Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review

Here's a review on Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner.

Price: P1,000.00+
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Other Locations: Available in Benefit Greenbelt 5, Rustan's Makati, Trinoma Mall, SM Mall Of Asia, and Shangri-La Mall


If there's one brilliant move that Benefit did this year, it's the creation of They're Real Push- Up Liner. God knows how long I've wanted Gel Liners to be more travel- friendly and this product finally answered my prayers. It's also downright waterproof and I'm definitely making it a staple this rainy season!


This product is the newest offering in the They're Real collection. This product is a combination of gel and liquid liner for superior eye definition and is housed in a pencil- type tube for ease of usage. Formula is waterproof and shade is a deep, matte black.

Packaging is a little fatter than the average pencil tube because it houses a gel liner, which is undoubtedly thick and commands more space than liquid and pencil. The packaging is made of metal with a twist cap that seals tightly and securely so the cover won't fall out and expose the applicator and product. It's a little bulky though.

More about this revolutionary liner after the cut!

Benefit is proud to introduce this new and exclusive applicator called the Accu-Flex Tip. Check out the diagram to know what makes it special, according to the brand. The protruded, curvaceous bottom, however, is not quite useful when it comes to pushing away lashes, unless you really sink the applicator on your skin-I wouldn't recommend that though because you might poke your eyes with the pointy tip. The applicator is pretty fat and big, and it cannot reach the bottom of the upper lash line so you'd have to fill it in with either a pencil or liquid liner, or anything that has a finer applicator.

The Accu-Flex Tip is made from a very firm but flexible and soft type of rubber, and the hole in there is where the gel liner is being dispensed. If you're not good at creating winged lines, this liner will be your best friend because it's built for that!

If the product is new, twist the bottom of the pencil for a few times until the product comes out. In your succeeding uses, however, you might think that the pencil is malfunctioning as you won't see any product coming out as you twist the bottom, thus you might feel the need to twist for a few more times, but I'm advising you to not do that because you'll end up getting more than what you need (like what happened in the photo). The product comes out ever so slowly so what I do is I twist the bottom once or twice and pinch the tip of the applicator to get it out. Remember to clean the applicator before storage.

The applicator is okay despite my minor issues with it, but it's something that takes some getting used to.

Now onto the gel liner...

Texture is smooth and whipped, and it spreads out easily. It's so, so pigmented and I love it! Pigmentation reminds me of Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel. It dries up quickly (you only need a few seconds to allow it to settle!) and does not transfer onto eyelash curlers, which I really appreciate, and it settles into a jet- black, matte finish. This is one of the best when it comes to staying power as it does not fade nor transfer onto my lids and I don't need a primer to make it stay. If you have watery eyes though, it may bleed for a teeny bit on the tear drop area, but trust me, it wouldn't be so bad.


Thin, Natural Line

It's nearly impossible to create a thin line with this product due to the width of the applicator. This thin line, I managed to achieve after a few tries (and it took me a lot of time too). 

TIP: To achieve a thin line, just twist the bottom of the pen once, apply the product on the center of your upper lash line, and spread it out using the tip of the applicator. 

As you can see, coverage is uneven and I believe this is really the case if you're gunning for a natural look with this product, specifically. I wouldn't recommend that you build up the coverage though or else, you'll end up creating a thick line.

Thick, dramatic line

It excels at creating thick lines because the Accu-Flex tip is built for that in my opinion-in fact, it creates dramatic lines effortlessly. I'm a fan of thick lines and this is very favorable for me-I don't usually wear eyeshadow and I rely on eyeliner most of the time to define my eyes.

I'm head over heels in love with the effect it gives my eyes: it makes 'em look deeper and bigger. I gotta thank its amazing pigmentation for that! 

This liner turned out to be great after all, but you have to be patient with it in the beginning, especially with the Accu-Flex applicator. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to enjoy its long- wearing, genuinely waterproof goodness. However, I only think it's best for those who love thick lines, unless they reinvent the applicator and make it somewhat thinner or you're willing to work it. Nonetheless, I'm just happy to know that somebody has finally made gel liner travel- friendly!


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for doing the review! Have been debating whether I should get this or not. I agree, it would be a whole lot better if it was thinner =)

  2. Oh it has beautiful outcome and it's handy! I have a thing for pen eyeliners because I csn apply easily, but indeed this seems tricky at first. Anyways it's amazing and it's gel! :)

  3. I tried this on Rustan's Shangri-La and you are absolutely right! I had a hard time maneuvering the liner since it releases too much product at first. I'm not a fan of thick lines so I think this liner is not for me, though I like the consistency and matte finish of it. Practice and patience are the key to thin lines with this product I guess :) Thanks for the review! <3 xoxo

  4. I've been hearing a lot of this amazing product from many Filipina bloggers. I was convinced to try this when I saw how it makes the eyes so sexy looking. The shade is so much black and matte and that's how it makes the eyes look much bigger and even brighter.

  5. The look of the applicator is pretty interesting. Too bad that it dispenses too much of what you need. I'm not a fan of eyeliners, especially the thick ones, so I'm gonna pass on this.

  6. Brilliant applicator. I've been wondering what made it so special. :)

  7. Accu-Flex tip for a no-brainer winged line !!! Sounds pretty good for me! :D

  8. I would Love to try this out but it may be a little bit tricky to use but you can get your eyeliner look easily.

  9. This is yet another innovative product fom Benefit Cosmetics. I am a real fan of eye makeup products since it could make a whole lot of difference in one's look. The product looks good on you and makes your eyes really pop!

  10. The dramatic line looks so good on you Ms.M--it emphasized your eyes. I'm more into natural look, a thin line would suffice for me, I guess. But Wow, staying power is 5/5,totally nice for rainy days!Thanks for the awesome review!

  11. The dramatic line looks so good on you Ms.M--dramatic emphasis:) I'm more into natural look, a thin line would suffice for me, I guess.Though it takes a little more time to get used to with the applicator,the staying power is 5/5,WOW totally nice for rainy days!Thanks for the awesome review!

  12. Staying power is a 5! Does it mean it will not budge from sweat and watery lids? Wow! I haven't used any gel liners and always rely on liquid ones when I need longevity on eyeliners. So this will then be a breakthrough. ;)

  13. this looks really hard to maneuver :/ but produces a perfect winged line! please do a tutorial on this!

  14. I actually like it because it is very easy to apply. I love that it has an Accu flex tip which makes it easier to maneuver for beginners like me! I think it is worth the price! :)

  15. Newbee: it is. :)

    Eddielli: Yay! go for it, sister! :D

    Jolly: I'll try to come up with a film tutorial, if my schedule permits! :D

    Majorie: nope, it doesn't! :D

    Jen: welcome! :D

    Matromao: agree, but I wish it were easier to use. :D

    Marielle: Agree! It's as black as my inglot amc gel liner. :)

    Christine: Hi and welcome to my blog! Agree! The pigmentation of this product is awesome :)

    Patty: Welcome! :D

    Sharmaine: You're welcome and welcome to my blog! :D

    Carmela: indeed it is kinda' tricky to use at first, but practice and patience are key! :D


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