It's a Neon Christmas with Velvet Rose Lingerie + Find Velvet Rose Lingerie at Strip Ministry Of Waxing!

Who says Christmas lights are the only ones that have the right to sparkle this holiday season? You can too with Velvet Rose Lingerie's new Highlight undergarment collection. ;)

Check out their smooth, plush, and ultra comfy collection after the cut, plus I'm excited to announce their newest partnership with Strip Ministry of Waxing!

The Highlight Collection features some of the essential undergarments you need such as Super Push-Up Bras (P1,590.00), T-Shirt Bras (P1,390.00), and Hipster (P590.00) and String (P390.00) panties.

Neon Orange

Yellow Dream

Misty Mint

Neon Pink

Highlight Collection is now available in all Velvet Rose Lingerie stores.

Here's another good news:

Jenny's purse of choice? The Brag, of course!

Finally, you can purchase Velvet Rose Lingerie's best- selling Brags, Pantypaks, and Pajama Sets in Strip Minstry of Waxing Serendra, Taguig City and Greenbelt 5, Makati City. If you live in these areas, do drop by and grab these unique and cute items for Christmas! ;)

Please visit VELVET ROSE LINGERIE on Facebook for more details.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've never knew that a bra will cost P1k+. More expensive than a drugstore makeup! xD (Not rich here! xD) But still far from my house :( and I search in website that there's a bra that really cost fortune! More expensive than a car?! o.O I don't know if it's true! xD
    Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha! :))

  2. I saw this from another post before and I decided to try one. Should I be able to go back to MOA, might drop by their store and look for a piece for me..
    I am not much into Lacey materials but I saw from a post that they have plains :D

  3. i like lacy undergarments especially if its pink or white. I hope i can get the chance to check this collection

  4. Super Push-Up Bras!!! hmmm needed this hahaha =)

  5. i just thought bra that costs 750 were already expensive. But seeing this post, wooow ang mahal! :))
    but i guess its really worth it! I don't know if i'm a late bloomer or what...but im a know hahaha. i need this SUPER push up bras!


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