August Favorites

I channeled, once again, my homebody spirit last month, hence the few number of favorites. I guess when you start to age, you just become more and more attached to your home, especially your bed haha! Well, I did go to Hong Kong, but for the most part of August, I just stayed, worked, and chilled at home.

Won't hold you guys any longer-presenting my favorites for the month of August!

One of my lovely discoveries last month, and I think for this year as well. Super long- wearing blush with dainty, modern colors. Houndstooth is my favorite shade!

Silly me, I forgot to include this in my July Favorites list. I guess the reason why I love this is because it's my first- ever Dermalogica product, and it has impressed me right away. Lasting power is fantastic on oily skin, and it manages to stay comfortable even if I've been wearing it for more than 6 hours already.

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- In this color, I've found the perfect vintage orange lipstick. It's also the most pigmented Avon lipstick I have ever tried.

- It is no secret that Lancome is my favorite brand of premium mascara. This mascara has been with me for over 3 months now, and I've noticed that it has become easier to apply and consistency gets thicker, thus I only need one swipe to achieve lush- looking lashes.


- Finally got to try this product-read some good reviews about it. True to its promise, it helps keep makeup stay and look fresh for a long time.


- I just got this brand from a seminar about beauty and wellness trends. I decided to give it a try and good thing I did! This no- sting, non- drying toner helps pimples heal fast!

- I think I've found my most favorite brand of false eyelashes. Seowoo is a very speedy way to wear falsies: Just take it out from the packaging, stick onto your lids, and you're done! :D

That's all, folks! This September, I think I'll be having a ton of favorites. 'Till then. :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Review for Mark Kay and Silk Skin, pls! :)

  2. I wana have them all! But to try the lancome hypnose waterproof mascara the most! I envy you so much coz you have tons of makeups to choose from. While me, a lipbalm is all i have :( Hihi. And everytime you post something, i click the link immediately. Love your choices :)

  3. I really love this The Balm Instain Staining blush but I love the shade in Toile :) Very natural looking and gives the glow I really want! :) And I really want a coral shade makeups :)

    Orange lipsticks also gives definition for the lips and I really love it. I just don't go for the reds coz it really doesn't suit my face and I don't know why.

    And oh, Whenever I hear Lancome, I always thought of Michelle Phan. It's a brand that I'm dreaming to have at least 1 product because I haven't purchased at least 1 product from them.:)

    Nice set of favorites!

  4. The balm's instain looks enticing but too pricey for me :/ still looking for an awesome blush on. So many choices kasi :)

  5. That Lancome packaging is too pretty!

  6. The Balm InStain is still on my mind, right from when you first mentioned it! Have you tried taking it to yoga or exercise? I need to know!

  7. Rizza: Sure! :D

    Pau: Yes! :D

    Beauty By Tellie: Hi Tellie! :D Yes, said it in my review, that I wore it to the gym for the ultimate wear time test and lo and behold, it didn't fade! :D

    MJ: The Balm's blush is affordable already, considering that it can give pricey blush brands a run for their money. :)

    Fati: Hi Fati! thanks for sharing :) Yeah, Lancome is really Michelle Phan! You gotta give it to that girl-she's made a name for herself!

    Mary: Hi there! Thank you! :D Glad you're loving my posts. :)

  8. I'm curious about the Acnebac since I get pimples every now and then.
    please post a review? :)

  9. yay! i knew Dermalogica Cover tint in medium would be included in your august fave because it gives you a flawless coverage using this!

    i want to try those mascaras too! but the price ooohh

    Mary Kay makeup finishing spray is a must! have you tried their brush cleaner? it works great too =)


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