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Here's a review on ZA Cosmetics Perfect Fit Concealer in 02

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I'm now officially a Carabao as contrary to what I expected, this holiday season in particular is the busiest for me. I imagined that by December, I'm already sitting pretty in my house, drinking hot choco, bonding with Denver, and listening to the tunes of Christmas, but I find myself dashing out of the house more often and skipping from one place to another for work among other things-this also entails super late- night sleeping 'cuz of the reports I have to accomplish. I feel like I've wasted the effects of my religious eye cream usage 'cuz my under eyes are starting to get dark and puffy again. :( Times like this, you gotta thank the person who invented the Concealer.

Are you in the same sitch as me? Good, because you're reading a review that you might actually find useful. I'm going to muse about ZA Cosmetics' Perfect Fit Concealer. It covers decently, affordable, accessible, and has good lasting power. Perfect!


Perfect Fit Concealer, if I'm not mistaken, replaces ZA Concealer Perfection. It claims to cover up freckles, dark spots, and under eye circles quickly with its pigmented formula. It comes in three shades: 01 (Fair), 02 (Medium), 03 (Dark).


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It comes in a small, 15g squeeze tube. Very handy, chic and easy to squeeze, although I feel there isn't a lot of product inside.

Consistency is a semi- thick liquid with no fragrance. 02 is a light beige shade with a strong yellow undertone and will fit medium to medium-dark skin tones-wish there are more shades to choose from though. It has a light, easy-to-spread texture and dries into a semi-matte finish-you'd have to blend it evenly while it's still wet as it is completely immovable when it sets. For those with dry skin around the eyes, it's best to prep with eye cream as this product tends to highlight dry patches for just a wee bit. Coverage is light to medium, although you might argue because my swatch says otherwise-I just over squeezed the product in this swatch photo. :D You wouldn't apply that amount of concealer on your under eyes, right? Or would you? :D If you say aye, that's pretty okay because it yields a like- skin finish. (But just apply enough, K? :D)


Bare Under Eye

Two layers of ZA Cosmetics Perfect Fit Concealer

It has a good concentration of pigments, thus it can conceal dark circles efficiently even with just two layers-Yes ma'm, even if you have grave circles, it would suffice because this particular shade brightens skin as well. Oh, the lasting power, you ask? Good. It doesn't crease, cake nor settle into lines, although fades for a teeny weeny bit after about 5 hours on significantly warm days, when your face is just excreting extra oil. If you perspire a lot, this product would still be a good fit because dang, it sorta' resists water-this is why I wear it to my boxing sessions! However, I don't use it for facial concealing because it becomes a lil' diluted if spread out too much-best used on a small part of the face only and yes, that would be your under eyes.

This is the basic drugstore concealer with the nicest coverage I have tried so far, and I'll be sure to repurchase when I run out (despite the lack of juicier benefits) most especially in moments when I don't have the budget for my fave high end concealers! :D


Please visit ZA COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I wanna try this out, its quite affordable too, thanks for sharing!


  2. And just when I was thinking about which drugstore concealer to buy! This is certainly the answer! Btw which of the 3 shades would fit an NC40 ish girl? Thanks! (:

  3. ZA Cosmetic never fail to amaze me Ate Martha. Another great review! You're right ate great exchange for a high end concealer. It's more cheaper :)

  4. another great item from ZA cosmetics! =) mas cheaper than my Mary Kay Concealer! i would love to try this too Ms M! it really works well on covering your dark undereye!

    thanks for this wonderful post!


  5. Wow! For a drugtsore product to get that highg scores from you Ms. Martha.. It must be really that good! Thanks for the review.. I'l definitely try this.. :))

  6. at last, a very affordable concealer that does its job....i'm definitely going to check this out... thanks for the review

  7. Thanks Ms. Martha :D your the best at reviewing products :) gonna check this out later!

  8. it looks a great concealer, one of the downsides is the availability. I hope it is also available in watson's or dept stores. I like to try this soonest kasi very affordable, I have been a loyal user of one brand when it comes to concealer kaso lately parang di sila magkasundo ng skin ko, i cant find it effective na for me, hope to see this in the market before this year ends. Thanks for another wonderful review Ms.Martha :)

  9. Oohh.. I would like to try this. My skin has acted alerady during my two-week unhealthy sleeping habits due to a lot of commitments.
    As soon as I get my hands on the ZA COM prices, I would head out and buy the powder for the compact and this as well. I was actually eyeing one when I went to MOA yesterday but I declined thinking I can do just one shopping when I completed the set already.
    Thanks again by the way for choosing me as your COM. I am really anticipating it... Thanks so much :D

  10. wow! only 350! it really conceals the dark circles and it looks natural! hope it can hide pimples too. thanks for sharing this!

  11. Stephanie: You're welcome! :)

    Katrina: Pimples, not it can't. :p

    Winnie: You're welcome. I hope you have received your products by now. :)

    Leilani: Yes, ZA is available in Watson's and sm dept. stores. :)

    aura: Awww...you're welcome! :)

    Issa: You're welcome! :)

    Belle: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! #2 will suit medium to dark skin tones. :)

    Claudine: Yes it is because it's Japanese! :D I've always been fond of Japanese products because they're always good!

    Rhain: You're welcome. :)

    LA: Yup, yup, great for those who are on a budget. :)


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