Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair 2: Now Better Than Ever

It started with an attempt to understand the body's healing process during night time, and how vital it is to healthy and beautiful skin. As one of the forerunners in advanced night time skin care technology, Estee Lauder has created one of their top- rated skin serums yet, Advanced Night Repair.

When its first version came out, a lot of my blogger friends have been raving about it, and I also read a lot of positive reviews on international beauty blogs too. The last blog review I read (which sang nothing but praises about this product as well) was the clincher and I finally decided to buy it, until I got news that it has been reformulated, with better ingredients and more advanced technologies. (Oh, I like technologies in my skin care-they make products sound more interesting and cool. :D) In an instant, I changed my mind and decided to wait!

And the wait is over! At long last, Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair 2 is out! With 25 patents and patents- pending, this new generation serum is made more potent with better technologies and a DNA- inspired research. Click READ MORE as I'm excited to share this news with you, including some awesome skin facts that you should know! :)

The Tale of Catabolysis and Skin Circadian Rhythm

Estēe Lauder's research went as far as the actual activity of cells, the key players in this often used term called 'Cell Renewal'. What really happens to a cell during the renewal process? Catabolysis. It is one of the integral activities in Cell Renewal in which the cells eliminate internal debris for optimum repair. (It's more like they're cleaning themselves) Estēe Lauder scientists were one of the firsts to understand that Catabolysis climaxes at night, but declines significantly as the body ages. Advanced Night Repair 2 includes Catabolysis Techonology (Purifying), a combination of algae extract and yeast that help boost the cells' Catabolysis activity for increased night time repair.

Have you heard of the term Circadian Rhythm? In Anatomy, there is such a thing called Body Circadian Rhythm, but there is also the Skin Circadian Rhythm. The Circadian Rhythm is like your internal clock--It determines your body's function all throughout the day-this explains why you wake up at this time of day, you get hungry at this time of day, and you get tired at this time of day. However, due to lifestyle and other social and environmental factors, our Circadian Rhythms are more or less destroyed already. Fine-tuning your Circadian Rhythm is actually critical to better health, but that is for another blog post. :) Now moving forward to Skin Circadian Rhythm, this determines the time when our skin is most receptive to treatments and products, among other things. It has been found that midnight is the most important time for the skin as this is when cell proliferation peaks. Advanced Night Repair 2's Chronolux™ Technology (Synchronizing) is a potent clock gene technology that supports  the natural synchronization of your skin's night time repair process and its Circadian Rhythm so your cells can repair itself at the right time.

Here are the other benefits that you can get from this product:

1. Anti-Pollution Technology- Contains Alkyl Guanine Transferase that combats the damages caused by the ozone, UV, and pollution on the skin.
2. Anti-oxidants that help neutralize at least 90% of Free Radicals
3. Hyaluronic Acid for continuous hydration

Advanced Night Repair 2 promises to eliminate these common, dreadful skin problems: Unevenness, wrinkles, dullness, roughness, tired- looking skin, loss of elasticity and suppleness.

 Now I can finally see for myself what the rave is all about. Will come back with a detailed review soon!

Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair 2 retails at P5,300.00 (50ml) and is now available in all local Estēe Lauder counters. Please visit ESTĒE LAUDER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about this product.

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  1. <3 this it really works after a few days of using it..:)

  2. They're also giving away samples of this, just pick go to their FB page then there's an app there about the samples then just choose the nearest mall where you can pick up your sample. :D

  3. hi ms m =) what local brand can you recommend as an alternative with this =) i want but ooops the price =(

  4. It looks amazing:)

    Will watch out for the review!

  5. Angel: Will update soon! :)

    Rhain: Absynthe's Pure intention serum :)

    Anne_22: Cool! Did you get one? :)

    Mayla: Wow! Hope the same thing goes for me. :)


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