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I've been seeing this product on Instagram and kept on wondering where to get it. Mosquitos love me so much, but I don't-unluckily for me, they don't care if I will never ever reciprocate their love because they care so much for my blood! I always have a mosquito repellent in my bag, but I rarely use it because the strong, citronella smell repels not only mosquitos, but people also! Not fun! Thankfully, there's Kiele, this mosquito cologne that is so fragrant, people would never think you're sporting a repellent as fragrance!


Kiele was created by Celine Gabriel of ARC PR (the same beauty behind J&C Super Clean Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner) and her friend Marga, mother of 3. They claim that they're both mosquito magnets (like me!) and they wanted a repellent that's light on the skin and smells nice at the same time, thus they came up with Kiele to keep them protected but smelling good too.

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Kiele means "Fragrant Blossom". It's a Citronella- based cologne, but contains a French Essence that masks this and gives it a fresh, baby cologne scent. It smells so nice and refreshing just like your average baby cologne, but has mosquito- repelling actions to boot. I spray it on my clothes and skin because formula is gentle, but this is something you have to spray often as it dissipates due to the alcohol content, perhaps. It can ward off mosquitos for about 30 minutes (yes I observed that), but its no- fuss cologne formula will let you retouch anytime and easily. It can also serve as an added protection to your existing repellent and I also spray it all over my room to drive mosquitos away. It's affordable, proudly Filipino, and I love the concept! My only issue is my bottle is leaking on the atomizer part--no issues other than that! Definitely getting myself some back-ups. I'd love to give this as a gift to my godchildren too! :D


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yay repellent and fragrance in one! I agree with you, I hate the horrible smell of mosquito repellents and hate it competing with the fragrance I have on.

  2. An on-the-go mosquito repellant with a catchy scent. Nice concept! Hope they could do something about how long it could last though. And prolly add more other scents? This will definitely be a hit on the market, I'd like to try it myself.

    Thanks for the read! :D

  3. I wanted to love citronella so much because nothing beats natural, but the scent was so off-putting that I decided to switch back to my old mosquito repellent.

    I'm happy to see there's a new variation to the citronella repellent. At least may options. I guess I don't mind re-applying as I see fit rather than reeking of it the whole day.


  4. mosquito really love me too, hope they suck fats not blood hehehehe.. I want to buy ths one soon :-))

  5. BooksOnline: Hello and welcome to my blog! Let me know how you like it.

    Klienne: Hahaha. Oh how I wish they'd suck out fat instead of blood too haha.

    Matromao: It's actually citronella, disguised as a cologne. Wouldn't have it any other way though :)

    Lei: That's true. Maybe a floral one as the next variant, perhaps?

    DearKaaat: Now you have an option! :D

  6. wow a mosquito repellent with a spray bottle. plus a very catchy scent. parang cologne lang.. im sure kids would love to spray it on. sometimes kasi they refuse to use the lotion type kasi may kakaibang amoy..

  7. Fantastic. Honestly, haven't tried or even seen the product yet but I am definitely buying. My kids (4) keep on bugging for the mosquito patches that' common nowadays, the ones that are attached on the shirt--- but oh boy, they're too much for my nose. I don't know bout you but it's suffocating especially when we are in the car. Imagine 4 of those patches in the car. Well they may be effective in as much as repelling insects is concerned, but I keep on sneezing and getting colds from it on top of teary eyes. So, whatever alternative there is, I am taking it. The spray part is what I like most because sprays really go a long way compared to the regular containers-- even sachets cos with them, you need to really consume them once opened. I have a feeling that it's not gonna be sticky and creamy because of course it won't slip through the sprayer unless it's really in liquid form. I can't wait to try it.

  8. Wow, sounds really interesting. I honestly have not even seen this anywhere else but I am definitely getting it. Thanks for the info. My kids keep on bugging me for the mosquito patches and although they may be effective, they scent they give off is just too much for me. I can't imagine how it can be for mosquitos you know..haha. Especially when in the car, can you imagine 4 patches in the car-- it really gives me a headache, it's too strong, it causes tears and make me sneeze a lot. So this sounds like a very good alternative. With the spray, I am quite definite that it won't give that sticky and warm feeling you get from lotions and creams. It sounds promising on the budget too cos if it's spray, it really goes a long way for me-- with four kids-- budget is always a point of consideration. Well well well. Getting one now. Thanks.

  9. i needed this in my life.. madalas binti ko ang unang inaatake ng lamok kaya kahit napakainint ng panahon ngayon need ko magkumot ng binti dahil love din ako ng mga lamok.. it is cheaper compared to other mosquito repellent.. need din ito ng aking mini me, lalo at schooling na sya.. yun ang isa sa concerns ko madalas ang mga bata na nadedengue ay sa school, or sa labas ng bahay natin, kasi kahit malinis ang ating bahay pero pag labas na nila di na tayo sure kaya mabuti na ang nagiingat, i am currently using one from human heart nature.. i think i should try this one too..


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