OOTD: My most favorite color

For someone who blogs about colorful stuff such as makeup, it seems a lil' odd that I love Black. There's something about Black that's beyond classy-to me, it evokes power, intrigue, and strength, some of the ideals that drive me. More often than not, you'll see me in Black because I feel like "me" when I'm wearing this color.

I was a lil' out of the zone yesterday so I wore a Black ensemble to get back in the game and it was the best choice I made. :)

TOP: Sexy White Shirt
BOTTOM: Suiteblanco

WATCH: Tomato


SHOES: Skechers


BAG: Prada

What's your most favorite color? :)

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. When I was a bit younger, like high school, I super like anything pink. My things are almost all pink. But when I stepped into college, I realized that it's very hard to mix and match with pink. From then on, I loved white and beige. It's always easy to match with anything. And it looks so clean and neat. Just be cautious on when and where you'll be as a white cloth might turn to brown. Haha

  2. i so love the shoes Miss Martha! My favorite color is black too! I don't know, I just feel beautiful when I'm wearing black maybe because I feel like I look thinner, hihihi....

  3. I don't have a favorite color before... Then I just noticed that I am buying blue shoes and anything blue... My birth stone is sapphire and it's also blue, so I stick to that color. Besides I like the meaning behind the color such as "blue" "cold" "cozy".

    I like the shirt. It seems that the fabric is special as it hugs your skin. I don't know why but I feel refreshed after looking at your OOTD. It's nice to find a different kind of outfit once in a while. You should wear more black, it suits you...

  4. Back then gray/grey was one of my favorite color since sometimes I choose black & white at the same time. Nowadays I started to appreciate black! You're right, it's classy! Simple yet elegant :)


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