Kipling Spring Collection + Kipling SM Aura Virtual Tour + My Kipling Bag Recommendations

This post is supposedly for #ThrowbackThursday, but I couldn't wait to share it with everyone! 

So, I seriously got giddy when Kipling Philippines invited me to view their latest collection for Spring/Summer!

Kipling was my very first pricey bag brand and I used to collect it in High School. In our school, you're "In" if you have Kipling, the latest model of Nokia (back in my time, Nokia 3300 was all the rage and Nokia 8210 was the oct prestigious mobile phone), Hair Doctor, or Bench colognes. (Guys, you should see me now-I'm giggling while reminiscing these things hahaha!) 

I was a born bag hag so I gravitated to Kipling and have amassed a total of 15-20 Kipling bags since I was 13-some of them, I have given away while some are still with me. I still keep Kipling in my closet because they're my best buddies when I'm going to the beach or to anywhere that will require me to tread water as I've proven that their bags are super sturdy and water resistant! Case in point, my favorite Pink Kipling convertible bag: it has endured lots of rainy seasons and floods already, but it's still alive, although the baby pink color has faded into white already-I don't care, it's still useful and I love the vintage look of it!

Kipling, to those who are completely new to it, is a bag and accessories brand that originated in Belgium sometime in the 80's. Their bags are well- known and well- loved all over the world for their durability, functionality, versatility, and timelessness. Kipling's bags are made from Nylon and it's the closest thing to experiencing Prada bags as the latter brand uses the same material for their Tessuto lines-believe me, Nylon is a super durable material! Best part is Kipling's bags are not so pricey, with prices starting at P3,000.00.

Kipling has always been known as a bag brand for school, but it's actually ageless-whether you're working, studying, running a business, or whatever, Kipling will fit your lifestyle.

Recently, they launched their newest, super colorful bag collections that will brighten up your mood and your day. They invited me to their concept store in SM Aura Premier to view the local selections as well as the latest collections so CLICK READ MORE now and let's go around the store, plus check out my recommendations!

The collection on top that features bags in shades of bright coral and white are some of the newest styles to hit the store.

Here's the other latest collection and it features pop-tastic colors in fuchsia, mint green, and bright blue!

It's always wise to have a little bag in your closet-this will come handy during excursions and out-of-school extra curricular activities.

One of my favorites in the newest collection!

This luggage is looove! It's from the Natalie Joos Collection! Natalie Joos is a very popular Dutch Fashion Blogger and Kipling International has collaborated this year-I feel mighty happy for her and proud at the same time because I'm a Blogger too! :) Btw, this luggage has very limited stocks locally!

Traveling soon? You must check out Kipling's Youris luggages-they're ultra light, spacious, soft, and come with 360-degree wheels too!

There are mini Youris luggages too for overnight trips-they're also great for your tots!

More zippered totes that can fit just about anything from laptops to documents and to diapers-there are plain ones and printed ones to choose from-take your pick.

Wallets, anyone?

The Kipling monkeys! They're actually one of the reasons why I love Kipling's bags. :)

Now sharing my top bag picks with everyone:
These perforated nylon bags are so chic, classy, and great for office-it's a lovely transition from the solid, classic nylon bags and also features a new metal monkey key chain too.
I just had to choose this leather bag (the one on the left) from their previous Helena Christensen collection to let you all know that Kipling has been making newer bag designs lately-the HC bags are so stylish and I'm loving the androgynous look! The one on the right is from the new Spring/Summer collection, a convertible bag in bright blue with colorful monkey prints all over-they told me that this is a best-seller amongst students! No wonder-it's so cute, fresh, and youthful!

While this large Celine- shaped tote with leather trimmings and a pewter monkey key chain from the previous Brasil Collection is my absolute favorite! It's super spacious, flexible, and light-I'm thinking of using this as a stylish gym or laptop/documents bag! I'm getting this!

Off to a Kipling adventure! :D

I'm totally getting one of those Youris luggages soon for my local travels-the one I have, which is from Rimowa, is just too big! :p

Thank you Kipling Philippines for that wonderful afternoon! I enjoyed browsing your store! :)

For more information about the new collection, just visit KIPLING PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My gray Kipling sling bag I used to use in High school is still alive and I still use it too despite its discoloration haha. I totally love the celine-ish tote your recommended and the orange wallet with a zigzag print you featured. - Cath/Kat(DearKaat) :)

  2. To be honest, I never liked Kipling bags since then , it's just not my style but after seeing your post today I must say they are really working on new designs now like the leather bag you featured-I would have never thought it's a Kipling bag if not for this post :D And the Youris Luggages they are too cute esp. the Minis :))

  3. I only have one Kipling bag and I gave it away to my cousin last 2000. Until now she is still using it! Kipling is really durable and it lasts for years! I am glad that they have trendy collection nowadays and kipling is still alive hehe!

  4. Kipling is My 1st branded bag and the money you pay really pays off
    ^_^ I have been using mine for 5 years now.

  5. I soooooo can relate about the hair doctor and bench cologne! Kipling is a trusted bag brand. I had a few, but they already need to retire: overused. I would love to visit their store soon! You've got good taste, I sooo like that leather bag!

  6. Cath: We both have the same bag taste then! :D Thanks for reading. :)

    Jen: Thanks dear! :D

    Carmela: High five! Kipling is pure awesomeness. :D

    Eddielli: I also have Kipling bags that I gave away to my cousins years ago and until now, they're still alive! :D

    Betsy: never expected that Kipling will come out with such a chic bag too, but glad that this brand's continuously evolving!


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