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There is a force in the universe that connects all forms of life. Characterized by renewal and strength, it is what causes trees to bear fruits after a harsh season, animals to evolve and adapt to its environment, and humans to recover from a simple wound to overcoming a major life obstacle. In the face of all adversities, this force that can only be found in the within is the main catalyst for new life and a glorious beginning.

IBUKI. A Japanese word that denotes change. The inner strength that endures distress. The power that gives life to anything.

The generation today is comprised of multitasking individuals who will do anything and everything for self- fulfillment. For us, everyday is an adventure, a chance to build our dreams in our own terms. We go to seek out new grounds, trends, cultures, and people whether online or in the physical world in high hopes of finding ourselves and defining our passion. Life has gotten so fast and overwhelming that we have taken for granted this inner force, and we succumb to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle day by day-the longer we dwell in these negative factors, the weaker our system gets and most especially, our skin, the most vulnerable part of our body: Breakouts occur and recur endlessly, and all sorts of skin problems that you never knew were there begin to manifest. I should know-I never had a problem with acne for the last 23 years of my life until these past two years. I blame it on my lifestyle and ultimately, myself.

With a sincere commitment and passion in helping women achieve beautiful skin for the last 140 years, Shiseido unveils a new skin care line specifically made for today's generation. Incidentally, it is their debut skin care line for the younger segment (25-35). The world has changed. Life has changed. And Shiseido did too through Ibuki, a maintenance skin care line that will help your skin adapt to contemporary times and nurture its innate strength from within.

It's time that you tap again into that inner strength and go back to the skin you were born with. Click READ MORE.

I guess the main agenda of my recent trip to Japan with Shiseido Philippines was the launch of Ibuki, but we were also immersed in the entirety of Shiseido's culture for a very enriching experience. The presentation was held at Shiseido's main headquarters in Tokyo at exactly 9 A.M. I have attended a lot of product launches in my 4 years of blogging, but was never deeply impressed than this. It was so meticulous and thorough. From the modern trend studies, market research, scientific formulation, and all, we were made to realize that Ibuki was not built by Shiseido just to put out a new product in the market, but as a sincere solution for today's pressing and common skin problems such as dryness, dullness, roughness, blemishes, and oiliness.

Ibuki was brought about by a hardcore research on skin and its recurrent problems in Shiseido's laboratories. Studies have revealed that all common skin problems aren't just mere reactions, but signals that the skin has lost its golden alignment and it's going into a downward spiral. 

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Think of your original facial cell layers as a wall of perfectly- layered bricks: Positioning is even, and the bricks are in perfect form with no chips and cracks. This is the golden alignment. In this state, skin is more resistant and can withstand infection, dehydration and topically- applied chemicals better on its own, and imparts a naturally winsome appearance.

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When skin finally encounters all forms of stress, (physical, emotional, mental, environmental) the cells on the facial skin contracts and shrinks, causing dead skin layers on the Stratum Corneum to harden. When dead cells harden, the shedding process is disrupted and skin cannot undergo its renewal activity properly. New cells cannot emerge, the cells become uneven in shape, and the golden alignment is destroyed, thus skin becomes more vulnerable to aggressors and becomes weaker and weaker. This is called the negative cycle, and it's apparently the reason why skin problems keep on coming back no matter how you treat them. The shocking part is, young cells are more vulnerable to cell contraction.

The obvious solution to put an end to all recurring skin problems is not by treating them individually, but by restoring the skin's golden alignment. This is what inspired the new Ibuki line. It contains the following innovative technologies and ingredients:

SHAPE MEMORIZING CELL TECHNOLOGY- Another Shiseido- patented discovery. It acts on shrunken cells by plumping them with moisture, thereby restoring them to their original shape, a crucial factor in maintaining the golden alignment. It also helps cells memorize their original shape-it's like a 'brain vitamin' for your skin cells.

PHYTORESIST COMPLEX- A complex of naturally- derived ingredients, and it supports the activity of the Shape Memorizing Cell Technology.

PhytoResist Complex repairs the golden alignment with a 3-tier approach:

1. Promotes production of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) with Lamium Album Extract+Trehalose. Lamium Album increases the generation of enzymes that are vital to NMF production, while Trehalose is from Shitake Mushrooms and Sea Kelp, which works by supplying skin with moisture once it evaporates.
2. Softens and lifts away hardened dead skin cells with Trimethyglycine, which is extracted from the byproduct of Beet Molasses
3. Encourages healthy cell production in the basement membrane wih Yuzu Seed extract.

With the executives from Shiseido Japan, Jen Yalung, Brand Manager for Shiseido Philippines, Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity, Kim Palanca of MEGA Magazine, Mia Borromeo of Philippine Tatler, Nikki Santiago of Style Bible, Nana Caragay of Chalk Magazine, and Jillian Gatcheco of
Ibuki is a day-to-night skin care regimen with product choices for normal, dry, and oily skin. All products can be used by those with sensitive skin. The star product in this batch is the Refining Moisturizer, a highly functional moisturizer that minimizes pores, blemishes, breakouts, roughness, and dryness.


Ibuki Gentle Cleanser (Facial Foam)
Ibuki Purifying Cleanser (Facial Scrub)
Ibuki Softening Concentrate
Ibuki Refining Moisturizer (suitable for oily, normal, and combination skin types)
Ibuki Refining Moisturizer Enriched (suitable for dry skin types)
Ibuki Protective Moisturizer SPF 18

In the spirit of Ibuki, Shiseido aims to help you reclaim your original skin: one that is strong enough to resist any external damage, and can spring into life effortlessly no matter the condition. Your life has to go on and your skin should too.

Through this line, Shiseido also welcomes the modern generation to its doorstep, allowing us to experience the art of high performance skin care, the Japanese way.

Ibuki will be launched in the Philippines this coming September, so keep on checking SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for updates.

Can't wait to share with everyone the rest of my adventures in Japan! Stay tuned this week! :)

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  1. wow!all i could say is wow!well said ms. m :) new range from shiseido seems promising (well i'm sure it is)..haven't tried any shiseido products but i'm already planning on saving for one :) thanks for introducing this brand to me ms. m! ;)

  2. before im confused between refiner and emulsion (sa korean product kasi ganyan yung mga wordings na gamit unlike sa ibang product gamit nila na word is moisturizer/toner kaya di ako madaling malito =) after reading a lot of reviews sa blog ayun nalinawan na din ako hihi =) )

    3 important things ive learned from shiseido workshop last april 6, held in powerplant mall via ms ro (di ako nakaabot nun sa workshop mo ms m) nainvite lang po ako that time,

    1. Invest more on skincare rather than makeups
    2. That even you think you had oily skin, but after certain test you would be surprised that your skin is not really oily but dry!
    3. That there are different foundations for different skin type!

    im excited to learn more ms m =) and thanks for sharing this to us =)

  3. Thanks Ms.M september is my birthday month I hope I can save for the moisturizer to solve my large pores and dry patches. :) Sana di ganun kamahal. :(

  4. i cant wait for your review to this product soon. i wonder if this works well with u too. iam having a breakouts as well. shiseido is a highend brand and pricey. ive been eyeing with this product and want to know other's review with this new range from shiseido.

  5. Kittylovesnoopy: Hi there ad welcome to my blog! I'll try my best to use it soon and will get back to you on my results! :)

    Rhain: Agree with what you have learned. Thanks for sharing as well. :)

    CJ: You're welcome, dear! :)

  6. Shiseido is one of the great products I have used. Looking forward to try Ibuki :)

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