Review: Hayan Korea Face Masks

Here's a review on Hayan Korea Face Masks

Price: Around P65.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Please inquire via Hayan Korea's Facebook fan page


They may not be my preferred kind of face mask, but I have to admit that sheet masks are very convenient, not to mention they come real handy if you need a moisture boost on your skin. Korean brands are definitely your go-to if you wish to find an extensive (and interesting) array of sheet masks. Hayan Korea is just one good example.


For such an affordable brand, Hayan Korea has a good range of face masks that target specific skin concerns. And each sheet costs 65php only! :)

Here are the variants to choose from:

Phtyo Collagen Mask- An anti- aging mask that helps support Collagen production within the skin.


More variants after the cut.

EGF Mask Sheet- An anti-aging and renewing mask. EGF or Epidermal Growth Factor has been found to increase cell proliferation and repair the epidermis, which in turn helps delay aging, wrinkle formation, and boost skin's internal moisture.


Galactomyces Mask- Galactomyces, a fairly new ingredient, is all the rage in Korea today. It's a type of fungi that has been proven to increase the levels of Hyaluron Acid on the skin, thereby inducing the skin to continually produce moisture for a healthier appearance. Beauty brands SK-II and Missha use this ingredient heavily in their skin care products.


Whitening Mask- for brightening dark spots and evening out the skin tone.


Wrinkle Repair Mask- this is pretty self- explanatory. Sorry, lost the ingredients for this one. :)


The masks fit snuggly on my face, and I can walk around without them falling off. All the masks are drenched in liquid, and give your skin that much needed hydration after using say, drying products such as scrubs, alcohol- based toners, and acid- based treatments. I leave them on for 10- 15 minutes. One recognizable initial effect that I got from using them was the way they made my skin feel super plump and smooth like a baby's bum afterwards. If you've noticed, the masks contain almost the same ingredients, hence they all have this single effect: deeply moisturizing, cooling, and soothing. They only differ in the fragrance department: scents are green tea, menthol, citrus, and mint. It might take a while for you to see their respective effects because if you've noticed, the levels of the active ingredients are quite small so use them for a period of time and religiously if you wish to see any dramatic results. As for me, I'm only after the relaxing and hydrating feeling-it's affordable and does the hydration job wonderfully. Oh, and the best part too was I didn't break out from my usage. :)


Please visit HAYAN KOREA on Facebook to know more about this skin care line.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I tried this one, the whitening mask and I loved it. I love how my skin feels -- so smooth! And hindi siya mahirap gamitin, perfect for home use! My family had a little pampering session with these masks last Saturday hihi. Thanks for the review Miss Martha <3

  2. I love face masks, and I wanted to try the Whitening variant. How many uses to see the effect? And how many times a week can you use them?

    I also facial scrubs/peeling gels. You should use face masks after peeling gel correct? :)

  3. Sheet masks are my mini-indulgence every week :) I enjoy using them even though I don't really see an immediate result afterwards, I just love the refreshing feeling they give! Hopefully, I'd find a face mask that would completely blow me away :) Would love to try Hayan and find out if it is!


  4. oh dear! masks galore! ive been addicted to masks lately hihi, this costs 65php at regular price but i saw ms gem hoard masks at 15php each yay! thanks for the review again ms m!

  5. Louise:Great idea! My mom and I would always bond over these face masks too. :)

    Rhain: Welcome! :)

    Angel: Same! Just realized that they really help keep your outer skin super smooth and soft. :)

    Maica: Ideally, yes. :) You use face masks at least 2- 3 times a week, depending on your skin needs. As for the effect, it also depends on your skin's reaction to the products. :)


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