Milestone Hauls!


In my first Delaying Gratification post, I claimed that I'll buy another handbag this December 2013. Delaying Gratification 2 happened on my birthday this year. Reached my goal earlier this September, and here's now my Delaying Gratification Part 3, the last for this year. :)

The video says it all. Click READ MORE and see my bag reveal, plus my thoughts on my purchases. :)

Here's a better view of the bags. I got a Balenciaga Velo GH in Black and Balenciaga Classic City RH in Red. :)

What's next? A small Givenchy Pandora in Bronze, distressed leather. I need a very laid-back bag with lots of space. :) Will try to get it for my birthday next year! :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. That's a lot of great stuffs and you deserve it! You inspire me by working hard in the future so I can reward myself like you. And I hope you will always continue to be an inspiration with your posts! <3

  2. I've been lusting over that City Bag the first time i saw it last year, but I want mine in yellow. :)
    And nakakaloka! You really look like Tetchie Agbayani, especially your eyes!

  3. Bags and Shoes were women's great pleasure =) if i had the money i would buy much! pero iba nga pag meron ka ng mas priority na paglalaanan mo ng savings mo =) on my part nilalaan ko para sa little angel ko =)

    I saw the red bag sa IG posts mo ms m =)

  4. Yay for another video! Yay for your choices in bags :))


  5. If you don't mind, how much are the bags? Thanks!

  6. Anne: Haha! Thank you! Hope you get your Balenciaga City in Moutard or Mangue (those are their yellow colors) soon! :)

    Anonymous: Hi! City is 1,035 euros with tax and Velo is 1,175 euros with tax. Tax refund is 13% per bag. Got them in Galeries Lafayette Paris. :)

    Angel: Thank you! :)

    Rhain: Hey, that's totally understandable. If I have a kid too, I think I wouldn't be buying two bags! :)

    Louise: Thank you. :) I believe you can materialize your dreams! :)


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