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Here's a review on Beauty Blender.

Price: Around P985.00
Bought From: PCX, Greenbelt 3
Other Locations: Available in Pure Beauty, Serendra


It took a lot of "TRY IT!!!" from fellow Beauty Bloggers before I caved and purchased this "magic" makeup sponge. I'm not the one who's easily fooled, but this time, I was victimized (not by the Bloggers, but by this sponge's fabulous neon pink hue. I love anything Pink, fyi) and I am one happy victim! Truly, Beauty Blender is not famous for nothing! I used to think that it's 'just another sponge', but indeed, it's a standout! I'll share this amusement with you as we go along in this post!


Beauty Blender is designed by a pro to address pro needs and even non-pro ones too! Invented by Rea Ann Silva, a Hollywood makeup artist, Beauty Blender is an expert sponge that gives you a pro, flawless finish.

Beauty Blender, according to Silva, is designed to minimize makeup waste and give you a perfect, even finish: the rounded body distributes liquid bases evenly and the triangular tip lets you drive foundation right into the corners of your face.

Beauty Blender is super soft, latex- free, and has no weird rubbery smell. Size is pretty compact, although it's hard storing this product without compromising its shape. I just place it in a resealable plastic bag and put it atop my liquid foundations in my makeup drawer. It's best to keep the round plastic packaging that comes along with it, but I find that it takes up so much space so I ditched it!

More about this "Airbrush in a sponge" product after the cut!

How do you use Beauty Blender?

Place the sponge under running water for a couple of seconds. The sponge has to be wet for it to be flexible and soft. If it's in its dry state, surface is pretty hard and dry, and you'll have a hard time spreading out your liquid face base.

If soaked in water, the sponge grows for a little bit. Don't forget to squeeze out the excess water-the sponge should just be damp before usage. Some people said that if it's new, it tends to bleed pink dye when you rinse it in water, but I did not experience that issue. I guess those are just bad apples and hopefully, you get a good one when you decide to purchase it!


The secret to flawless, even skin in film and photography to date is the Airbrush technique-with this, skin is perfected by makeup yet invisibly. A lot of people from pros to everyday gals are starting to switch to Airbrush application because finish and coverage look superiorly natural, and it takes out the risk of having cakey and 'thick'- looking skin in photos and under harsh lighting. Airbrush makeup is dispensed through a machine and this alone costs a lot, not to mention it's tedious and eats up so much time. Beauty Blender gives you that Airbrush effect in one, easy, convenient product!

Check out what I'm talking about:

Left: L'Oreal Lucent Magique applied using a foundation brush
Right: L'Oreal Lucent Magique applied using Beauty Blender

For this photo, I used a foundation with light coverage. Notice that when I applied the foundation using Beauty Blender, the white cast is minimized and it left my skin with just the right amount of radiance.

Left: MAC Full Coverage Foundation applied using a kabuki brush
Right: MAC Full Coverage Foundation applied using Beauty Blender

For this last photo, I used a full coverage foundation. The left photo gave me that "second skin" effect, and the one on the right-wherein I used Beauty Blender-gave me a "like skin" effect.

Whether you're using light, medium, or full coverage foundations, Beauty Blender does one thing: It thins out the texture of the foundation, but doesn't compromise coverage. The end result is you get skin that feels 'light' and enhanced naturally!

What's more is, Beauty Blender doesn't crumble unlike regular make-up sponge even if you use it always, but you still have to replace it after some time! Regarding cleaning, it has its very own cleanser (which you have to buy separately), but to me, it's just an extra expense-I clean mine with a gentle shampoo (preferably clear and SLS-free) and it's doing just fine. Don't forget to leave it to dry in a well- ventilated area!

I can't live without this sponge now and I use it when I'm going to photo shoots and events. It's a great beauty investment and I think I shall buy the duo sponge set when this baby finally gives up on me!

Anybody here who has tried Beauty Blender? Would love to know your experience with this product! :)


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  1. Been waiting for this! :D
    so curious about the wonders of this sponge.

  2. I don't really know what beauty blender does until I read this post! Thank you for such a great review. I'll buy one as soon as possible. Want to achieve the same effects as yours. :)

  3. I recently got the black version (since im more of the black gal) at Pure Beauty Trinoma. I was very intrigued to it since a lot of beauty bloggers and YT gurus are using it. It was pure bliss when using this every makeup application. I also noticed how foundations and concealers are better when the Beauty Blender was used as applicator. No wonder every makeup junkie went on cray cray over this product!

  4. Loooove the beauty blender! I've been using it for months.


  5. Finally, you made a review about this sponge. The beauty community on Youtube loves this one!


  6. I'm really curious with the use of this beauty stuff before.. Now I know.. :)

  7. Betsy: What do you think about it? :)

    Sincere: Welcome! Glad to have informed you through this post. :)

    Dio: Now I'm loving it too! :D

    Zoe: Cool! I'm happy to join the club! How do you find it? :)

    Andrea: Agree! To use is to believe. There's a Black Beauty Blender!?! I should buy it! I love black!

    Abegaill: Thank you! Let me know how you find it! :)

  8. Loved my beauty blender. I would love to hear your thoughts about the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I'm also using it but I would love to hear your thoughts. It's known to be it's dupe but it's a lot cheaper. :)

  9. Iisa lang ang nasa isip ko while reading your posts: GASTOS. haha! :) but thank you, kasi your posts are gastos worthy! haha :) I've been thinking about buying one of this and medyo nagdadalawang isip ako. Same tayo ng iniisip, 'it's just another sponge'. But thank you for this post, ay grabe! haha kaloka! added this on my wishlist!

  10. That's a huge difference ha... and is promising.. Will take note of it. Sana merong ganito sa online store..

  11. Sadly I don't have this in my kit :( Mine isn't that updated when it comes to tools!


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