The Formula To Happiness is Just Simple

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” 
- Robert A. Heinlein, A Stranger To A Stranger Land

 Can you allow me to be a little cheesy? :D The last 4 years of my life have been VERY blessed, and the blessings are still pouring continuously and tremendously: I have access to almost all events, receive rewards on a daily basis, and effortlessly find people who are willing to work with my blog. I don't mean to brag-I'm just reminding myself how wonderful hard work is, and that it is damn possible to live the life you've always wanted.

Right now, I couldn't think of anything else to ask for. Sure, I have bigger dreams, but for the most part of my life right now, I feel contented. :) Now it's my turn to share. I made it a point in my blogging career to always hold grand contests for my readers not only as a way of thanksgiving, but also as a way of letting them experience some of the best beauty products and services I have experienced. :) I may not have been able to accommodate my 3,000++ readers, but at least, I have touched 12. I have met with the 10 winners of my 4th anniversary contest (the 2 are located in Visayas and Mindanao) just recently to hand out their prizes, and for a little chit chat! :)

Krisella Chua

Arian Yupangco

Monica Ballesta

Eloisa Mago

Rhania Chang (I am truly honored to have met this lady. She's been my reader since 2009!)

Rizza Faustino

Norissa Chavez (Another long- time reader of my blog! Just like Rhania, she's been a TBJ head since 2009!)

Yette Cruz (Nice to know that Kerastase has worked marvelously on you!)

Aviva Domasian

Raych Ramos (Happy to give you your first Bobbi Brown products!)

Since I am so inspired by the movie Pay It Forward, I told them before parting ways to share what they got! :)

When you give, you make others happy. And when you make others happy, you become happy as well-that's just the simple, golden formula to finding real happiness. :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. You have a kind heart Martha! More blessings for you :) keep inspiring us! Cheers ♥

  2. Hi Ms. Martha,

    I am a loyal follower of local beauty blogs (a lot of them actually) for some time now but never really got around to trying anything because well, they are almost always beyond my beauty budget. Not even those spend versus save posts speak to me. If it's not too much to ask, can you review dirt cheap products found in watsons or mercury drug?

  3. Thank you so much for having this giveaway Miss Martha! Besides receiving these awesome loot, what made me happy most was finally meeting you! (although, nakaka-speechless, hehehe) My sisters and my mom were also happy because I shared some of it to them. Thanks again! :) More power to your blog!

  4. 10 lucky ladies! :) wish i'd be able to meet you in my bucketlist ms m. is to meet you and other beauty bloggers that i adore :) really. hope so in the near future.hehe. you're such a beautiful person in and out, no doubt. that's why you're blessed!God bless you Ms. M! :)

  5. OMG!!! ive been featured sa POST mo Ms M =) sobrang honored, blessed at sobrang touch ako at the same time..

    yup IM PROUD that ive been one of your readers since 2009 im your 209nth follower! =) konti pa lang ang mga pinay na nagbablog nuon.. i really amazed sa mga haul posts nyo before..

    I shared my prizes with my family =) (So everybody happy, thank you Ms M!) lalo na si hubby, inside my loot includes 2 cologne/perfume for men =)

    I joined your almost yearly giveaway =) and some special giveaways too! i joined for fun and i enjoyed in participating =) Ive been your 3rd commenter of the month for OCT 2011 =) and you introduced me to Strip It Sugaring Wax! and i was happy that it was included still in my loot and i shared it with my bestie (my friend since collage days =) were friends for almost 10 years now hihi) Ang sarap sa pakiramdam ng nagshashare ng kung anong meron ka =) thats why i think you really feel the true happiness kapag nakapagshare ka Ms M.

    My daily blogging reads wont be complete without reading anything from this blog.. And finally we met Ms M =) and the feeling was: Yung ngiti ko na hindi maalis sa mukha ko the whole time na nakikinig ako sa mga beauty tips mo (take note LIVE yun) hehehe.. Starstruck ako the first time I saw you walking near us.. kinikilig ako hehehe =)

    My birthday this year is SO MEMORABLE kasi FINALLY i met you Ms M!

    Thank you so much Ms M. for always inspiring us.. for sharing everything (beauty tips and non beauty related) and the experiences youve encountered..

    It was pleasure meeting you =)
    hugs Ms M =)

  6. Aww.. even though I didn't win I'm still happy! By the way, Rhania is my high school classmate and I cam to know about your blog because of her! :)
    oh she deserve those goodies! :)

  7. Since I never won your anniversary "Blessings" Giveaway (hehe that`s what I called it) I became excited for this post since you`ve announced the lucky winners :)

    God Bless you more :)

  8. You are a very wonderful person. (: I can tell that you really deserve everything that you have. More blessing for you, dear. :* I truly look up to you. ;D


  9. I'm happy for you because you do what you love! Not all people are that fortunate. And thanks for sharing your blessings with us :D

  10. Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! I believe I have a couple of very affordable products here. I have Essence, Maybelline, San San, a few Ever Bilena products, and some Korean makeup brands. They're quite affordable. Please browse around or click the Archive drop down menu for the list. :)

    Aviva: That's why I always try to share whenever I can as a way of thanking the Lord for allowing me to do what I love. Congrats, and enjoy your stuff. :)

    Cie: Hi dear and welcome to my blog! Thank you for those sweet words. God bless you as well! :)

    Ravene: Thanks, and I admire you for being happy for others. Keep it up. :)

    Betsbygolly: Don't worry, I still have a lot of giveaways. :) God bless you too. :)

    Rhain: Awww...So glad to have you as one of my long-time readers. I am very happy for being able to reward you for your support throughout my blogging years. :) Thanks for your thoughtful gift as well. :) Hope you enjoy your stuff! :)

    CJ: Thank you! I hope to meet you soon as well. :)

    Issa: Cool! Nice to have met you as well. :) And nice to know that you've shared your stuff as well. And with that, expect more blessings from the Lord! :D

    Anne: Thank you! More blessings to you too! :)

  11. yay! thank you din ms m for the huge reward =) i did enjoy using the items and my family too =) sharing is love kaya i was so thankful =) i medyo nagbackread ako kasi alam ko dami kong namiss nung preggy ako nun kaya di masyado nakakapagleave ng comment =) kya active mode na ulit ako hihi =)

  12. This post and that comment of Rhain made me teary-eyed.:( Thank you Ms.M ,nakakainggit din sana makita din kita in person :)

  13. hi steph =) thank you dear =) ms m was a beautiful person inside and out =) and im glad i met her =)

  14. Aww you have such a kind heart! No wonder you feel so happy and contented! :) God bless you Miss Martha! :)


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