Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipsticks Review + Complete Swatches

Here's a review on Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipsticks.

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If you loved Avon's Totally Kissable lipstick's super hydrating formula, I think you'll love Ultra Color Absolute even more because it's just like the former, but has better pigmentation and staying power.


Avon's newest lipstick line features 6 moisturizing ingredients for better hydration and to improve the texture of the lips, and Color + Care Technology that promises lasting color and nourishment during wear. It comes in 10 shades and I'll be swatching everything for you in this post!

Packaging is just a pink version of the Ultra Color lipsticks. It's a nice, slight change so that you won't confuse one with the other!

Swatches after the break!

What does the Color + Care Technology, anyway? It's an innovation for Avon that they have founded and perfected just recently and have started applying to most of their color cosmetics. This makeup technology simply lets each product to provide truer-than-true color payoff and continuous nourishment for the skin. The 6 star ingredients of this lipstick line are the following: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen, Phytol, 50% more emollient ingredients, and SPF 15.

All colors yield medium to heavy pigmentation and true enough, what I see in the tube is what I get on my lips. It feels more cushiony than Totally Kissable and Ultra Color lipsticks combined, and texture even reminds me of YSL Rouge Volupte, but this wetter and lighter.


Warm Berry

- A rose berry shade with a hint of purple.

I find that this is the lightest amongst the 10 shades. It's your average mlbb lipstick, but I dunno, I just find this shade a tad bit 'old' for my taste. Well that's just me or that's how it appears on my skin tone!

Red Velvet

- a very bright red.

My favorite shade! I know, I know, it's another red shade, but I could't help it! Okay so what sets this apart from other reds? For one, the color is a very bright, youthful red that's a lil' orange, but not quite. Finally, the color really captured the look and feel of my favorite cupcake flavor in the world-what else? Red Velvet! Whenever I apply this shade, I'm immediately reminded of that favorite cupcake of mine. :D

Lovely Cherry

- a pink cherry shade.

I think this shade is a toned down version of fuchsia, and a wee bit brighter version of an average pink lipstick.

Pink Renewal

- a pastel pink shade.

Pink Renewal is a shade that's great for fair skin tones, but looks decent on warm skin tones too. It has a lilac undertone to it even, which makes it a pinker version of MAC's Lavender Whip.

Creamy Melon

- a fresh nude peach shade with a hint of pink.

Surprisingly, this turned out a favorite of mine! It's nude, but isn't too 'vogue' (lol what a term. I use that term a lot lately to describe looks that came straight out of a magazine) for daily use. The super fresh hue makes me feel so young too haha!

Smooth Plum

- a deep berry shade with violet undertone

Three words: MAC REBEL DUPE!

Gorgeous Guava

- a tropical orange shade with a red undertone.

I don't really understand why most beauty brands would refer to orange-red shades as Guava because as far as I know, it's a green fruit, but anyway! Guava is a sexy shade with an earthy feel to it. Looks great on really dark skin tones!

Pure Orchid

- a bright pink shade with a violet undertone.

This is a lovely alternative and much 'formal' alternative to good ol' bright fuchsia lipsticks, and me thinks it's going to look good on any person with pink skin undertone.

Lovely Fuchsia

- a cool/warm bright pink.

It's not really fuchsia to me, but more of a bright pink, specifically a warmer counterpart of Ultra Color lipstick in Hibiscus. Looks good on medium skin tones!

Bare Ruby

- bright pink with purple undertone.

I dub this shade 'bright pink for night time' because the violet undertone added a sultry feel to it. :)

Just like the rest of Avon's lipsticks, it's super creamy, but uniquely watery and light enough to be worn during hot days like right now-I'm here in Greenbelt and ugh, the heat, it's killing me. :( Anyway, this lipstick is like a mash- up of lip balm, lip gloss, and lipstick!

I find that it stays on longer than Ultra Color and Totally Kissable-it stays on for about 3 hours, tops, if untouched and fades gradually after a meal or a cup of coffee-it's arguably Avon's longest- wearing lipstick in my opinion. You also won't need a lip liner to keep it intact and it does not settle into fine lines. I'm just glad that Avon was able to improve the staying power of their lipsticks through this line without sacrificing the creamy, hydrating formula that made me love the brand!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I never repurchase lippies from Avon maybe because I just don't think they can compete with my other lippies in terms of staying power and pigmentation. But looking at the pictures above, I can tell that they've definitely improved their lipsticks! I love all the pinks and nudes above :) Definitely gon' check this out!

  2. I want the Creamy Melon shade! It looks great on you! :)

  3. I got the Smooth Plum because it looked violet on Shen's blog review and swatche. But when I wore it, it's not violet at all. I mean, it's more fuchsia on me. Waaahhhhh I really wanted the Smooth Plum to look like the way it is on you guys. Huhuhuhuhu.


  4. i love Pure Orchid and Creamy Melon on you =) yay for gorgeous lips!

  5. I've only tried 1 Avon lipstick, their Perfect kiss lipstick line in Deep Orchid and even though I did love the color, it only made my lips really dry. I hope this would be different. I'd personally would like to try Smooth Plum and Gorgeous Guava. Thanks for the review!

    P.S. loving the Red Velvet on you. <3

  6. I personally love the Warm Berry, I already tried it myself as I am also an Avon Lady.
    And while seeing your picture one by one, I was fascinated with the Red Velvet. I also love Red.
    On my next visit to Avon, I will gonna get this shade.
    You look good on it so maybe, just maybe I will also look the same when wearing that shade of lipstick. Lol

  7. The red velvet looks pretty on you. Thanks for this long review.


  8. Everything but the Pink Renewal looks good! They look very moisturizing too, and it has SPF!

  9. When it comes to Avon... I've yet to find a showstopping lipstick. Of course, I haven't tried all that many to begin with.

    With this collection, I've found myself waging an internal battle. Should I? Shouldn't? I have too many lipsticks, but should I make the exception? Honestly, I'm tempted because the colors are all so pretty. I particularly favor Creamy Melon. It all comes down to a sale though. Once the price is right, I'll be there. :))


  10. Thanks for sharing your picks girls! :)

  11. I have three shades and lovely cherry and bare ruby are very similar! bare ruby is just a little bit darker, but if you build up lovely cherry, you'll achieve the bare ruby shade. Anyway, I just hope that I've seen this awesome and well-written review before I purchased my new lipsticks. :/

    Plums & Oranges

  12. It's been a long time since I left a comment on your blog. No wonder you like the Creamy Melon because it looks like Revlon's vintage lipstick, Pink in the Afternoon .


Thank you for your comments!