Revlon ShadowLinks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Revlon ShadowLinks.

Price: P275.00/per cartridge
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Revlon counters in leading department stores and drugstores


If Inglot has Freedom Palette, Revlon has ShadowLinks. Now here's a more affordable way to customize your eyeshadow palette while satisfying your love for Lego in between. (If you love Lego like me!)


Shadow Links is the newest, customizable eyeshadow palette by Revlon. This line offers 30 shades in frost, matte, and glitter finishes.

Each individual cartridge can be attached on its sides (but not on top). I'm loving the size of the pan because it's so, so compact-I can bring three to four colors with me everyday sans the size and weight issues.


No budget for Inglot's Freedom System or Shu Uemura's customizable eyeshadow palettes? Then click READ MORE! :)

Male slot and female slot (lol). Just pop them together and voila! You're done!

Oh look, I have the longest eyeshadow palette in the world haha!

The cartridges are not that secure though as they have the tendency to slide upwards and fall off from the rest so take good care of 'em! Also, some of the colors are not pressed well onto the pan-I got a few cracks on two pans. :/

I have 12 ShadowLinks colors with me. Check out the swatches:

Gunmetal- a silver-gray shade with a bluish undertone (frost)
Eggplant- violet-purple shade (frost)
Copper- a copper shade with orange undertone (frost)
Onyx- Black shade with silver glitter (glitter)
Melon- a pink-coral shade (frost)
Cocoa- a chocolate brown shade (matte)

Gold- a pale yellow-gold shade (frost)
Chocolate- a sheer mid tone brown (matte)
Taupe- a light beige-champagne shade (matte)
Sand- a pale beige shade (frost)
Petal- a sheer, icy pink shade (frost)
Oyster- a cream-champagne shade (frost)

Texture is smooth and quite blend-able. The darker, bolder colors have medium to heavy pigmentation, but I am a bit disappointed with the lighter shades because they're too sheer, chalky, and color difference is not that significant, especially with the highlighting shades. Also, they have very poor staying power if used alone. To improve color payoff and wear time of these eyeshadows, use an eyeshadow primer or wet your eyeshadow brush with a setting spray or water.


Eye make-up look featuring Petal (lid wash), Eggplant (outer crease color),  Melon (inner crease color), Oyster (brow highlighter)

I wish that the color payoff of ShadowLinks would be improved soon-the concept is great and all, but the product has to deliver. On the brighter side, this product allows you to customize your palette from the highlighting shade down to the contouring shade, you don't have to commit to buying an entire palette, and you can actually take home a bunch that matches your needs. For this product, I would suggest that you go for the darker colors and the ones in a frost finish to get the most out of your purchase.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I bought a few shades if this one as I find the linking eyeshadows enticing. I swatched the samples already before buying so I got the shades I really liked the best. Bad thing nga that it doesn't last long and it's not pigmented enough. Well, that's the price of being cheap. :) I just reapply when needed. This eyeshadow is okay for beginners and for those who are in a tight budget. :)

  2. I noticed the light shades too, I would go for the opaque shades. I need something that would withstand night events. Sayang, I was even looking forward that the product would meet my expectations, the lego thing is nice though...

  3. Isn't this a lot like the small Artdeco shadows, packaging-wise? --Matromao

  4. Ooooooh! I didn't know they can be stacked like that! So that's what the design is for.. anyway, I have one called Charcoal which is a matte light gray shade. I use this as a brow powder and it stays on for hours! It doesn't fade up until the time I wipe it off with a make up remover. I love it!


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