Somebody went crazy in Nike

I'm addicted to Boxing lately because I like the challenge and the intensity, and the way it makes me feel as if I lost pounds after every session. Since I bought a new pair of kikay gloves from Everlast, I thought that it's also time to buy new workout gear! :D

Nike is my preferred brand of sportswear. I bought Nike Pro Combat shirt in hot pink and a sports bra in orange.

More hauls after the jump!

Also bought a new pair of jogging pants, in capris cut. The socks were also from Nike-I didn't intend to buy them. It was Boxing day for me when I shopped for these then I realized that I left my socks at home! :p

Lastly, I also got a new pair of training shoes. I only have one pair of beaten up rubber shoes and it's been with me for three years now. This is from the new collection called Nike Free-unlike my first training shoes, Nike Free feels lighter and the thin but sturdy sole allows me to feel my feet, thus I get to balance myself better. Lovin' the Blue and Orange color combo!

Can I be a Nike ambassadress? Haha! :D

Took my gear right away to Boxing! :)

That's my haul for the week! Tell me, what's your fitness routine like? I Box three times a week and 1 hour- 2 hours per session. :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. grabe! you're so pink and bright! hehe...

  2. Three times a week??? Whoah! How do you that Ms. M? I don't even have a time to color my nails. :( Working is not only 8 hours , it's 15 hours for me including transportation. Haaay okay enough with the rant. You tried 360 circuit training Ms. M right?can you recommend where? :)

  3. of course you can be an ambassadress! you are perfect for it! :) love your new training shoes :)

  4. I love the orange sport bra! so athletic yet so chic! :D And also the rubbie! You really love to box! That's good Ms. M! Maintain your figure!:D

  5. Wow I wish I can haul like that! Haha. Since your post about being a frugal fashionista and one of the tips there was fit is fashionable, I decided to go back being physically fit! So now I join my mom in her zumba and taebo classes. hihi

    Love that shoes! Cheers to being fit and fasyon! haha :)

  6. i don't really have a fitness routine. just climbing thousands of stairs everyday in school makes me die. (boo for banning students in elevator) haha.
    i like the sports bra! coz it's in my favorite color :) and the shoes look so comfy and light :)
    goodluck in your boxing :) i heard that it's really a good way of exercie :)

  7. i love their shorts Ms M, laging sale sa PASEO de STA ROSA =) and daming pagpipilian =)

  8. Anne_22: LOL! I just love neons that's all because the color energizes me :)

    Rhain: I know! I would go to Paseo Sta. Rosa every now and then for the Nike outlet store! :D

    Mary: Oh yes it is! Very tiring, but I feel healthier 'cuz of it. :) hey, climbing stairs is a good form of exercise too. :)

    Fati: Thanks dear! :D

    Ravene: YAY! Hurrah for you! I sincerely wish you good luck in your fitness journey :)

    Issa: Thanks Issa! :D

    Stephanie: Hi there! For your schedule, I guess you can work out during weekends, that is, if you don't have work on those days. The secret really is you should make time for it-no compromise. Nope, haven't tried 360. Only Barre3 and interval training with body weight. :)

  9. Thank you so much for your recommendations Ms. M :)
    Yun nga wag mag compromise hahaha at disiplinado dapat.


  10. e tell me the name of a model of sneakers?

  11. I love nike products too specially the dry fit tees! hope i can see you on the next nike fun run:))


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