Lancome Visionnaire Yeux: A Visionary

Guys, are you familiar with Lancome's Visionnaire skin product? To the uninitiated, it's Lancome's multi- awarded skin care product, a result of 10 years of research and development, and dubbed as the product that made women postpone or reconsider a laser procedure. It was released a few months or a year ago, and I think it's high time to introduce a counterpart.

Girls, meet Lancome Visionnaire Yeux Advanced Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector. Click READ MORE and know why it's Lancome's most advanced eye cream to date.

Lancome Visionnaire and Visionnaire Yeux contains the patented LR 2412 molecule, clinically proven to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, unevenness, and pores along with Haloxyl and Caffeine. On the eyes, this three-in-one product addresses three common eye concerns of women: dark circles, wrinkles, and lack of evenness. It brightens instantly, corrects lines, and smoothes the under eyes overtime.

Clinical Study: A 26% improvement in their colour and 8% reduction in their size are observed after four weeks

I have a friend who's looking into undergoing laser for her under eyes to get rid of wrinkles so I'll suggest this product to her first. :)

Lancome Visionnaire Eye is now available in all Lancome outlets and boutiques. It retails at P3,295.00. Please visit LANCOME PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My mom has this obsession for eye creams and anti-wrinkle stuffs. I guess it's unavoidable especially because of the age. Will tell her to try this :)

  2. Yikes, it's expensive! But if this does perform as promised then it should be worth it!

  3. I love their improving packaging ;)

  4. Wow this sounds so impressive. Have you tried it yourself? We'd love to read a full-on review :)) I have a sample of the lancome youth activating concentrate which I heard is also super effective. :))



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