Review: Syoss Hair Color Permanent Coloration in Medium Brown

Here's a review on Syoss Permanent Coloration in Medium Brown

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My previous hair color looked very faded already and it was making the dry areas appear more prominent than ever, so it was definitely high time for a new hair color. I just colored my hair on my own and used this permanent hair color pack from Syoss. 


Syoss said that this hair coloring kit provides total grey coverage and true-to-color payoff. The kit also advised that long- haired gals should use 2 sets of this product for better coverage.


The color I got is Medium Brown, which is quite close to my original hair color, Black-Brown. I thought that it would be lovely to go back to my natural hair color again for a change!

The coloration pack comes with a pair of disposable plastic gloves, a plastic bottle applicator with the liquid mix, a tube of color cream, and a sachet of softening conditioner.

My previous hair color. See the step-by-step usage, my personal tips, and thoughts on this hair coloring kit after the cut!


Step 1: Part your hair at the middle section to better color your strands. Comb hair thoroughly until you have gotten rid of kinks and knots.

STEP 2: Pierce the color cream tube with its cap and pour everything right into the plastic bottle with liquid mix.

STEP 3: Shake the two products throughly. Make sure that the applicator of the plastic bottle is capped before shaking.

STEP 4: Wear the provided plastic gloves.

STEP 5: Start coloring your hair. This is a traditional type of hair color, and is definitely messier to use than bubble foam hair coloring products. I got a few stains on my underwear and my skin. The stain is removable from skin, but stays forever on clothing. I also got a few stains on our bathroom floor and sink, and it took our house helper a while to remove them completely. I would advise that you surround the area where you'll perform the hair coloring procedure with newspaper to lessen the risk of messing up your fixtures and floor, and wear old clothes or a plastic cape, if you have any. It also has this strong ammonia smell which I don't like.

Comb your hair as you color to spread the solution on hidden areas-hair gets a lil' stiff though once it's drenched in the solution so be patient and gentle when combing so as to prevent your hair strands from breaking. I've encountered hair stiffness in other DIY hair coloring packs too so I guess it's a common issue that these products share.

STEP 6: Optional. Cover your hair with a shower cap to let the solution color your hair thoroughly, and to prevent accidental staining.

STEP 7: Leave it on for 45 minutes. I left it on for 1 hour just to be downright sure.

STEP 8: There was also this pro tip in the pamphlet, so I'm stating it here just in case you accidentally skip it. :) Color the ends of your hair preferably 15 minutes before the soaking time ends.

Syoss explained that the hair ends are the most damaged part of your mop, and leaving them soaked in the solution for only 15 minutes is enough to color it without damaging it even further. :)

STEP 9: Shampoo your hair to rinse out excess dye and cap off with this conditioner. I have used sulfate- free shampoo to prevent excessive color loss.

So this is the result: Medium Brown hair. It's predominantly black, and the brownish undertone only comes out under natural lighting-this is the exact shade of my natural hair color. The outcome of this hair color is 70% true to the color swatch on the box-bear in mind that the realness of your new hair color depends on your previous hair color--as for me, maybe my previous golden brown color kinda' darkened this color for a bit, but that's just me hypothesizing! :)

 If you've noticed, I got blah coverage on the mid-section and my previous hair color is still peeping thru. True enough, long- haired gals like me should use two packs of this product. I can't say I wasn't warned beforehand! But I kinda' like the slight ombre effect I got from this mistake. :)

It's been 3 weeks since I used this pack, and my hair color is still looking as vibrant as ever-that's one positive side of this product. (It also helps that I use sulfate- free shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks to prolong its vibrance) I didn't get any color bleeding in the shower as well after the first wash. The color still looks very shiny, and most importantly, the color didn't come out cheap- looking and I didn't experience any adverse reaction with it. If compared with Etude House's Bubble Color, this one has a lesser amount, but it doesn't make my hair feel very stiff and rough after shampooing, which I've experienced with the former product for 3 weeks.

So, do I look better in golden brown hair or dark brown hair? :)

It's a good product, perfect for those who have short hair and sparse hair, not to mention it's very affordable yet performs decently too. I'm happy with its entire quality, but I wish I got more product so I could've appreciated its effect better.


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  1. sexy! :D i always love dark colored hair..too bad can't do it now because the school restricts "hair coloring" *weird* but i love this color on you ms. m!not to mention, syoss is so darn cheap for that quality. :)

  2. i love your hair kahit sa before photo mo! :D wish i can have such beautiful hair like yours!

    -Dress Me Up Buttercup

  3. Oooh! I want to try this since I really want to touch up my hair's color. Is this safe for hair like mine na treated?

  4. Love both before and after photos. Do they have ash brown color?

  5. i think the darker color looks sexier on you! :) i love it :)

  6. This is great! Hindi na kailangan na may maglagay na ibang tao sa sarili. I love the color! :)

  7. i love the new shade of your hair =) nakaka-young look! i never thought syoss had hair color set. though i tried their shampoo and conditioner =)

  8. Rhain: Thank you! :)

    Louise: Thanks dear. And it's affordable too! :)

    Redshoetraveller and Issa: Thanks! :D

    Kath: I think they have. :)

    Sai: I guess it is, as long as your hair has had around 2-3 months rest from treatments. :)

    Hazel: Thank you! :)

    CJ: Oh don't worry-When you graduate, go loco over beauty products and in this case, hair coloring products! :D

  9. I just bought this product. I hope i get the same results as you. It turned out beautifully.

  10. I just bought this product. I hope it turns out well.
    It turned out beautifully on you.☆

  11. Its ammonia free?


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