Watsons Health, Wellness, and Beauty Awards: The winners!

Watsons previously had their Health, Wellness, and Beauty awards, a prestigious event where they recognize the most outstanding beauty brands within the Watsons' chain. Watsons Beauty experts and insiders go through all of the brands to determine the ones that deserve the WATSONS RECOMMENDS seal.

And here are the winners for this year! Click READ MORE to know which brands reigned!

PROACTIVE- Best Acne Care Brand
MAYBELLINE- Best Mascara Brand
DOVE HAIR CARE- Shampoo Brand of The Year
KOJIE SAN- Bath Soap Brand of the Year
COLGATE- Oral Whitening Brand of The Year
RALPH LAUREN- Prestige Fragrance of The Year
NIVEA MEN- Men's Grooming Brand of The Year

MYRA E- Adult Vitamin Brand of The Year
CEELIN- Children's Vitamin Brand of The Year
ASCOF- Cough Remedy Brand of The Year
ATC REDOXFAT- Slimming Brand of The Year
BELO GLUTATHIONE- Whitening Brand of The Year

The goal of Watsons Health, Wellness, and Beauty Awards is to let consumers make the most out of their money and to provide a worthwhile shopping experience by helping them choose the best products. Just look for the WATSONS RECOMMENDS seal in all Watsons stores.

As for me, the winning Watsons items would have to be the Watsons buy-1-take-1 beauty products. Big sizes, affordable prices, high quality products, and they're mostly essentials. What's not to love? :D

Please visit WATSONS PHILIPPINES ON FACEBOOK to know more about the winning brands

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is nice to know :) i also agree with their buy 1 take 1 products specifically their hand wash. We used to buy them last time but changed when we found a cheaper alternative. Nonetheless, we still manage to buy their buy 1 take 1 products when we pass by their stores :) its just too hard to resist.

  2. I wanted to buy Proactive but they are always for sale as a gift set. I want to try just one product lang muna. Hope Watson's near me will have it available soon :)

  3. I agree, Ms. Martha! The best Watson's products are their very own buy 1 take 1 stuff. Especially their great-smelling hand soaps and hair masks :)

  4. agreed ms m nothing beats buy 1 take 1 promo =)

    i joined their switch and save promo hee hee =) their items works amazingly like any other brand =) big part is you save more =)

    yay for mom in budget like me = two thumbs up


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