Sample Room: What a year it was

Two weeks ago, we, the partner bloggers, were supposed to have a gathering with Sample Room, but then Typhoon Gorio has rained on our parade. A few were stuck in traffic, the others were hopelessly waiting for a cab, and the rest have turned back because the streets were buried in knee- deep water. The wind was pretty scary and my mom was pleading me to go home, but I still went anyway (good thing I'm already in the area!) for the sake of friendship: I don't get to see the SR peeps often and it was my dear Sophie's birthday!

I just want to share what we've discussed in the pseudo- event. (Because it ended up as a sit- down dinner with friends as only four Sample Room Partner Bloggers made it to the place)

Sample Room has just turned one, and it's pretty amazing how much it has achieved in just a short span of time. I recall, I was just talking about it with Sophie over Facebook around this time last year and now, it's already big and continually soaring to new heights! What's more amazing is, the ladies of Team Sample Room don't look too stressed at all despite the fact that the first year in any business is always the hardest-in fact, they all looked blooming! Is success the new makeup? I guess! :D

So what's new with Sample Room?

A LOT. More brands have just signed up, and I even heard that aside from sampling, there'll be shopping too soon! The roster of Sample Room Bloggers was finalized already so congratulations to those who made it! I won't say who they are-I'll just let Sample Room announce it to you! :)

To all the grabbers, ninjas, and those who are patiently waiting for the next batch of samples, on behalf of Sample Room, we'd like to thank you for your endless support-we're more than happy updating and restocking samples for all of you. And we'd gladly do it over and over again! A better Sample Room will unveil soon for your pleasure and enjoyment. Just wait-it's all worth it! :)

Don't forget to visit SAMPLE ROOM for more updates!

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. im excited ms m =) letely naubusan agad ako ng stocks ng nivea deo at bb cream ng ponds sayang! =(

    ive tried hauling from sample room
    and it was really hassle free =)

    I met Ms Sophie =) sa workshop ng shiseido together with ms rowena =) she handed me my very FIRST BRUSH SET! she's so approachable and very accomodating and so pretty in person!

    (hi ms sophie)

  2. i discovered sampleroom through your blog. :) since then, I really enjoy waiting for new products and for old items get restocked. tho i do get to find out about new stocks thru email ahead of time because i availed their vpi membership, so WORTH IT! :)

  3. yay!happy birthday Sample Room!! *throwing confetti* we, the samplers, are so happy that you guys made this amazing idea into reality.this is such a big help especially to us who are serious in finding good products/brands..SR even have helped me find some of the products that i've been loving today. :) More power SR! God bless and more years to come! :)

  4. ordering at sampleroom is always a joy. lalo na pag nauuna ka. sad nga lang kasi lately nauubusan ako. haha.
    glad there'd be shopping soon! :)

  5. *ngek ponds natype ko instead of celeteque =( leteley instead of lately weird =(


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