Kerastase Initialiste: Kerastase's First Serum For The Scalp

Everybody just wants to have healthy, gorgeous, damn fine- looking hair. And so we all purchase the cutting- edge cleansers that promise you awesome locks, apply all types of leave-in products to preserve its freshness, and undergo painstaking hours of beautification in the salon, all for the sake of having glorious, envy- worthy hair. However, most of the time, we tend to forget something that's even more important-and that something is the main key to having that effortlessly beautiful hair you've always dreamed of.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Scalp. The scalp is where your hair is born. It might seem protected by all the hair strands as its buried underneath, but it also takes in the same pressure as your hair when you go out everyday and battle with pollution and undergo intense hair procedures such as color treatments and hair rebonding. The scalp is 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the body, hence it needs extra TLC like how you would treat your facial skin. If not taken cared of properly, the scalp will become weaker and produce the same type of hair. Sometimes, when you're having a bad hair day, your hair strands may not be the one to blame, but your scalp. (Or you!)

Thankfully, with the power of modern science, it is easy to create a solution that will prevent any problem before it materializes, or stop it at its course. Premiere hair care brand, Kerastase, once again raises the ante in professional hair care with the new Initialiste, an advanced serum specially made for the scalp. Click READ MORE and begin your journey towards better, and even more beautiful hair!

Through a series of intensive research, L'oreal explained that beyond the scalp lies the stem cell environment, the heart and soul of each hair strand. It is responsible for hair regeneration and greatly affects the quality of hair that grows from your scalp. Inspired by the Stem Cell Technology, Initialiste nourishes the stem cell environment, ameliorating hair at its origin. In just 7 days, it promises stronger, shinier, and younger- looking hair, and significantly improved hair in 1 month with the help of the following ingredients:

Native Plant Cells from Malus Domestica- Or commonly known as Apple. Recent studies have proven that the unique stem cells in Apples help maintain the regenerating power of Human Stem Cells.
Antioxidant Polyphenols- acts as a defender of the scalp against oxidative stress such as UV rays and pollution
A Glucolipid (SP94)- Strengthens the hair sheath, enhances cell metabolism, and promotes rapid hair growth.
Ceramide- Improves hair resistance and the hair fibres.

Last week, I attended Kerastase's mini animation at Powerplant Mall to get to know this exciting product.

They have also partnered with Basement Salon to give out free sensorial blow-dries to all customers. I just got a smooth and sleek style to match my ultra casual boho outfit. :)

At first, I thought this was an old Nokia model (lol), but it was a hair analyzing apparatus. The first test was done on my scalp, and the apparatus showed white clusters of gel- like substance at the base of my hair strand, meaning I have an oily scalp. Correct!

The final test was done on my hair strands and it showed that my hair is in great condition. Phew! Glad to know that all my vain efforts are working!

My equally hair savvy sisters with Maita of Kerastase Philippines.

Kerastase Intialiste retails at P2,850.00 for 60ml. Please visit KERASTASE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this new product.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ang ganda ng bottle nung kerastase intialist :) marami na talaga brands dumarating sa means, the beauty industry is so alive! :) thanks to our beauty bloggers like ms. m :)

  2. Looks interesting ! :)
    Quite pricey though.

  3. Your hair is perfect! :) It is true nga, even though I spend countless hours in the salon, the effect is temporary lang. My hair is wiry and curly - it has a life of its own and it does not recognize me as its boss. Lol.

  4. amazing yung hair analyzing apparatus nila =)

    kerastase is on my wishlist hihi =)

    i think it can help me repair my UBER damaged hair

    the moment i had the chance to try it out yung sa sample room sana ms m pero goodness ang bilis nyang na-out-of-stock! hahay..

    sana they had in sachet form or in smaller container (for much lesser price) so many could try it =)

  5. CJ: It is because the economy is so good, and this is good news to all businesses. It's good news to us as well because that means, we could become a shopping capital in Asia too! This will definitely boost local tourism! :D

    Rhain: Wishing for that sachet thing too, but unfortunately, it's not the image of Kerastase. :( Maybe you could try investing one in the near future-it's really worth the buy! Ask Yette! :) Since you have damaged hair, you can check out Kerastase Bain Force. :)

    BrownOso: Because caring does not stop at the salon. You really have to make an effort to care for your hair at home. :)

    Betsbygolly: IKR! Haha. But as a loyal Kerastase user, I'd say that it's really worth every penny-I won't stop saying this because it's very true! :)

  6. Kerastase Bain Force -- noted Ms M! gonna save for this one.. seriously im looking for a product that could help to treat my hair.. =(


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