa work ako now. Actually nakaka3 apply na ko since nabili ko sya. And right now. Naka isang oil control lang ako which I did not use it all. And hours pass. I feel the oilyness pero promise parang di sya oil parang moisturized ang peslak ni akis. Kasisobrang light nya. Kaya Good Job. Finding where I could find a legit seller for a biggerjar next time. 😊 Super fast ang healing kaya thumbs and okay sa oily face. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


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