Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream Review

Here's a review on Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream.

Price: P1,750.00
Bought From: Strip Manila Greenbelt 5
Other Locations: Available in Strip Manila Greenbelt 5 and Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City


Do you suffer from ingrown hair and pimples a few days after shaving? I do-A LOT. I scrub at least three times a week and I still get ingrown hair and I don't know why. When a pimple on my intimate area or underarm, it could super painful sometimes, and when there's ingrown hair, I hate all that pricking and extraction because it makes me so weak in the knees and the fact that I have to do it all by myself most of the time makes it even worse. :(

Ingrown hair is a common occurrence on the skin especially if you shave or wax often. Moisturizing the treated part is a good idea, but I've proven that sometimes, this is not enough as I still experience those. I tried Anti-Inflammatory creams, but I noticed that they make my skin feel a little tender the next day. I've been hearing lots of good stuff about Strip Manila's ingrown hair cream-I thought of trying it because hey, I've tried so much and trying a new one wouldn't hurt!


Malin+Goetz is a New York- based skin care brand and this particular product, FYI, was developed for global salon brand Strip Ministry of Waxing. It's a fragrance- free, plant- based mild exfoliator with Glycolic Acid that gets rid of surface dead skin cells to prevent ingrown hair and Salicylic Acid to prevent the formation of bumps/zits. Contains Vitamin B5 as well to promote skin repair.


Does this product work? Find out after the jump. :)

It comes in one size only, 15g. It's a pretty handy tube so you can pop it in your purse for quick touch- ups especially on persistent ingrown hair and fresh bumps. This isn't actually the original ingrown hair cream of Strip-they used to manufacture their own and it came in a small pot.


It is a rich cream that's ultra spreadable and is easily absorbed by the skin. You only need a thin layer to treat the skin surface- I wouldn't advice that you apply a lot though because it contains peeling agents so better stay on the safe side and take the right amount-you wouldn't want to get sensitized skin! It's a little pricey so what I do is I only take a dot and do spot application. It delivers micro exfoliation, but there's absolutely no down time-didn't experience redness, itchiness, or whatever adverse reaction with it either.

Regarding usage, the kind ladies at Strip Manila advised me to use it consecutively for two weeks and use it once to twice a week after that period. If you get ingrown hairs and bumps like me regularly, you have to use it everyday or alternate it with a regular moisturizer.

I'm on my 2nd month of usage already and I now use it once everyday only on areas that need to be treated, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I have this big bump on my intimate area and it doesn't go away nor flatten for just a bit even if I'm religiously scrubbing and moisturizing it, but it only took this product to flatten it up-it's still there, but it doesn't look as bad as before. I've noticed that this product makes extraction of ingrown hair easier and virtually painless too.

Last month, a red bump that's as big as a pea appeared on my underarm and when I looked closely, there was hair curled up inside the skin-it was a severe case of ingrown hair and I swear, it looked so scary-it was like a baby Kaiju was nestling on my armpit! :( I had no choice but to put a lesion on it to remove the blockage and dang, it was so painful! I used this product on that part religiously for a week to battle inflammation and it worked-the bump has healed completely now and it didn't leave any scar! Hallelujah!

I've nothing to say but praises for this product because it really is heaven- sent for someone who's pre- disposed to getting bumps and ingrown hair, although I wouldn't say it's necessary for those who don't experience these problems often in the first place. This product is gentle enough to be used by sensitive skin (because Malin+Goetz's products are made for this skin type) and it can be used on any part of your body that needs a little exfoliation.


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ingrown hairs and pimple after shaving? heck YES!
    I thought it's only me who has that unfortunate case but I'm surprised that even you Ms. M suffered from that :(
    Good thing you've introduced us this unbelievable product! Never thought it exists.

  2. Hi. Just want to share what I use, try mupirocine ointment or cream on the zit Part only overnight and u will be surprised. Thank u

  3. I have tried other products of Malingoetz product before and its good but I don't seem to use it so often.

  4. I've been actually looking for a product like this, but I cannot find one because I don't know what it is called, I suffer a lot from Ingrown hair and pimples too because I shave often and sometimes it gets itchy then It'll get scratched then it will get bumpy all over :( this is quite pricey for the size but I guess, it can really help.

  5. I neeeddddddd this! I do hope they'll make this available to our area: Caloocan or even Manila.

  6. Anonymous: Hi there! Thanks for the recommendation-I appreciate it! Might try that when I finish this product. :)

    Jen: It's available in Greenbelt 5, serendra, and brow haus megamall soon. :D

    Kim: it looks deceivingly small, but it's very economical because you only need a small dot every single time. To prolong the product, I'd suggest that you apply it on the parts with ingrown hair only. :)

    Betsy: hope you can try it soon and let me know how it works on you!


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