Dolce by Dolce And Gabbana: Smells like home

Your life may take you to new places and whole new worlds, but a part of you will always yearn for home-That place where it all started: your dreams, aspirations, enlightenment, epiphanies. The world is crazy and more often than not, we find ourselves entangled in this competitive, fast, and tiring universe, and we lose a part of us, thus we always need to go back home once in a while to find comfort, rest, peace, and ultimately, ourselves.

It's a different case for Dolce and Gabbana though as they've brought a piece of home with them as they soared to different heights in the fashion industry. Flowers, lace, ruffles, brocade, and the signature black, ribbed slim ribbon mixed with modern glam are all iconic features in each and every clothing they make-features that bring the lush tradition of Sicily to the contemporary audience, the place where it all began for Dolce and Gabbana.

It's been years since Dolce and Gabbana has released another fragrance to succeed their best- sellers: Light Blue, Red Velvet, and The One. This summer, they're taking us back to their hometown, Sicily, through Dolce. Let's take a walk at this mellow side of Italy after the break.

Dolce is a memoir of Sicily. The rounded flacon symbolizes the simple elegance and wholesomeness of Italian women. The ribbon that surrounds the bottle is the black, ribbed, slim ribbon, a staple in Sicilian fashion. The flower cap is inspired by the marzipan flower, a traditional handmade pastry of Sicily. The name DOLCE inscribed on the bottle is an exact copy of the original signature of Dominico Dolce's father.

And finally, the fragrance-the crowning glory of Dolce. It's a fresh, floral, green elixir that resonates the captivating Sicilian hillside.

Timeless yet always trendy-that is the spirit of Dolce and Gabbana. Dolce is the scent of a familiar world, time, and place, but it features a brand new floral note: White Amaryllis, a precious flower that blossoms in South Africa. A flower that typically grows underground, it is said that the flower of the White Amaryllis only blooms for a short while, but the growth process takes place from autumn to spring, where the leaves and bulb undergo production. The flower cannot survive in tropical and winter climates, but rather in a kind of weather that's in between cool and warm-this is what makes White Amaryllis a rare flower. The extraction process involving White Amaryllis is meticulous as the producers would really have to wait for it to bloom. Dolce, according to the brand, marks the debut of White Amaryllis in the world of perfumes.

Top notes have Neroli and Papaya flower blossoms, the heart features White Amaryllis, Narcissus, and Water Lily, and base has Musk and Cashmere.

Here's the tvc featuring their new muse for Dolce, supermodel Kate King. Film was created by award- winning director Giuseppe Tornatore and score was by the genius Enrico Morricone, the same man behind the beautiful score of Cinema Paradiso. (You have to watch that film!)

Spent a pleasant afternoon with this fragrance and with Bloggers Vern, Verniece, Sabs, Patricia, Angela, and Aireen and Shir of Rustan's. :)

Dolce EDP by Dolce and Gabbana is now available in all Rustan's stores. Retails at the following prices:

30ml (PhP 3,950)
50ml (PhP 5,550)
75ml (PhP 6,650)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I remember my college days with D&G perfume! :(

  2. I love the simple but elegant details of the bottle and how each symbolizes something. :) I wish I can get my hands on one! I feel like I can already smell the fragrance in my mind while watching the romantic commercial. :>

  3. I love how Dolce's simple yet elegant design. I love collecting bottles and I'd love to have that one. And the way they made a reference for such a beautiful country. Just love. :3

  4. Even if we have this desire inside of us to explore the world and enjoy what it has in store for us, we still find ourselves gravitated to our own place, our home.

    Kate King's so gorg! I thought the endgame will be about the two kids. Haha. I like the flower bracelet and the perfume bottle. Its cap is so cute :">

  5. IMHO, this is D&G's best scent yet. I've never loved Light Blue, even when it was such a huge hit here. Dolce is a completely different story. One spray was enough to win me over. I can't really explain it.


  6. I love how Dolce is being described. I love how you wrote this post. Makes me wanna buy Dolce to get a taste of Sicily!

  7. Such a unique and really a different case for Dolce and Gabbana.
    I love how you described their new fragrance Dolce, super detailed.
    And I think everyone will be fascinated to try it because of the way you blog and introduce it. I am actually tempted to try after reading.

  8. Sincere: While I remember my HS days haha!

    Zarah: And it's simply elegant too. :) Glad you liked this post. :D

    Foodworldme: Looks like you and I have the same taste when it comes to fragrances. i actually prefer this over d&g light blue. :)

    Rizza: And I wanna go to Sicily too! :D

    Trish: Indeed she is :)

    Lei: Agree!: )

    DearKaaat: The film's well- made, no? I love the old feel it has. :)


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