Collagen Drinks: How Real Are They?

Aside from Stem Cell Therapy, another frontier in skin care science is taking Asia by storm lately and they're in tiny, cute, tote-able bottles that promise to promote Collagen production in your skin. Could this be the potion of youth? Ladies, meet the Collagen Drink.

Collagen Drinks were invented in Japan, which isn't at all surprising because it is a known fact that this country is a land of innovations. A number of studies were conducted on these drinks prior to their release in the market. I'd like to quote on this one:

"...there are a number of studies done that proves beyond a doubt that Hydrolysed collagen can indeed be absorbed by our bod, to almost 90%. Oesser et al. conducted a study not too long ago, and found that ninety-five percent of enterally applied gelatin hydrolysate was absorbed within the first 12 h. This was determined by Carbon 14 and HPLC methods. Iwai K et al. also did a similar study in Japan, and the results showed good bio-availability for oral hydrolysed collagen supplementation. Bear in mind that both studies used hydrolysed peptides, not whole collagen molecules."

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen, exactly? They're Collagen molecules broken down into smaller bits through a water process called Hydrolysis. The purpose of which is to let Collagen enter the bloodstream effortlessly and go right to where it is needed the most: the skin. Because whole collagen molecules cannot in any way pass through the gut holes leading to the bloodstream as their size is way too huge.

Collagen Drinks work like this: You take it like any regular drink, preferably once a day, the Collagen peptides apparently stay for 8- 12 hours in your blood stream, giving it enough time to get to your skin layers and encourage fibroblast-the Collagen producers-growth and the density of Collagen Fibrils, or the collagen strands that act as "scaffolding" to our skin. (

There are really no solid evidences that support the efficacy of Collagen Drinks as it is very new (and even Collagen- laden topical skin care products according to sources) apart from the positive claims of many women who have been taking it. I guess the only way to measure its effectiveness is through the Placebo effect: If it makes you feel younger and better, then by all means, use it. If you are new to and interested in this, there are some things that you have to consider before purchasing a pack of Collagen Drink. Click READ MORE for the rest of this post.

Collagen can be obtained from any type of food because it is an essential internal structure of any living organism. Collagen, a protein itself, is highly present in meat substances such as beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. Almost all Collagen drinks derive Collagen from such foods so even with or without this drink, you're assured that you'll still get your Collagen serving as long as you eat these meats, but the benefit of taking the former is you get a more concentrated and even higher dose of Collagen in one big gulp.

Seafood and Chicken meats are the main sources of Collagen, therefore most Collagen Drink companies source this precious ingredient from these meats. Now that you know this, take some time to read the ingredients label of Collagen Drinks especially if you are allergic to these foods.

It's amazing how a simple drink can be a skin care product, eh? But just like any new invention, it isn't without criticisms and contentions. Many scientists are saying that Collagen Drinks have overlooked one major body function: DIGESTION.

This is the reason why Western countries are not buying into this bottled- Collagen craze...yet. The simple science that questions (or even disproves) the efficacy of this drink goes like this:

Anything that is taken orally, whether solid or liquid, will land on the intestines, ergo it will undergo the natural process of digestion. Collagen, a known protein, will be broken down into amino acids just like any type of protein- rich food such as meat, whether it is hydrolyzed or not. When it is finally digested, the orally- taken Collagen is not the collagen that supports the skin structure any longer. It just becomes an amino acid.

Another concern that arises from Collagen Drinks? Sugar content. Perhaps some brands do this to mask the taste of the drink, especially those that contain marine- derived collagen. If not taken in moderation, this drink can spike Insulin and lead to weight gain and heightened blood sugar levels. On the brighter side, such drinks contain various ingredients such as Vitamin C, E, and A that will support the overall well- being.

Collagen is something we lose as we age and the best way to maintain it is to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants and Omega-3, the religious use of Sunblock, and avoid smoking.

As a consumer, I pay great importance to consumer reviews, but scientific facts are something that we can't just diss easily. I laid out all the facts that you need to know about Collagen Drinks so it's up to you to decide whether to believe them or not. That said, let's have a discussion below this post. So, what do you think of Collagen Drinks? Are they True or Too Good To be True? :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. miss martha, are you biting your nails? :D
    dont get offended but this HAD been my problem and Im glad I finally overcome it.

  2. i've seen this on an online seems interesting but i'm not buying it though..the price is a bit expensive for a small bottle besides i think it's more applicable to women ages 25 up (not sure.hehe)..but i'm not seeing any indepth reviews talaga..all they can say is "i love it" or "i feel good after i take it" etc etc.. :|

  3. I think it's good that you laid out the scientific facts behind it instead of just blindly pushing it.

    Have you tried it yet? Any thoughts?

    Personally, I am worried about the long term effects and possible side effects of nutraceuticals and cosmoceutical drinks and supplements, which is why I'm more comfortable with topical treatments when it comes to skincare.

  4. April: You're welcome. I write blog features, but if it's something that I have never ever tried, I don't push it. :) Nope, haven't tried it yet. I can't try it yet because it's high in sugar and I'm on a low carb diet this week. :) Another thing is, I trust skin care more right now. Maybe I'll give it a shot soon. :)

    Stephanie Laysa: Yes, I do. I think I've admitted that it's one of my mannerisms in one post. Managed to grow them really long, but right now, I'm kinda' stressed so I bite 'em haha! Now I'm letting them grow again. :D

    CJ: It's still counted as a supplement, but it's liquid. :) That's why I said that the Placebo effect is the best way to measure it. :)

  5. Yey! I've been waiting for a review/port like this. Actually I have tried 1 collagen drink sold in Watson's, the one in plastic bottle. I think that was around 35 pesos. The smell was a bit fishy, since I figured it was marine-derived collagen. I finish a bottle after dinner. The only "problem" I encountered was I woke up from the middle of my sleep na prang I was out of breath and felt like I was having anxiety attack! I really panicked. haha

    Anyway, when I woke up my face and skin was glowing, pero i'm still not sure if it was the collagen drink. hehe.

  6. I just tried this collagen drink sold at Watson's, the one in plastic bottle it costs around 35 pesos I think. I drank it after having dinner. The only "problem" is I woke up form the middle of my sleep na parang I was gasping for breath, I don't remember having a nightmare. Next thing I knew I was having anxiety attack. Really panicked.

    Pero when I woke up my face was really glowing even my skin. Not sure though if that was from the collagen drink. haha

  7. There are many collagen drink available in market. I don't know does this drinks are really effective or not. But my friend is trying Ashieda collagen beauty drink from last 3 months and she has found good result in her own looks.

  8. Japan really has a lot of great innovations that can help people. And in this case, in terms of beauty. I was really looking for a review about this and thankfully I'm reading your blog. Thanks for this <3

  9. oh dear ive been waiting for this kind of post and thanks ms m for doing so =) im seeing a lot of collagen drink out in market and been endorsed by celebrities, but still im not yet into this =( im still a fan of skincare =)

  10. Ravene: Hi there! Whoa! Thanks for sharing your experience-this will be really helpful to me and those who want to try collagen drinks. :)

    Louise: Welcome dear. Glad to know you found this article helpful. :D

    Rhain: Same! :D

  11. question, is it okay to take myra 400 iu and collagen drink simultaneously?


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