Aztec Healing Clay Mask Review

Here's a review on Aztec Healing Clay Mask

Price: Around P300.00+
Bought From: Healthy Options, The Fort High Street
Other Locations: Available in all Healthy Options branches


I was supposed to grab Queen Helene's Clay Mask in Healthy Options, but got this instead. I'm pretty much familiar with the benefits of Aztec Clay, but didn't know we have it here. And 300 pesos only for a huge tub? That's a bargain!

I've used this before and I'm just going to recount my wonderful experience with it-I had to stop because it always takes time to prepare and use. I'm having bad skin days now and I vow to use this more often again because I've witnessed its efficacy! :D


Aztec Clay, which is abundant in South America, is said to be a VERY rich type of clay, packed with almost all of the nutrients found on Earth. Scientifically, it's known as Bentonite Clay and is treasured for its ability to get rid of toxins, parasite infections, free radicals, herbicides, parasites, pesticides, and pathogens. In fact, other people ingest Bentonite Clay as it is effective in Colon cleansing. It's good for acne- prone and oily skin, and even has medicinal uses such as healing of eczema, psoriasis, and soothing of aching muscles.

Aztec Healing Clay is 100% Pure Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. It is in its natural form to help preserve its quality as well as its nutrients.

If you're looking for a super effective yet super affordable pimple- buster and skin clarifying mask, you're in the right post! Click READ MORE and know more about this product!

Texture of the clay is very smooth, and even feels like powdered milk. It is unscented.


Grab a bowl, measuring spoons, spatula, and a mask brush (optional). There are DIY face mask tools in sets sold in the market so I'd suggest you get that. Too Cool For School and Landmark are selling those.

Scoop out 1/2 cup of clay powder from the bowl or depending on the amount you need.

Mix equal parts of water with the powder. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a suggested dissolver.

Mix well until you form a smooth paste, which is pretty hard to do by the way-I always get clumps during mixing especially with cold water so I would suggest warm water for a smoother paste.


When you've finally created a paste, apply on skin and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes. For very deep cleansing, leave on for 30 minutes.

FEEL YOUR FACE PULSATE- this is the tagline of this product. No kidding, when the mask begins to harden, I could really feel that my skin is throbbing underneath and there are slight prickly, itchy sensations that last until you rinse it off. It's a lil' bothersome, but I tolerate it because it gives me this feeling that the mask is really sucking out all the impurities. As the mask dries up, you'll really feel that your face is being sealed with a rock- like layer, as in there's no room for facial movement-I guess this is how traditional face masks really perform. The super hard texture may feel a lil' irritating, but I like its relaxing effect.

This mask is a lil' tough to rinse off though, so use warm water and a gentle facial cleanser afterwards. It's a bit messy to use and the clay chunks are hard to dispose too. I've also noticed that parts of my face turned red after rinsing, but the redness was gone after 20 minutes.


- Skin feels and looks really clean
- Skin is matte and stays that way for hours
- Pimples start drying up after a few hours, or they become almost dry if you leave the mask on for a long time.
- Skin feels very smooth


- Breakouts were reduced
- My skin looked smoother
- Skin felt and looked healthier
- Pimples heal faster because I feel that my skin has been strengthened

OTHER USES (AS INSTRUCTED BY THE PRODUCT): Ice pack for aching joints and muscles; Body Mask

TIP: You can use this as a spot clay mask and a natural spot treatment too. Dissolve a pinch or two of the powder in dollops of water, make a paste, dot on pimples and leave on for an hour, and then rinse off with water. After a few hours or one day, your pimples will dry up and the eye will fall out effortlessly.

WARNING: I've read reviews that there are people who experienced more breakouts with Bentonite Clay so if you have sensitive skin, use with caution.

I love this stuff! I've been using clay masks for a long time and I've never used something THIS effective. I'm excited to try it again tonight! To all acne- prone and oily- skinned people out there, this is the clay mask that you should try!


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  1. Liz suggested using vegetable sponges to help rinse off clay masks such as this. I love how affordable it is! I'm breaking out really badly right now, so I need this in my life!

  2. Hi! Would you recommend this for normal/dry skin or will it be too drying or something? :D

  3. i used this with apple cider vinegar and it is really effective in drying my pimples. i stopped using this though because it is very messy to prepare, my housemates doesnt like the smell when i put it on, and of course it stains the bathroom tiles haha.

  4. I have this! I used it last time once every 2 weeks. And sad to say i got more pimples. It was my first time having 2 pimples at once so i think this is a no no for me. So i instead gave it to my sister who seems to be okay with it. But i still use it once a month coz i believe in its powers parin. Haha. Its really nice, i agree! And at the first time i tried this, i was so scared when it was starting to harden in my face. Haha. Thanks for this review! And i do agree that this is not for all skin types :)

  5. Does it reduce pore size? I have dry skin and am afraid to use this, but if it reduces pore size I'm thinking I can isolate use as a nose pack :P

  6. Aviva: Yup! You can also do that, but I find that warm water would suffice. :) Let me know how this works on you! :)

    Mary Chua: Awwww.Sad to hear that. :( Maybe you can use it as a spot treatment instead. :)

    Beauty By Tellie: Haven't observed that though, but it works pretty well in cleaning pores-my face feels very smooth after usage. :)

    Jane: Hi Jane! yes, but skip the dry areas of your face as it may aggravate dryness. Just follow up with moisturizer right after. Use once a week only because it's pretty tough. :)

    Katrina: Thanks for sharing dear! :) Just used it tonight and some of my cystic pimples dried up after 30 minutes! Wee! :)

  7. This one I will definitely try, I need to save the first picture for reference!
    I'm currently using St. Ives firming mask and it's almost finished so I'll try this next. I'm excited about the matte effect you said you have since I have super oily face.

  8. this is the real mud pack =) kapag magsmile ka habang nakamask nito magka-crack sya inside magfoform ito ng lines sa face, we used this kind of mask when we were in highschool (our shubject: cosmetology, which is 3 units equivalent, 3hours class duration everyday -- ganto kapag under ka ng tesda, we're lucky dahil pasok kami sa curriculum nila nuon for vocational course)

    remember ko that time kapag nagface mask kami yung teacher namin sa comp lab mangungulit at magpapatawa kasi alam nya di pwede tumawa hehe.. ilove using this kind of mask tapos mas kakapalan pa.. mafefeel mo talaga na para syang fine cement na tumitigas habang natutuyo.. pinaka matipid pa na mask promise =)

    i love this post ms m, narecall ko yung highschool days ko hee hee

  9. Hello Ms. M my sister used this too together with Queen Helene Mint Julep, I tried the Mint Julep but I noticed that it makes my pores bigger. Lumaki talaga yung pores ko then I just put ice nalang everynight sa part na malapit sa nose ko lang naman. My question is does it makes your pores big too? My sister can't tell kasi since she's using both. :) I'm a member of healthy options so ito naman bilihin ko next time. :)

  10. I'm always drawn to anything anti-acne. haha I break out bad. Naku, sadly healthy options just closed in our nearby mall. I want to try, you always make good reviews especially for skin care. :)

  11. Anne_22: You'll love its intense mattifying effect. :D

    Ravene: Thanks, dear. Hope you could try this one soon. :)

    Stephanie: In my observation, no it doesn't make pores appear bigger naman, at least to me-we have all different skin reactions though. :)

    Rhain: Hi Rhain! Thanks for sharing your experience. I would love to be in that class- it's all about vanity haha! :D

  12. Use Apple Cider Vinegar so you don't get clumps. You'll get the perfect consistency!

  13. What about sa blackheads po? Nalessen po ba ung blackheads after nyong gamitin yung product?

  14. What about sa blackheads po? Nalessen po ba yung blackheads after nyo gamitin yung mask? Thanks in advance 😁

  15. I absolutely love this product. The product container and label are stylish and sturdy. This cleansing has a slight smell that is soothing to me, I don't mind the fragrance at all and after using the product my face felt a lot smoother and looked more clear (complexion wise). The mask is easy to put on and remove... source -

  16. oh! baka depende sa skin type.. pag sentitive baka hindi pwede...
    thank you po sa pagshare.. :)

  17. Me and my sister were talking this mask the other day, haha sinabi nia skin n my trending mask ngyn at affordable un price at pinakita nia skin un pic at tinanong ko xa kng pano yan nging sikat. Sabi ko wait aqng revw nito s fav blogger ko. Natuwa aq ng mkita ko meron n po kaung revw pra dto Ms. Martha at lhat ng gsto kong malamnn s mask ay nasgot po s revws nio. yan mask ang hinhnp ko n bgy s acne-oily prone skin n meron aq at madali lng xang hnpin, now i know kng saan. At mgndng bonding nmin ng kptid ko ang mga gnyn dyi mask at home, yan ang hilig nmin lhat bka mkisali pa s Mama ko s mask bonding nmin. Nakakatuwa lng, parng pinguusapn nmin ng kptd ko ngyn mern n kaung revw agd Ms. radar po ata kau!!! Alm nio un gsto ng mga followers nio, always thankful po sa inio Ms.Martha, petmalu k tlga Lodi!!!

  18. I've used this thrice already and my face is now peeling.. It bacame super dry.. Is that normal? TIA!


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