HOW TO: Make your own Corrector Concealer

Got a problem with mild or severe dark circles or spots? Correctors are your saving grace. To the uninitiated, Correctors are special types of concealers that are meant to be applied under a shade- matching foundation/concealer to minimize or completely cover any form of discoloration. They come in Peach, Pink, Yellow, Green, Lavender, and White. For their specific uses, please refer to this post called A PRIMER ON CONCEALERS.

There are very affordable correctors out there, but coming from experience, the pricey ones work better: They have better pigmentation, adhering power, and thicker texture.

Good news! With just a few on-hand products, you can come up with your own corrector without having to shell out a single centavo. I accidentally discovered this formula when I ran out of my favorite under eye corrector from Bobbi Brown just a few days back-quality is not as awesome as the latter, but it works just the same and I'm happy to share it with you guys today!


- Shade- Matching Foundation (as base)
- A one-shade-darker foundation with a pink or peach undertone (this is the key ingredient that will turn your foundation into a corrector)
- Clean jar
- Toothpick (For mixing)
- Spatula (for transferring products into the jar)


- Eye Cream (To add a skin care component)


- Matte orange or peachy blush in midtone hues.

Click READ MORE for the actual tutorial!

STEP 1: Dispense some shade- matching liquid foundation into the clean jar. It is better if you make small batches only to keep everything fresh.

STEP 2: This is just optional though, but you might like the idea. Scoop out a tiny amount of eye cream and put it into the jar.

STEP 3: Using the spatula, take a small amount of the one-shade-darker foundation product and put it in the jar. I've used my Long-Wearing Even Finish Compact from Bobbi Brown. (The smooth top part has a dent now! Sniff!)

For those who will use a blush in lieu of foundation, using a spatula or a clean card/cardboard/index card, gently scrape the top portion of the blush and pour the shavings right into the jar.

For both products, just take small amounts to control the outcome of the corrector's final color. Gradually increase the amount if you wish to go darker.

STEP 4: Using a clean toothpick, mix the products throughly.

STEP 5: Finally, put it in the freezer to 'cook' your concoction. Just like Step 2, this is optional-you can use the corrector right away. I just put it in the freezer so it will become cold and yield a depuffing effect.

Voila! Now you have a corrector! It's easy peasy, right? :)

Hope you found this useful! :)

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  1. liquid foundie + eyecream (optional) + one-shade-darker foundation = corrector concelear!

    im planning to buy a concealer pa naman ms m =) this is just came in time a DIY product! so helpful! love it! now i can recycle my eyecream!

    thanks ms m! oh oh btw have a safe trip tomorrow ms m =)

    hugs and kisses

  2. waah i was planning to save for corrector na talaga and it's so expensive :( 1 very small tub would cost 800+php..but thanks for this ms. m!this is a life saver!yay!will def try this! :)

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  4. Will definitely try this! <3

  5. Will give this a try after finishing my box of benefit concealaholic (courtesy of Thanks for this post.

  6. Issy cruz: Hi and welcome to my blog! You're Welcome! :)

    Juvy: Let me know how you like it! :)

    Pooja: Will do! :)

    CJ: Welcome! It's surprising and amazing how makeup has turned me into an inventor haha! :D

    Rhain: Thanks rhain! :)

  7. Wow! This is great! Thank you so much for this Miss Martha! :)


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