It's Eye Of Horus!

I attended a mini gathering with Glamourbox last month to formally launch Eye Of Horus in the Philippines. I gave you a preview of this brand before through a product review.

Here's Lia Andrea Ramos, former Beauty Queen and the brains (and beauty) behind Glamourbox, the official distributor of Eye Of Horus in the Philippines. The reason why she brought this particular brand to the Filipina market is because it's very good for sensitive eyes and eyeliner is anyone's basic necessity (especially us Asians) as it's probably the best makeup ever to bring out the eyes.

Here's Nicole Spiering, one of the founders of Eye Of Horus who flew all the way from Australia to join us in the intimate launch. She discussed what makes her products special and it all boils down to the ingredients. For one, they contain Moringa Oil to moisturize and protect the eyes, the formulas are long- lasting and proven waterproof, and everything's proudly Paraben and Cruelty- Free. Their short and sweet product roster is as follows:

1. Liquid Define Liquid Eyeliner- fast- drying, stay- put eyeliner. Features a reversible tip.
2. Goddess Pencils- Creamy, long- lasting pencils in matte and metallic finishes.
3. Goddess Mascara- volumizing and lengthening mascara that conditions and strengthens lashes

So why did she call the brand EYE OF HORUS? It was just a suggestion from Angela's niece and she loved the idea! Also, the ancient symbol of the Eye Of Horus is characterized by deep, dark, bold lines, and it perfectly represents what the brand is all about.

Not only that, Eye Of Horus is also launching something in the Philippines soon! :D Click READ MORE to find out what it is! :)

This January, Glamourbox will finally carry Eye Of Horus' new Baked Eye Trios. This fine Italy- made set of shadows are rich, bold, and can be used wet/dry, and again, will suit sensitive skin. It currently comes in three color combinations named after the icons of Ancient Egypt!

Here's my favorite palette called Sheba. Sheba is one of the prominent queens in Ancient Egypt. It's a regal mix of champagne, taupe, and purple. So pretty! :)

Model and makeup artist Fatima Rabago was also there in the event and she conducted a 'Sultry Eye' makeup tutorial.

Fatima used the Goddess Pencil in Black, Goddess Mascara, and Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Maat. What a sexy but sophisticated look!

Here are some of the products that I'll be reviewing for you guys soon. My favorite in the bunch? The Precise Tweezers! :D

If you're wondering where to get Eye Of Horus' products aside from Glamourbox, visit any Snoe Beauty stalls.

Please visit EYE OF HORUS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Been dying to try this brand! Excited on your reviews! More power to your blog! <3

  2. Can't wait for the eye trios! I love the eyepencils and I bet the eyeshadows will be awesome!

  3. I wish I could buy their products but it's too far from my house :(

  4. I saw the eyepencils from their fb fan page last month. I joined their giveaway sayang di ako pinalad,I like to try their pencils, I love doing eye makeups lately so i am gonna be needing that :)

  5. Ever since this was launch, I had been dying to try them. I actually like the shades. They are more apt for my age . I like giving definition to my eyes, so I can divert people into looking in my eyes rather than my chubby physique.. hehehe.
    I just couldn't get the whole set yet. I plan to ask hubby next year if he could get this when he goes on another training. For now, I till have sets to finish so this will actually be my 2014 set (aside from the Inglot that I promise to acquire soon)

  6. yay! i love their mascara ms m! but still nothing beats avon magnify mascara =(

    i want to have their eyeliners! very trendy ♥

  7. hope that this will be available on sm fairview. :)
    i like the taupe color on sheba palette which matches any haircolors :)

  8. Claudine: Will try to review a few soon! Just have to find a chance to wear 'em! :)

    Katrina: Yup! You can even use some of the colors to fill in brows. :)

    Rhain: And they last long too! :)

    Winnie: Awesome! Inglot is such a good choice, I assure you. :) Anyway, I would suggest the eye pencils from this brand because they last really long!

    Aura: You can directly order from Glamourbox's website. :)

    Becomingsleek: Swatched a few and yep, they're nothing short of awesome :)


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