Big, Beautiful Eyes with ZA Cosmetics

Before anything else, I just want to commend this very nice ad by ZA-the roses, flirty floral dresses, barely there makeup, translucent skin, and soft lighting--I love it! It just screams young, vibrant, and carefree!

Anyway, ZA Cosmetics has got some new and improved products in store for us including eyeshadows with textures that help you achieve easy color gradation and bold looks, and mascaras that pump your lashes with volume for up to 400%! Click READ MORE and know what they are!

ZA's eyeshadows have been reformulated and now called Impact Full eyes. They come in two versions:


As the name implies, these eyeshadow are finely- milled and soft to help you create the perfect color gradation. The colors were handpicked for no- brainer layering and a tasteful eyeshadow look.


These eyeshadows were made to make your eyes pop! Combining Pearl and Real Color Pigments  colors, Impact Full Groovy lets you achieve bigger and brighter eyes in a snap!

Of course, any stunning eye makeup look isn't complete without a mascara! Introducing the newest versions of Perfect Action Volumizing Mascara:

The new formula gives you thicker, longer, and more dramatic lashes. It features a flat- shaped volumizing brush that catches all strands so you get evenly- coated lashes in one stroke.

Perfect Action is available in two variants:

Waterproof (P495.00)

Smudgeproof/Washable (P495.00)

So which product goes first? You decide! :)

Please visit ZA COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these new products.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree, the ad was so fresh and vibrant. It makes me want to wear something floral in the office tomorrow. Haha

    Please make a review on the mascaras. I am now on the verge of making simot my mascara na I got as a gift pa from my aunt. I'm not sure if Rimmel is locally distributed here. Anyway, I would like to know your feedback on their mascara, especially the smudge proof variant.

    Thanks Martha xoxo

  2. my pick: E/S Shell Neck Less (Impact Full Groovy! (more practice sa pag-be-blend na lang ms m.) and for the mascara i'll choose the waterproof (i have already big and rounded eyes ms m hindi lang halata kasi naa eyeglasses ako) hehehe

  3. I'd love to try the mascara. I'm always looking for smudgeproof ones.
    Where can you get them?

    - -

  4. Mascara please Ms. M, malapit ng maubos yung sakin.
    :) Sana may ZA sa Megamall , wanna try yung deep cleansing oil.

  5. The mascaras! Haha. Would love to see how you apply your mascara too! :)

  6. Ravene: Noted! Rimmel is not yet distributed locally. :) Hope it will be soon! :)

    Mary: I believe I have a tutorial on youtube. :)

    Stephanie: Okay! :) The cleansing oil is nice-cheap but works. :)

    Pau: Hi Pau! You can purchase ZA from SM Department stores. :)

    Rhain: Sorry, but I found the name a lil' funny! It's like Necklace misspelled. :p

  7. walang leeg ms m? lol Neck less e.. weird nga lang ng namesung

  8. Oohh this is awesome! I have known ZA Cosmetics from famous SG bloggers Xiaxue, Cheesie, etc way back 2009(?). Never heard them before in the PH and this is a good sign that they got a post from Ms Martha!


Thank you for your comments!