7 Ways To Damage Your Hair+7 Ways To Correct Them

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Because I thought it was cool to give this hair care post a very catchy title. :D I'm not really going to tell you how to destroy your hair. (because that would be too weird for a beauty blog) I'm just going to tell you how the most common hair habits can greatly injure your locks as well as the ways to correct them and preserve your hair's integrity. 


Cleaner doesn't always mean better. Shampoos can be over drying and water makes your hair shafts more prone to breakage. 

Change It: Every week, give your hair a break from all that rinsing and allow its natural oils to moisturize and repair your hair. If you can't stand a day without shampooing your mop, go for low- foam or non- foaming cleansers.

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In relation to the first bad habit, Hot Showers are relaxing, but it's not really the ideal water temperature to use on your hair. Hot water is harsh and it can lead to the thinning of the hair shaft. Rinsing your hair with hot water after undergoing a treatment is also a no-no because it can result to hair sensitivity!

Change It: Go for either of the two only when rinsing your locks: Cold Water or Lukewarm Water

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It's actually okay as it's meant to get rid of excess water, but it becomes bad if you do it vigorously. Rubbing causes friction, and friction makes your hair frizzy and rough.

Change It: Microfiber towels are great water absorbers and even without rubbing, it can sop up water effortlessly. Go for these instead of regular cotton towels when drying your hair.

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Hair kinks and knots can be too irritating, and our tendency is to comb the strands forcefully until the mid-section and fringes pop and snap just to get it over and done with. If you think you're doing this very often, don't wonder if your hair has become fragile and the ends have become drier than drought.

Change It: I encounter this problem everyday that's why I always have a detangler spray or hair oil ready with me. These products loosen up hair knots effortlessly, allowing me to comb my hair gently and with ease. Frequent conditioning also helps alleviate this problem.

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It might look sexy, but did you know that this is one of the surefire ways to achieve dull and lifeless hair? Why and how? Simple-because wet hair attracts more dirt and pollution.

Change It: Blow-dry or Air-dry it-it doesn't matter just as long as you leave the house with dry hair!

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It's probably the best and most effective way to get creative with your crowning glory, but unfortunately, heat from styling products hurt your hair like hell. Intense heat puts your hair under great pressure and burns your hair shafts at the same time.

Change It: When styling your hair, use protective products such as heat protectant mists or creams. If you style your hair everyday with these tools, alternate it at least twice to three times a week with heat- free curling products such as hair rollers or curling buns.

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If your hairdresser tells you that you can undergo another hair treatment in 6 months, FOLLOW IT AND FOLLOW IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART. Certain chemicals used in a lot of hair treatments such as dyeing, perming, and rebonding strip away essential lipids that keep your hair healthy.

Change It: Contain your excitement and allow your hair to fully recover from your previous treatment before proceeding with another one.

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  1. Gosh! I am so guilty with leaving with wet hair and towel drying.. Thanks for this useful post Ms. Martha! :)

  2. Some girls even leave their houses with dripping wet hair, like uurrgghh.

  3. overcleansing and towel drying - i'm oh so guilty with these two! guess imma take everything in moderation now for the love of my hair.lol.thanks for sharing this ms. m!:)

  4. Great tips especially for like me who is experiencing hair fall.

  5. arrest me im GUILTY of:
    ♥ OVERCLEANING (i dunno but i love the feeling of clean head hihi)
    ♥ FREQUENT HOT SHOWERS (i cannot bath with cold water!!! -- ako yung batang ginawin)
    ♥ TOWEL DRYING (nagmamadali magtuyo ng buhok =( minsan 2 towel pa nagagamit ko)
    ♥ CARELESS COMBING (same.. always in a hurry)

    gonna make this as lesson for me =(

  6. Overcleansing, check
    Frequesnt hot showers, check
    Towel drying, check
    Careless combing, check
    Hot styling, check

    No wonder I have dry hair. teehee :D

  7. Good thing I`m aware of all that 7 destroyers! hahaha But I still have that freaking DRY hair! :(

  8. Kriselle: Welcome! :)

    Aviva: Haha! Lol, saw some girls with that 'hairstyle' too. Looks really unkempt!

    Betsbygolly: Hmmm...Maybe you should treat your hair with a hair mask for 3-4 times a week until your hair normalizes. :)

    Lian: LOL! :D

    Rhain: Don't worry! there's always time to change. :)

    Cynthia: Welcome dear! Glad this post has helped you out. :)

    CJ: Welcome! Now you know! :D

  9. Hala I am so pasaway pala. No wonder why my hair is so rebellious

  10. It's a good thing I stopped showering with hot water! Thank you for these Miss Martha!


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