December Favorites

Hola! Just a quick post before you hit the sack tonight. I'm sharing my last batch of product favorites for the past year. ;)

December was all about simplicity for me because I made it my fitness month-I had to make up for all the workout days I lost, thus I was almost always wearing very light makeup. I was also thankful for last month because my skin got that much needed rest from all that heavy makeup!

More about my tiny set of favorites after the break!

- Had a few cold sore outbreaks last month due to sleepless nights and endless parties, and I found this ointment really effective in healing them. In two days flat, my cold sores are gone.

- After working out, my body gets too dehydrated that it manifests on my lips (hello cracks and uncomfortable dryness). To alleviate dryness and to give my lips a hint of color to boot, I used Inglot's Sleeks Cream-I liked it so much because it's so easy to use and fits perfectly in my gym bag.

- After working out, I definitely have to take a shower and The Cream Factory's Bath Cream was my favorite body wash because it smells really nice and cleans thoroughly, but doesn't leave my skin dry.


- Although I hate to admit it, I don't take a bath right after working out just because I dislike dressing up and doing my makeup in a place other than a bedroom. Besides, the gym I go to is not conducive to such activities. I found this fragrance delicious enough to mask my sweaty aroma (lol) and it's so uplifting too!


- Finally found my favorite drugstore moisturizer, albeit it's not available locally. :( Met this baby during my trip with Olay in Sydney and I've been using it ever since. It's so soft, so nice to use, and the smell is very relaxing. I love it because it sinks in quickly and works well underneath makeup. I gotta get me some backups!


- The last thing I wanna do after working out is go through my usual skin care routine (which takes time). Boxing and Strength and Conditioning (my current workouts) could really wipe my arse off so thankfully, I have this product that takes away makeup and cleanses my face in one go.

That's all! Good night, folks. :D

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I can relate, the best place I like doing my make up is in my bedroom. Haha! 2013 introduced us to a LOT of make-up and beauty products, and I can't wait for what 2014 will offer. Hope will have the Olay moisturizer here. :)

  2. It is good knowing that a beauty blogger like you Ms. M. still has a post workout skin care routine. Thanks for sharing this. Well I think of doing my own also after reading this cause I came to a realization that when we sweat we acquire dirt from anywhere and so our skin needs to be cleanse and moisturize also after.

  3. I've never heard about the Coco Island Papaw Ointment, I only try the Lucas Papaw Ointment yet. Is this locally available I might try this if it is available here :) I just miss your blog Ms. Martha! :D I really love the Cream Factory one that I just try recently! It is color green too :) Anyway love all your favorites Ms. Martha! :))

  4. Thanks for sharing Ms. M! I have finally tried the Cream Factory which I got from Sample Room and I love it! It does leave my body squeaky clean and really moisturizes well. It does not make my skin feel dry at all. It is now a staple product in my bathroom.^_^

  5. Definitely the Cream Factory. I have three variants and I am veering on trying every single variant...hahaha...

  6. What do you mean by cold sore? Cold sores that you get from STD? Please verify. Thanks,

  7. Rizza: I already told the Olay Singapore management to bring that moisturizer here! Hope they really will! :D

    Winnie: Same! I have three variants too. :)

    Kat C: Yes! It's a staple in mine too. I also use it as a hand wash because it doesn't dry out my skin. :)

    Aura: Thanks, Aura! Hope someone will bring Coco Island here soon! :)

    Allyzon: Yes, a skin care routine is all the more needed right after working out to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin. ;)

    Boom: Hi Boom! I've had my Cold Sore ever since I was 6 or 7 years old. No, it is not from unprotected sex. Actually, I don't know how it developed. The funny thing is, the virus that causes it is called Herpes Simplex. I have very dry lips ever since and they sometimes get wounds and maybe the virus found a way through it to my system. Cold Sore on the lips and mouth area, if I'm not mistaken, is caused by HSV I and the one that afflicts the genitals is HSV II. (But cross infection could occur too!) This product worked for me, but I'm not saying it is a cure for sores caused by HSV I or HSV II, especially HSV II if that's your concern. Hope this helps!

  8. My baby sister has cold sores on her lips too! It started when she was very young, I'm guessing around 6 or 7. At first we thought she was just allergic to the food that we eat, until we took her to the doctor.

    I'm gonna get the some pawpaw ointment for her to try :) Thanks for the tip!


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