Pylones Hits Manila!

A day after I arrived from Japan and my crazy shopping spree, I got news that Pylones had finally opened its first branch in Rockwell. AUGH! I knew then and there that I couldn’t miss shopping in that store because I’ve been anticipating its opening for so long. MUST.GET.THAT.QUIRKY.UMBRELLA!

Pylones, in a nutshell, is a novelties store of French origin. They have a team of talented designers who come up with the wildest, cutest, and most unique interpretations of everyday items such as pens, kitchenware, beauty tools, notebooks, and even home fixtures. Every Pylones item is sure to add a bit of spunk and color to your day.

The place was jampacked, but I didn’t have a hard time going around because I knew exactly what to get. I’ll take you guys around the store for a bit and show you some of the things that tickled my fancy.

Wall decor, magnet pens, and bottle openers.

Naughty bottle stoppers. :D 

Handpainted thermos bottles in plastic and metal.

Ah! My addiction! Babushkas! :D

Pens, notebooks and notepads.

Pencil pouches and a huge eraser. Can I use the eraser on my life? LOL! :D

Make pooping fun with these toilet paper holders + colored toilet papers. I'm not sold to the idea of dyed toilet paper though. :p

The hammers of girls! This super cute tool comes with three screwdrivers.

Puppy atomizers. It's so cute that I wanted to buy one even if I completely have no use for it. :p

Handpainted hair brushes in large and bag- friendly sizes. Mom's most favorite Pylones item. :)

While these are my most favorite Pylones items! When I was still running the blog My Erratic Fashion Taste, (which was supposedly my Fashion Blog) I blogged about these umbrellas. (That was around 2 years ago) I really, really, really fell in love with them and I think you'll understand why. I was so hell bent on getting one for myself that I almost ordered it directly from Pylones' website for P4,000.00+ inclusive of ground shipping, tax, and international shipping, but told myself to wait. Phew! Good thing I didn't push thru with my order or else, I would feel bad now because it costs P1,278.00 only! This line is called the Rain Parade by the way. :)

So here's my Pylones stuff. I got three Rain Parade umbrellas, a travel- sized hair brush, calling card holder, pill box, pouch, plastic thermos, a cat- shaped manicure brush, and a gartered notebook. Price point is P200.00 to P4,000.00. Fairly cheap and price difference with Pylones France ain't that huge. :)

Pylones will soon open in SM Aura and Glorietta 5.

So what Pylones item/s are you lusting over? Have you visited the store? Share your hauls! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whenever I see Pylones I always think of you lusting over those pretty umbrellas. Lol We can't blame you either, there stuffs are really cuuuutttttttteeeee though! :D

  2. Cuteness overdose :)) Just my thing, I'll have that on my checklist when I visit Manille! And that eraser is so witty, gotta love that haha. I'd probably haul in those notebooks though :))


  3. I can tell the thermos and the hair brush you got both look cute for toting around! These are so nice. I wouldve gotten the mutt atomizers too and it'd be sitting in my room as a decor, purely diff from its intended use!

  4. I'm eyeing on their pens, notebooks and wall decors. Everything is so cute! I wish i have my own room to decorate!!

  5. Im eyeing on their notebooks, pens and wall decors. Everything is so cute! How i wish i have my own room to decorate!

  6. Oh it's so pretty and colorful! I love it! I'm looking forward to buy that umbrella and pens!! I'll wait until it opens at Glorietta :)

  7. Cute haul! I never heard of the brand, I should definitely check them out. :D

  8. oh wow! there's a lot of cute items in this store! :) i love the cute hammers because these tools are basically for guys but these designs will make the difference, hihihi.... and i love the umbrellas too! :)

  9. kawaii madness! i know you'll get that violet/purple umbrella (im eyeing on that color too)

    and you saw your addiction there =) cuteness overload iba iba ang design!

    i think the pink bathroom tissue would be great for a pink themed bathroom =)

    i love cute things, like pens and notebooks! this store could make me gaga over hand painted things =)

  10. Betsbygolly: Haha! Umbrellas are on of my favorite things, ya know. :D

    Rhain: Violet one is nice also! :) When you visit manila, be sure to drop by for some cuteness. :)

    Issa: So true! I went back to buy the hammer! :D

    Maica: You should! They're opening two more branches soon. :D

    Louise: Wee! You'll love the pens-tons of quirky designs! :D

    Clarisse: While I wish I can re-decorate my room with Pylones stuff but it will take a lot of time haha! :D

    Argie: Hi Argie! Nice seeing you here again! :D LOL, I'm seriously thinking of buying that atomizer. :P

    Angel: Wow! Hope to see you when you visit Manila. :D


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