Estēe Lauder Modern Muse: A celebration of the modern woman

They say that life is hard nowadays, but I'd rather live in the now where women are freer than in a previous time where we were viewed as mere sexual objects, suppressed, and never appreciated beyond our talent in washing the dishes and cooking food for the family. If a man fails then, the family does so too. But in today's society, if a man fails, then there's always the modern woman to save the family.

It takes a lot to be a woman-from child- bearing to raising a family and even to running a company-and Estēe Lauder appreciates this through their new fragrance: Modern Muse EDP.

After the break, you'll find out why this fragrance is a celebration of you!

Bold, free- spirited, stylish, outspoken, creative, and confident- these are the facets of the modern woman that has inspired Estēe Lauder to create Modern Muse-the Modern Muse is the type that when she enters a room, she immediately inspires everyone even without saying a word.

Estēe Lauder Modern Muse EDP is a vivacious, warm, and contemporary mix of sleek woods and Jasmine that greatly captures the dynamism of the modern woman.

Just last week, Modern Muse was launched in the Philippines and Estēe Lauder chose five, notable women who represent the modern Filipina: Amina Aranaz, Audrey Tan- Zubiri, Cheska Garcia- Kramer, Patty Grandidge, and Teresa Herrera. 

With my modern babes celebrating with me in the Modern Muse launch. :)

You can find Modern Muse EDP in all Estēe Lauder counters in Rustan's. Just visit ESTĒE LAUDER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this fragrance.

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Another product from Estee Lauder! I hope my nose won't be irritated with this. But I find their advocacy very uplifting especially for us women. Though that kind of stereotype is lessened in the modern world, there would always be a place where women are downgraded. That's why we, girls, need to prove them wrong and stand out for ourselves. :)

  2. The one in the middle is the Mom of Kendra. Am I right? Tang... dalandan

  3. I hope someday I find the courage to wear such elegant notes :)


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